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Hello there, This is Ruso again, back with my second attempt in narrating my experiences. To introduce myself, am a NRI in Singapore. Ladies and guys say that am handsome, athletic and muscular 6 feet 1 inch in height. Am fair with broad shoulders and with abs. Used to represent India for professional speed skating. I usually prefer mature white women since they can take me in without much pain for them. Am 9.1 inches with 2.7 inches thick and condoms keep tearing breaking during my sessions.

Anyways, am brought up in Bangalore but currently staying abroad. I do keep coming to Bangalore once in a while now and then, usually in Dec. I am attracted to Mature women only and theres always something about them, that turns me on.

Back to the main part. This happened a few weeks ago. I was queuing up for Subway to get some dinner and standing in front of me was this tall red haired white woman.

When I approached the queue, she had just turned back and smiled at me. I smiled back, but in my mind I was completely blown away. She was hot as fuck and a total sex bomb. She completely resembles the fire priestess character in the Game of Thrones (google Melisandre of Asshai to see the pics. You can even see her nude pics on google)! She was 5 feet 9 inches in height, 38c boobs sized and she looked around 36.

I straightaway decided that I need to strike up a conversation with her. So I asked her “where are you from? Lemme guess.. Ukraine?” She shook her head. So I Russia? She shook her head again and smiled. Last attempt, I asked “Ireland?”. She giggled and said Germany. She explained Red haired and Grey eyes means German.

Then she said ” Let me guess, you must be from Morocco?” I said “nopes, def not. Am from India” She was slightly surprised and asked me if I was brought up in UK or US.” I told her “Nopes, brought up in India and been in Singapore for 4 years now”. She said “Interesting, you dont sound so. Usually Indian guys say they are from the UK or US though they hold an Indian passport”. She asked me to join her for dinner and we got talking.

When it was time to leave, she asked me if I wanted to have coffee and stay a bit longer. I told her I needed to head back, and that she could accompany me back and have coffee at my place” She smiled and nodded yes.

As soon as she entered my room, I pulled her towards me and went in for a deep kiss. We were snogging each other like crazy with our hands running wild. As soon as I undressed her, My God. Her boobs were soo firm and perfect in shape. She gave me an instant hard on.

She smiled and directly went down stroking my cock and took it inside her mouth and started sucking. Godd, was she amazing at it and her red hair and grey eyes looking back at me, turned me on even more.

I became really hard now and held her head and left forcing my cock deeper into her mouth until I could feel her throat against my cock tip and she used to pause in between to catch her breath.

Now I was fully rock hard and just straightaway lifted her up and carried her. She wrapped her legs around my hips while my hard hot cock slid into her wet pussy. She let out a deep moan, and I started fucking her while carrying her. She moaned louder with every stroke and her boobs were juggling onto my chest.

After around 7-8minutes fucking in that position, and she cumming twice, I wanted to enter her from behind. She had such a perfectly shaped ass. I made her bend forward and inserted my cock into her wet dripping pussy. It was the first time that I could slide in my cock completely deep inside her and the feeling was just amazing. Never felt soo good before. And her creamy toned ass made me spank her every time she climaxed.

I pushed my cock in her. She screamed but a lot less. I started fucking her slowly with gentle strokes. With every in-stroke of my cock, she inhaled air and with every out-stroke she exhaled air. I increased the pace and started ramming her deep inside her wet pussy with my dick. Her screaming was decreasing with ever second and a smile of ultimate pleasure was appearing slowly on her lips. This sex goddess was enjoying it more than me.

I fucked her for a long, long time and instantly stopped when I was about to cum. Both she and I cummed together and I could feel her juice on my cock. We both stopped and relaxed, my cock still inside her. We were exhausted after that four hours session and we just lay on our backs in the bed. I took out my limp penis out of her hole and put my clothes on and she slipped into another shirt as I had torn the previous one.

We both sat on the couch and both of us started French kissing passionately, we kissed about 15 minutes. We had something to eat as we were completely out of energy.

The entire session lasted for 4 straight hours. Just couldn’t get enough of this sexy goddess. She said she loved the feeling and that I was her 1st Indian guy.

The next story will be about a Singaporean Chinese lady and how I seduced her in her car. Stay tuned for that, Meanwhile, ladies from Bangalore or anywhere else in India, Please do mail me and tell me your experiences. That turns me on. Well, if think you can handle me? you can mail me too at this id – [email protected] Maybe we can skype sometime if you are upto it. Cheers!

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