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Hello, guys, this is Ankit (Name Changed) from Mumbai and it’s my first time so please excuse my typo. I have been reading Indian sex story since last 8 years and have been a great fan since then. I have a lot of stories to share so let me start with the first one. Before I start all girls and ladies anywhere of any age and size as I respect all of them please send me an email on [email protected] if you like my sex story and if you want to have pleasure. All things between us will be confidential and trust me you will remember your experience for your whole life and even if you don’t want to have pleasure please send me an email about how you liked my sex story as it would help me in sharing my next sex story.

This story is about Deepika (Name Changed) and me. First, let me describe Deepika – She is 34-year-old married and unsatisfied women. Her figure is like 32-32-34 and she was really fair and her height was like 5 foot 9 inch.I am 28 years old, tall, athletic and handsome as well. I saw Deepika for the first time and she was wearing a sexy summer dress will knee length when I went for Bowling in Raguleela Borivali, Mumbai. I can’t take my eyes away from her. She has a cute 3-year-old daughter which looks like her. I kept on glancing at her whenever I get a chance and even luck was in my favor as I scored like Strike in all of my Bowling Chances. So Bowling Alley people announced my name for congratulating me. So everyone in other alleys also congratulated me and even she came and handshake with me.

She asked can I help her as she sucked in bowling and had scored 5 points in 6 games. So we introduce each other and I gave her some tips which helped her and she was soo happy. I still remembered her smile. She was there with her friends and they all were like wow what’s going on. My friends were like now let’s go as we have planned for watching a movie as well.

So I told her I have to leave and she was kinda disappointed. I told her we can meet again and we shared our phone number. So at the same night, I got a message from her saying how she is thankful and wanna see me again. I told her the same and we chatted about a lot of things and I came to know that she lives like 15 minutes away from my house and that her husband is abroad for some work for next 2 months.

I was feeling like on Cloud 9 after this. So I started chatting some naughty messages and our chats got turned to sex chats. We did this kinda chats for almost a week and once I called her and then we had a sex chat on the call as well. She was moaning really loud and asked me if you can come right now. It was kinda afternoon on the weekend, so I told her I can but what about her daughter and she told me she will leave her at neighbors place.

So in next 30 minutes, I was at her place and rang the bell. It took her like 30 seconds to open the door. She was wearing a sexy black color saree. The minute I stepped inside I just kissed her sexy and juicy lips. We kept on kissing for next 20 minutes until we both were dry and were like take a time off from kissing. I asked her I need some wine as wine turns women ON big time. So we were taking it slow and started drinking wine. We drank like 2 glasses of wine. Then I moved ahead and touched her thighs and she was moaning a bit.

We were standing and from the back, I was kinda screwing her ass and I touched her navel. She was feeling awesome. She tried to turn but I did not allow her to turn. I kept on playing with her navel with my one hand and started pressing her boobs with other hands as well as screwing her soft ass with my 6.5\” dick. She was liking soo much and kept on moaning don’t leave me, hh hh hh and all. We did this for some time and I asked her to let’s go to the kitchen. She was amazed at my question and she was like Bedroom or Kitchen. I told her kitchen. There was a dining table in her kitchen.

I took everything off the table and she understood what I am into. She slept on the table I took ice cubes from the refrigerator. And kept the cubes in my mouth between lips and applied it on her navel and she was liking it soo much. She was moaning like don’t tease me please and all but however I like teasing my girl before fucking her. I did it for some time until she was uncontrollable. I understood this was the time and I lifted her and took her to her bedroom. Removed her Sexy Saree and made her naked. Now she was in her panty and which was black in color.

I removed her panty with my teeth and she was moaning. Once I removed her panty I can see it was a well shaved pussy. I have not seen such a pussy anywhere. It was soo clean and well shaved. I removed my Jeans and Boxer as well. She saw my Dick and was like its too big. I told her now it’s too late to get amazed. I spread her leg and inserted in the first stroke and her pussy was a bit tight. It seems she has not had sex for many months. I inserted again and she made a big Moan. I was like Damm and it was still 70% In and it still needs to go more. I removed again and stroked again and this time it went whole inside. She was moaning loudly and I was moaning too. The whole room was filled with our moanings. We did this for next 30 minutes and she was still not satisfied but was tired. So we took a break and was sleeping next to her.

We went to sleep for a couple of hours and then when I woke I did not her next to me. I was just above to stand and found her playing with my dick. She started sucking it and she was a pro in sucking. I asked her to come to me and I licked her pussy as well. We were in 69 position and we kept on doing until she had a big orgasm. I sucked and drank her all tasty juices. After that, we went for a shower and cleaned each other. She told me that she needs to get her daughter and I asked her for leave. Before going we had a long kiss and she thanked me for satisfying her and told me it been ages that she had this type of sex. She also recommended me to her friends but I charged them a minimal fee so that they don’t take me for granted. Also, I had one more session with Deepika while taking shower and also we had some amazing session in Mahabaleshwar, India that I will narrate next time.

Thanks for reading my sex story and again. All girls and ladies anywhere in India of any age and size as I respect all of them so please send me an email on [email protected] if you like my story.

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