Mother And I – Part VII

Hi all. Hope you like the seventh part of Mother – Son love affair.

This is the 7th part of Mother – Son Love Saga

July 19 – Part 4

We woke up at 5.30 pm and mother dressed up, went to the bathroom, refreshed herself and went to kitchen.I also went to my room and refreshed myself. Night came. We had dinner and I persuaded mother not to watch her saas-bahu serials as I had a surprise for her.

She nodded and told me to come back to her room at 10.30 pm. I went to the fridge, took out butter, put it in to a small vessel. As there was no electricity today because of so much rain, the butter was smooth and could easily dip in to my finger.I went to my room for bathing and shaving. Around 10.35 pm, I came back took the vessel and put it in to the side table. Mother was in the bathroom.I took off all my clothes and slipped in to the blanket. Mother came back wearing her trademark saree and blouse and slipped under the blanket near me.

“So what was the surprise all about?”

She asked. I smiled at her and gave her a deep kiss and tsrted taking her saree, petticoat and blouse. She was not wearing any bra. I came on top of her and gave her a big smooch on her neck.I removed the blanket, put it aside and took the butter and started applying her over her body. I started from toes, thighs, her pussy, navel, belly, chest and her melony boobs. I went up to her neck and stopped and started licking it from her body.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhhh. Prashant……….. Aahhhhh… do it my son”. She moaned

I licked her all over, as her breath became hotter and hotter. I was not kissing her, only licking her body clean of the butter and she was in ecstasy.

“Mmmmmh Baby, you are driving me crazy … ooohh … I need your fingers there baby. She pointed out at her pussy … give Mother’s pussy a good rub darling … hurry …,” she was writhing and bucking her hips to get my fingers in her pussy.

After a while I let my hand wonder into her cleft between her thighs and I could feel her freshly shaven smooth skin on my fingers.With a gasp Mother spread her thighs giving me a full access to her forbidden treasure cove and my fingers gripped her clit, my thumb pressing gently as she let out a wild shriek.She grew wet, and then overflowed her cunt as my fingers reached long and silently into her, feeling all the delicate, intricate, smooth inner walls her pussy.My mother moaned while working at my cock, pulling and stroking it like milking a cow. Then I felt her when she came, jerking around my prying fingers.I was delighted, my hand pressing itself flat over her smooth pussy, my fingers wriggling deep inside of her. I worked my fingers crazily in Mother, loving the way her big ass quivered with her orgasm.

No sooner were my fingers out of her, she grabbed my fingers and licked them clean while making greedy slurping sounds.Then her body shifted, her nipples dragging against my thighs with their hard little heads, as she burrowed between my legs. I held my cock up as I moved to lean against the pillows and said, “I want this inside you,” and rubbed the long, thick cock across her full, pink lips.

I watched as she wriggled close to me, placing my hands back, between her long, tanned thighs, her hands gripping my wet rising cock, twisting it gently as they cupped me, from base to head.My cock made swishing sounds, wet noises, as she continued, firmly stroking my cock to get it ready. My fingers explored her pussy, pulling at her soft inner lips. I slid my fingers around inside of her, twisting them, pressing against her elastic walls.I was shocked and almost creamed when she told me to finger her ass-hole and I slid easily in that direction. I started gentle probes on the puckered entrance and she told that I need some lubricant to intrude that forbidden path.

I waited for some time and started again. This time it gradually entered into that warm velvety channel without much difficulty. She gasped, made a little choking sound and asked me if I had ever fucked anyone in the asshole before.

“Only today afternoon”. I replied.

“We will do it better, this time”. She said in a sexy, yet soft voice.

“We will do it in a detailed fashion tonight”. She said.

The thought aroused me even more bringing my cock to full mast. She went on to describe the wonders, the tightness of it, explaining how good it was for her and how much I would like it.She twisted against me, and then smoothly executed a turn until she was on her knees, her big, smoothly tanned ass pointing into air.I did not need further urging. She passed me a gel tube from her bed side drawer and told me to lube my cock and her tiny rectum with it before penetrating her ass. But she encouraged me to start with my tongue which loved the most.

As I put my thumbs into the cleft of her ass cheeks with my hands on her buttocks, Mother, knowing what I was about to start doing, arched her back and lowered her face to the mattress to better present herself to me.

“I washed my ass just a while ago so it’s all ready for you,” she assured me, reaching her hands back to spread her cheeks to show me how clean and ready she was, and to persuade me to start licking her.

