My Birthday Wish Fullfilled By My Wife

Richa is in her 28th year. She is fair and tall. She had one of the best boobies you will ever see and the roundest of ass you will every lay your eyes on. She is a teacher in a School and teaches Math’s in a Middle school class. She has long silky hairs that she usually keeps open. Her lips are juicy and red. They taste like strawberries. Her Neck is the most sensual part of her body. If you want to get her in the mood for fucking and she does not, all you need to do is plant a kiss on her neck. He immediately gets horny. She is My wife for last 3 years.

Among other things that Richa likes is getting her Boobs sucked. Role Playing, She also likes when I keep my hands on her hips while walking. She is proud of her Butts. She has worked really hard in the gym to get into this shape and she loves to flaunt it.

She is also an exhibitionist.

I am Gautam and am a doctor working in Delhi. We live in a posh flat and in a posh colony. Sex is not only great but awesome. Ours sex is not just a regular husband wife fucking. Its crazy and innovative. We live to titillate each other. And we love to role play. We play out our fantasies. She would dress up in costumes I like and we fuck whole night.

Both of us have expressed our desire to bring a third person into the mix. She wants to have two dicks in her and I want to see her getting fucked. We even discussed the idea of wife swapping but we never got any suitable couple.

Now one night, we were fucking each other. My dick was deep into her pussy and she was moaning badly. It was about to be 12:00 in the night and it was my birthday today. She wanted to make me cum exactly at 12 and wish me Happy Birthday. And that is what happened. I shot my load into her pussy and she wished me birthday.

Later she laid on my chest and I kept one hand on her hips and was fondling them She was playing with my now limp dick and we were both breathing hard and trying to catch our breath.

I asked her. What is my Birthday Gift. She said what Do I want. I said Richa, I really have been fantasizing about seeing you get fucked by someone. Every time I imagine someone banging your pussy I get a hard on.

She said, she would love to do that for me, but who should she fuck. We maintain a good reputation in among our known People and society and Don’t want to tarnish that. So like always, the discussion got stuck at who to fuck.

Suddenly an Idea crossed my mind. I said why don’t we go out and see if we can find some stranger to fuck. She was hesitant about this idea. She said it will not be safe for us. I agreed but said lets go out and see if we can find a safe option.

She said sure anything for you sweetheart. I asked her to dress up sexily.

She dressed into a pink satin saree. I asked her not to wear any bra underneath and let her boobs jiggle freely. She put on a sexy makeup and her lips were looking so yummy. I kissed her and pressed her boobs. My dick was already oozing precum.

Soon we set out in our car and started roaming the streets of delhi at 1 in the night.

We stopped at some Dhabas where horny truck drivers stop and decided they are not a safe option at all. These people can get really brutal. Then we passed a Police post. We knew these cops are always horny but we didn’t want to deal with cops either since, as you know, its not a safe option with them.

We also circled some Boys hostel and decided that these people cannot be trusted either. These young boys make video of everything and its difficult to deal with them.

We were getting disappointed now. Suddenly, Richa asked me to drive near ISBT. I said what do you have in mind. She said there are a lot of people near ISBT who sleep on the roadside. They have no place to go to and they are alone in the city. Some looking for a job or some other reason. I said many of them can be drug addicts and its high chance they can give you some disease. She said lets explore and see what we find.

I drove towards ISBT. There were many people sleeping on the footpath. Most of them were in groups and with families. We has stopped at a convenience store at a petrol punp and bought a lot of stuff to distribute.

We saw a few people sleeping alone. We went to them and gave them some food items. Some of them were too dirty looking some looked sick. Many of them seemed intoxicated and reeked of alcohol.

Our food was almost finished and we were disappointed. We decided to leave and call it a day. As we were about to enter the car My wife held my hands. She pointed to one dark corner. I could only make out the outlines of some person.

I said leave it, It has been a major waste of time. She said ok but lets check him out. It will hardly take a minute.

