Mother And I – Part VIII

Hi all. This is the 8th part of love affair between me and my Mother

July 20

Mother woke me up at around 8.30 pm. I was still dreaming about yesterday, when I was successful in keeping my mother’s pussy and ass wet all day.She said to me “wake up. It’s already 8.30′. I suddenly held her and gave her a big kiss on the side of her left neck. She had just come out of her bath and was wearing blouse and petticoat, with towel wrapped around her hair.

She moaned for a while, and gave me a kiss as well.I was now refreshed and went to my room and had a bath. Mother, meanwhile prepared breakfast for both of us.I came down and sat on the dining table, having my breakfast with mother.

“We will dot ‘it’ only in the night today, as I have to go to ladies club meeting in the afternoon and I would only return by evening. I hope you don’t mind.” She said.

“No issues.” I said, as I munched on my sandwich.

Actually my dick was hurting for the continuous exertions it had to take yesterday. It must have gone at least 6-7 times inside her.The rest of the day, went without any incident. Mother was looking gorgeous as she went for the meeting and I relaxed and waited for her to come back.I was around 8.30 pm, when she came back. I opened the door and hugged her. She smelled like heaven. I gave her a glass of water and she relaxed. After 20 minutes or so, she went to the loo. I was in the drawing room, reading a book.

“Son, can you come”. I heard. I kept the book and went in the direction of the sound and what I saw, took my breath away. Here, she was standing on the door of the kitchen, wearing only blouse and petticoat and her right hand was touching the door of the kitchen.

“W………… What ?” I blurted out

“Ready for some fun?’ She asked.” Uhhhhhh. Yes.” I said.

She looked at me and started climbing the stairs to the room upstairs. As she was climbing the stairs, she removed her blouse and threw it down. After a couple of steps, she again threw down her bra, untied her hair and went upstairs.

Seeing, this I was in such a high that I also threw down my clothes and followed her to the room upstairs.As I reached the room, she was standing at the entrance of the room, with her right hand touching the side wall. “I have a surprise for you”. She said as she entered the room. As I entered, she held me with her hands and made me sit on the bed. She then touched arranged her hair in such a way as all her hair were on her right shoulder, completely exposing her left breast and completely hiding the right one.

She came near me and gave me a good kiss. She made me lay down and started stroking my penis.

“He hasn’t had a good exercise.” She said smilingly.”Well, he had too much to do yesterday. So I rested him for the night.” I said.

My penis started to get anger. I removed my mother’s hand from it and sat down.”What are you doing? Don’t you want to……?” “Well, it will burst, if you continue stroking it. I said. But it’s ready.” I got her on her back started to play with her tits. I did everything that a person could think of with a pair of tits like these. I squeezed them, sucked on them, bit them, rubbed my face.

Finally I was finished playing with her boobs and went straight to fucking her. I spread her legs wide open; I massaged her pussy with my hand.I can feel how hot and wet she was feeling down there. I brought the head of my cock to the edge of her pussy, rubbing it against the opening, teasing her with it.

She was getting very anxious,. Without any warning I shoved it straight in to her. Her chest heaved upward and she gave a large sigh. That first penetration of the day felt so great that I didn’t it to end. Our bodies pressed against each other as I started to pump my cock in and out her.First with gentle strokes, and then gradually went faster and harder until I knew she was hurting from being fucked so hard.We started to roll around on the bed and somehow fell on to the floor. She had me pinned down on my back now and was riding me in a ‘COWGIRL’position. I enjoyed the sight of her boobs jiggling in front of me Even the view of my cock going into her was nothing, however, compared to the sight of her buttocks heaving mightily.

I liked this, too, my eyes widening and fixing on her boobs as they lurched up and down. Then I slid my hands down to her waist and she arched her back proudly. Those big tits practically exploded off her chest, vaulting out like two huge, soft gourds.

“Oh, Sushila,” I whispered. “Oh, Sush, yes.”

She was on top of me and riding me like hell.” Ahhhh…. Sush, where did you know all this……..Aaahhh, as is held her breasts like never before, squeezing them hard.Her head was arched back, eyes closed. She took me on cloud 9! Mother’s fantastic breasts were too much for me. Groaning, I bucked my hips and my eyes rolled back in his head. I enjoyed the sight of her tits jiggling in front of me. After a while I felt that I was about shoot my cum.

She also realized this and so put myself in a sitting position slowly and she came on my lap. She held my penis and slid it in to her pussy. As I felt it at the brink of shooting out, I started shoving my cock into her harder and harder.This wasn’t such a bad thing because it was the most intense feeling I ever had. My mother was coming loud and hard as I made love to her with every last strength I had.

Finally, I was able to shoot out all my cum right inside her body. She felt the warm liquid flowing through her body; she closed her eyes and smiled with from that feeling. We finished and she lay down on top of me. After some time, we moved from the floor to the bed and took a breather.

“Where did you learn all this from, Sushila? I said.”What do you mean”? She replied. “I mean this position, when you were riding me.” I said. “Oh…… that one”. She quipped.

Actually, as you know that I did my graduation and post graduation from London in early 70 s and you see when you are in a foreign environment, you learn all these things.” “You mean to say that you had a boyfriend, you and him……..” I asked.

“Well…. She replied, as she put her finger on my lips. In a way YES, but don’t ever mention it to your father, as he doesn’t know much about it, but that was about 30 years ago.” She quipped.

“Then you must have tried all these positions with dad. I said. There was jealousy in my statement.

“Jealous, are you? She quipped, as she knew what I was thinking.

Actually, NO. As he likes only the missionary position, and after 30 odd years I had chance to repeat what little bit I learned in a foreign country, apart from the education.

“And was I good at it?” She questioned.

“You were fabulous”. As I stroked her right breast.

She kissed me and said “and thanks to you, otherwise I did not have a chance to preach what I practiced, so many years ago.”

“You are welcome, Sushila”. As we embraced and my right hand started stroking her left ass cheek.

I looked up, it was around 12 am. “What happened”, she said as she adjusted herself and put her left arm around my waist.

“Nothing, just looking at the time and wondering……”

“Wondering what”? She asked.

“Can’t tell you” I replied. “Tell me and don’t worry, all your secrets will be safe”. She quipped.

“I was wondering, if I could go back in time, before you met dad. What will happen then?” I said I looked at her waiting for a response.

“What will happen? I will fall for you and will in most certainty, marry you.” She replied without any hesitation.

“Well…..I don’t know that.” I replied.

“It’s genetic attraction you see.” She said with a smile.

“And, we probably will have 1-2 kids”. I said boldly.

“Why 1-2, why not 4 or 5”? She quipped.

“Oh…. Are you sure”?

“I always wanted to have more kids. But your father was so busy in his work that we stopped after you.” She said.

“I wish I could go back in time and make love to you as my wife. I quipped. It would be so exciting.”

“You bet it would be”. She replied.

She moved near me and gave me nice kiss on the side of my neck. After some time, we fell asleep in each other arms.

Part 9 coming up.

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