“I thought, I can also give a surprise or two to my lover.” She quipped.

“Baby, your mother love to have your slippery tongue on my pooper. Try it darling and you won’t be disappointed,” she whispered looking at me over her shoulder. She wiggled her ass to him, jutting out her shapely ass teasingly.

“Nice ass, Mother.” “Hot ass?” she questioned. “One very hot ass!” I laughed.

Then my Mother spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands. “Yes, it is a hot ass, baby.” At the top of her cleft, next to the base of her spine,I started by swirling my tongue around. In this area, I used a fair amount of pressure but, as I slowly licked down one side of the cleft on her smooth ass-cheek, I stroked more gently.

Very slowly, reveling in the way the soft skin felt on my tongue, I licked Mother’s beautiful and extremely lickable ass.

“I love that, baby,” she whispered. “I love the way you eat my asshole honey!”

She also knew the best was yet to come, and I started licking down the center of her ass cleft, sniffing the sweet aroma.

Mother was cooing again, squirming in delight in front of me, and thrusting her ass against my face for more.

She expressed herself even louder when my tonguereached her delectable pink rosebud and I licked with short strokes of my tongue, caressing where we both liked it the most. It would have send shock waves along her spine and she started bucking her ass in ecstasy.

It was surprisingly exciting to be rubbing my tongue up and down her crack, feeling the rubbery surface and the tight crinkles leading into her anus. Although I spent a long time there, giving pleasure to both her and me, we knew it was still not the best for either of us.

A gasp came from her when my tongue slipped along the hot surface of her ass, licking into the crack. Her eyes widened and she yelped with gritted mouth when she felt the tip of my tongue probe the tight pucker of her asshole. “Push it in,” she urged. “Deep into your mother’s ass darling!”

I put the tip of my tongue against the tiny opening of Mother’s asshole, and pushed into the tightness, slowly, until my tongue was in all the way.

I felt the tight warmth of her rectal walls. She moaned with satisfaction as my tongue caressed her ‘G’ spot. I buried my face into Mother’s sweet ass, licking wetly and rapidly at her asshole, devouring greedily and thoroughly. “My ass!” she whimpered. “Son, that’s my ass! Ooooh, baby, that’s Mother’s asshole you’re eating!

No one has intrude that far with a tongue baby, you are encroaching a virgin site honey … oohhhh …” I grunted, sucking at her asshole with hot lips and pushing my tongue against the crinkle.

“It’s your hot ass, Sushila! Your hot ass! Wanna more…” “Oh, God, yes!” she cried, twisting her ass against my face, stretching one hand between her legs to grab my hard cock. “Ooooh, lick it, baby! Ahhh, you make Mothermy’s ass so fucking hot! Lick my ass… lick your mother’s ass! Ahhhh … “

She braced herself as best she could, squirming her ass against my face as I licked at her clenching asshole. When I pushed my tongue far between her legs and under her ass, dragging it along her cunt, she let out a wail of pleasure.

She made a gulping sound as my tongue slipped along the slit of her smooth cunt, then across her fiery asshole, then back again.I gripped her hips, pressing my face as hard as I could into the crack of her ass, my tongue wiggling for entrance again.Mother squealed loudly, straining her ass hard into my face. She would have felt my lips burn around the ring of her asshole, my wet tongue making her tingle. “Oooooh, Darling, that’s wonderful!” she sobbed. “Ohhh, yes, it’s wonderful! Ahhh, lick me, baby!”

With my tongue licking and my mouth sucking at the pucker, I felt that her cunt was dripping pussy-juice along her inner thigh. “Baby, your cock, baby! Ohhh, your cock, honey! I need your cock in my ass darling. Hurry …!”

Overwhelmed with passion, I pulled my face out of her ass, getting to my knees behind her. I parted the thick cheeks of her ass and the sight excited me I could hardly breathe.

Her asshole looked so tight even after my oral administration, but it is ready for the long awaited penetration now.

I stuck a finger inside her again and was doubtful that my cock could get inside of that rosy little hole. Mother begged for me to stick my cock in, to just put the head in and it would take me.

She pressed back hard against my finger and told me to hurry. I removed my tongue from where I had been licking and replaced it with the nozzle of the gel.

When she felt it there, Mother was well aware of what it was and spread her ass for better access. “I hope you do as good a job fucking my ass as you did eating it,” she told me.

Then I placed the tip right at the entrance. When she felt my cock rub into the crack of her ass, she began to gasp and move against me. I felt the round, swollen head of my prick pushing at her asshole.

Holding her breath, she relaxed her spinster for my ramming cock against her asshole. My cock-head looked so big to me; I was amazed when it began to slide in. Mother pressed against it and I let go, watching it slowly vanish, inch by inch. It was so tight; I almost came, but got a grip on my longing just in time.

I forced myself to wait, to enjoy maximum of it. Mother murmured happily at first as the head of my cock made penetration and repeated her little sounds of pleasure as I started slowly thrusting into her, a little more of my shaft wedging in with every stroke, until my entire cock was embedded in her.

Suddenly she screamed in pain as I sank deep into her nether. Mother clutched and clawed at the sheet with her fingers as she tried to struggle away from the impaling she was taking. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” she whimpered over and over again as I leaned over, put my hands under her, grabbed her hips, and pulled up.

Now she was completely pinned by me. I just stayed like that with my pecker buried all the way inside of her. “Son,” She moaned weakly, “What are you doing to me?”

She grunted, “You have filled my ass to capacity with that club-like cock of yours. No one has filled me like that … wow!” “I’m sorry, Mother,” I said apologetically, and I prepared to pull it out.

“Sorry, Hell, boy,” she said in a strained voice. “Pump that ‘thing’ and let’s get me accustomed to the new visitor, it’s a long time baby.”

She moaned this time as she backed her butt tight against my body. “Pardon the pun, darling“Say it!” I snarled thrusting extra hard.

Mother grunted and then said, “Yes, your cock is in your mother’s ass.” She almost screamed the last few words as my anal orgasm swept over me.

Then I began to slowly ass fuck my mother in earnest. My fingers found her pussy while I began to pull myself slowly out, driving her wild, before I crammed myself back into her.I loved the feel of her asshole.

She was smooth and satiny feeling, and tighter than anything else I had ever put my cock into. It was the best, the best ever fuck.

I began fucking her ass faster and faster, wallowing in her cries of submission, her supple ass-flesh thumped against my groin.

Every time I plunged into her, her big ass-cheeks would spread themselves apart giving my tummy cushiony feelings. I literally fucked the shit out of Mother and that turned me on more.

Both were making noises of almost unbearable pleasure when I ground my hips against that cushiony ass, pushing my cock in as far as it would go. She was burbling, her face buried in the pillow, making animal noises.

“My God, son,” she gasped at me, “You’re gonna rip your Motherright in two … ooohhhhh …,” she whimpered in excitement of her ass been fucked by her son.

Again and again, I plunged my cock in and out of Mother’s tight but well-lubricated ass. Every time it plunged into her, I marveled at how wonderful it felt, the way she opened up for me and the way her ass grasped my shaft, sending pleasurable joy throughout my body.

With every stroke I heard she moan, expressing how wonderful it was for her too. She has described to me the feeling of my cock fucking her ass, telling me about waves of ecstasy sweeping through her, giving me more satisfaction.

Holding her hips, I fucked my cock in and out, watching Mother’s ass-hole grip it. Each thrust of my cock made her asshole stretched to the hilt. I dug my fingers into my mother’s flesh, and began fucking her with wild in-and-out lunges.

Mother began to moan and squeal, her eyes shut tight as she dug her fingers into the bed, twisting her uplifted ass about lewdly.

“Your cock!… Oooooh, Son, your cock is so hard!” she gasped. “Your cock is so hard and it goes in so deep into my belly! Oooh, baby, baby! Fuck me! Ahhh, I’ve never felt it so good before!”

Pushing my cock as far up her ass as I could, I reached forward and between her legs, to tickle her clitoris and revel in the feel of her shaven cunt. My hand was full of hot cunt and I rubbed the lips and flicked her clit as I steadily drove my cock in and out.

She began to rock her hips back and forth, slowly milking my cock. I picked up the pace, my hips slamming against hers.

“Oh God Sushila, I’m going to cum.”

“Go ahead dear, fill me up. Fill your mother up with your juice.”

I let out a strong guttural sound as I felt my cock spasm deep in her ass. I was cumming! I drove my cock to its full length into Mother’s ass, and unloaded my hot cum into her convulsing ass.

She was reacting too, and kept saying, “Oh ! Oh! Oh!” over and over again while I came.

“Sushila, you’re gonna come too!” I panted. “I can feel it! Your cunt is oozing on my fingers … you’re gonna come, Sush……”

Oh, yeah, I am!” she sobbed, shaking her naked ass lewdly. “I’m gonna come darling! Ooooohh, baby! My cunt is burning up! Rub that … rub that clit for me, lover! Make me cummmm!”

“Ohhhh, Sushila!” I yelped.

“Come, honey!” Mother sobbed. “You have to come, baby!”“You too, Sushila!”

“Unnnghhhhhhh, yes!”

My body stiffened and I threw my head back, my eyes tightly closed. I pulled hard on her hips, cramming my cock as far into Mother’s bowels as I could. Mother pushed her ass back at me with all her strength, her breath coming in sharp, throaty gasps and her eyes bulging.

I was struggling to breathe, my fingers pulling at her pussy. My balls were painfully tight. Then, suddenly I was spewing hot cum deep up into my mother’s convulsing ass-hole, coming up her quivering rectum with gushing force.

Mother screamed again, her belly filling with my cock-cream as we both came in spasms that sent tremors up and down our naked bodies.

Mother was sobbing with rapture, grinding her naked ass wantonly as I continued to spurt hot sperm over and over into her receptive ass-hole.

The squeezing of her bowels made I feel as if it were sucking my cock, drawing the fuck-juice out of my balls. I grunted and yelped against the smooth, sweaty skin of my mother’s ass, fucking her deeply throughout her orgasm and mine.

After a time, it was over, and I collapsed limply on top of her, all my energy spent. We lay that way for a few minutes catching our breath, and then I rolled off her. We held each other in our arms for a little while, and then she asked, “Do you feel different now that you’re not a virgin to anal-fuck anymore?”

Yeah, I feel fantastic!” I answered.

“You sure do, son”, she sighed, giving my cock a playful squeeze. It began to swell in her hand.

“Can I fuck your sweet pussy Mother?” I asked hopefully.With a submissive smile Mother hugged me tightly and we held each other close for some time. It was 11.15 pm.

“Are we gonna do this on a regular basis now, Mother?”, I asked, gently stroking her puffy, oozing cunthole.

“Ummmm, mmmmm! I hope so baby! Untill there is no one but you and me alone in the house”, “After what you just did, son, I don’t think I could live without it.”

I whispered into her ear, telling her how much I loved her tight ass-hole, loved butt-fucking her and she groaned softly and said that she was so happy to hear that. Then she told me to go upstairs in the bathroom and clean my penis.

I did that and came back after 10 minutes. Mother was lying in the bed and told me that she also has cleaned herself.

I lied down near her and she told me the importance of washing ritual, especially if I wanted to fuck someone in the cunt afterwards.

She took my right hand in hers and guided it to her love tunnel. “Feel how wet I am, Baby! I’m soaking wet!”I moved inside her parted legs and looked up into her face. “I can’t believe this is happening Sushila!” I whispered, as I started massaging her clit.

“Oh, it’s happening darling! I can’t help it! Oh, baby, that feels so good when you do that!” While whispering she reached to my cock and started stroking it.

“Oh, god, Sushila, you feel so wet!” I groaned as she continued to gently stroke my cock with her soft hand.She gently pulled me towards her and guided me to her eagerly waiting wet pussy, pressing my hard-on into the center of her juicy slit.

“I’m so wet. Fill me with your warm smooth cock. Make me overflow with your cum. I need you to fuck your Mother. Ride her hard, my son, and my lover. Make love to me, baby.”

As I pressed on to her pussy, spread wide for me, a glow, a smile filled her face.

“Right there, just slide it back and forth a little. Oh when that swollen head slides over my clit … like that … just like that.”

Mother sucked in a breath of air when my cock popped into her lonely mound; “Oh you’re my big boy!” she gasped as she could feel my hard cock on her lonely pussy. Her hands hugged me pulling me harder against her.

She was juicy and hot, and her cunt muscles contracted, sucking me inside her, until the head of my cock was flush up against the bottom of her pussy.

I pressed home and slide slow, very slow, from her, teasing the head of my cock, and her, by pushing just the head in and out, before filling her lovely cunt up again.

I fucked her steadily then, riding smoothly inside her.I looked down at Mother’s face, watching her dreamy expression as I fucked her.

“Sush?” I whimpered. Her eyes slowly opened and tried to focus on my face as she moaned a reply.


I thrust my cock into her tight, steamy wetness a little harder.“Do you like that, Sush?” I asked.

She tossed her head from side to side in delight.

“Mmmmmm, y…yes, uhhhhh, yessssss… it’s so nice son!”I hugged her to my bare chest and smashed her soft breasts into me; I began to kiss her.

Mother parted her lips, and pressed her tongue forward. It pressed against my teeth, so I opened my mouth, and her tongue touched mine. It felt very good!

Our tongues began to roll around each other in my mouth, and then I pressed mine forward to taste the sweetness inside her mouth.

My tongue moved inside her mouth with great care and love while my hands moved back to her sexy, tight ass. Then I commenced gently caressing and squeezing those soft globes.

Her cunt-walls grasped my cock as I reamed her out, pounding my way into Mother’s deepest, darkest recesses. Her legs came up and wrapped around my back, her arms encircled my neck, and her mouth pressed against mine, open, wet, and loving.

She moved her slender hips to greet my long manhood. Her slim hips moved under me, she moved in tiny circles and when I pushed in her, she thrust her hips up to greet my hard shaft as it drove inside her, “Deeper! Faster!” she yelled .

Without realizing it, my thrusts were getting stronger. I thought of backing off a bit so as not to hurt her, but Mother just urged, “Harder. Oh, darling, make me feel it!

Then I increased the tempo and power of my plunge, and drove my hips into her. She lifted her legs high, and curled them around my waist. I slid my arms under her wiggling buttocks, and pulled her cunt onto my cock.

We were totally tangled together, and I was fucking her for all we were worth! Our lips met again, and this time I did not waste any time in pressed my tongue deep into her mouth.

Her tongue met mine, contesting back and forth behind our teeth as we made love frantically on her bed.Mother took up the pace, matching me stroke for stroke. She was breathing hard and fast, and I was beginning to gasp and pant.

She started moaning and mewling with soft little yells. The whole lower portion of her body thrashed about and her legs pulled tighter and tighter around me. Her arms clasped tightly around my neck and her tongue was like a beater working in my mouth.

Mother’s slender hips started to budge under me like before, small circles and a mild drive up to meet my incoming cock, “Come on, Baby! Fill Mother up again! Fill your Mother’s pussy this time full of that hot cum of yours!” she said as she moved under me and she clutch my cock with her tight inner muscles.

I lost patience when I heard the erotic words come from my mother’s mouth and I felt like I could hold out no longer. My cock was beginning to throb inside of her.

I broke the kiss, and let out a strong guttural sound as I felt my cock spasm deep in Mother’s pussy. I was cumming! My cock started to shoot in her belly harder than before.

“O God Sushila, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmiiiinggggg … aarghhhh …. Sush….. you are a goddess”

“Go ahead dear, fill me up. Fill your mother up with your juice.”

I drove my cock to its full length into Mother, and unloaded my second charge of cum into her hot pussy. “OH SUSH, I WANT YOU!” I screamed again and filled her so full, cum ran from her pussy and down her tight ass. Mother was reacting too.

Then, when I felt Mother shudder and her cunt tightened around my cock, Mother came and came and came.

The contractions of her cunt made it feel as if the walls of her pussy were sucking my cock. Her pelvic muscles spasmed and shuddered and each small convulsive movement transferred to my still throbbing cock.

Yes! Oh, yes! Give it to me, Son!”, Mother gasped, loudly. “Give it all to me!” She was panting and wriggling under me with the pleasure she was enjoying.

She panted and hissed loudly, muscles clenching and convulsing all through her supple body. ‘Mother continued to swear and shout as I clung desperately to her wildly bucking hips.

“Mmmmmmm, Son, what did you do to me? I came so quickly!” She panted.

“I love you, Mother,” I answered. My cock was still rock-hard inside her trembling belly.

“Hey Bhagwan! I’ll say you did,” Mother moaned. “You made love to me, my lover.”

Mother gazed up at me dreamily, and I looked with satisfaction into her radiant, glowing face.

Then I collapsed on Mother, unable to stir, feeling as though I was turned inside-out from the massive orgasmic flow. We were both panting, gasping for breath. Slowly, we came back to reality, and I rolled off her and we lay side by side, holding each other, fondling, caressing, and murmuring.

Then she asked, “Is Mother good for you, son?”

“That was awesome Sushila, it was wonderful!” As the clock ticked 12 am, and we were fast asleep holding our naked bodies.

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