We got into the car and drove next to him. We got out of the car and walked towards him. He was a young man of around 25. He looked dirty and very skinny.

I asked him. Whats his name. He said Munna. I said where are you from. He said He is from Bihar. He came to Deli to look for a job.

Before I could say something. He said Do you have some food for me as well. He had been watching us from far and had seen us distributing the food.

I looked at Richa. She whispered in my ears that there is only one packet of chips. I gave it to him. He said don’t you have anything else to eat. I said sorry this is the only thing Left. He quickly tore off the packet and ate the chips like a hungry beast. Within a minute he was staring at us again.

Richa asked him Are you hungry. He said yes I haven’t eaten in two days. I asked him why. He said that He worked as a daily wage laborer and two days back two guys came on bike. They snatched his money and beat him up. His let was hurt and he was not able to move so he couldn’t go to work and hence couldn’t get anything to eat.

I asked him so why didn’t you ask someone to help you. He said He did. There are only a few people who walk this way since this is a major road and hardly any cars stop here. Some did and they gave him money. But what can he do with the money since he cant even move. He just wanted to get something to eat.

We felt pity on him.

He said, Do you have water. We gave him some water. He thanked us. We decided to get him something to eat. We asked him to come with us and we will give him some food. Rich Helped me to get him up and we put him in the back seat. As I was about to enter the driving seat Richa asked me to come aside.

I went close to her. She shut the door of the car and we stood outside.

She said this is it. I said Are you sure. He looks very week.

She said. No. he is just hungry. Lets go clean him up and get him ready. I am sure he will be glad. I was not so sure about this because this guy looked like he will pass out anytime.

But I went along with her Hunch. I said ok. Lets give it a shot.

It ws already 2:30 now. We drove to a nearby Petrol pump. I got out of the car and went into the convenience store. I got some Chicken rolls and Some sandwiches.

As soon as I came to the car, I saw Richa was sitting in the back seat with him. She was checking out his legs. She said to me look at this. His legs were red and swollen as if someone had hit them with sticks. She asked me if I can go back in and get some balm and some pain killers.

I went back in and got some painkillers and iodex balm.

When I can back, he was already munching the chicken roll. I started the car and Richa kept sitting in the back seat. We drove around for some time. Soon his eating got controlled and now he had started eating properly. He looked very relaxed. I had adjusted my rearview mirror in such a way that I could see them properly.

He thanked us.

After he had finished eating. Richa asked him to pull up his payjama so that she can apply some balm. She gave him the painkillers and he gulped them down. Now richa started applying the balm on his legs. I could see that life had started entering his eyes. He was not staring my Richas jiggling boobs.

I smiled, My fantasy may come true after all.

I told Richa in English. He is staring at your boobies. She said, yes she has noticed and he is also getting a hardon.

I said, fulfill my fantasy darling. She said working on it dear.

After applying the balm on his legs she asked him is there anywhere else he got hurt. He said yes a little above the knees as well. She asked him to pull up the payjama further but it was it possible.

I said, Munna why don’t you take off your payjama. He hesitated. Richa also encouraged him. Don’t be shy. Its better you get a treatment. And don’t be shy I am a nurse And I see men in their underwears daily.

After some hesitation, he opened the nada of his payjama. Richa then helped him pull down the payjama. Now he was only left in dirty briefs. Richa notices that the brief has bum stains. She winked at me in the mirror and said to me in English. This naughty guys jerks in his undies. I smiled.

She started rubbing his thighs. He was continuously staring at her boobs. Richa moved her hands towards his crotch and intentionally touched his dick. He shook as if a current has passed through him.

Richa looked at him and smiled. She kept on rubbing near his dick and intentionally rubbing on it. He was now fully erect. Painkillers had started taking their effects and he seemed more relaxed.

I was not driving on the Noida expressway. There were only a few cars around at this time of the night. Richa was sitting in the backseat having fun with Munna.

It was becoming very uneasy for Munna. His precum started oozing on his underwear. I was also leaking precum and Richa was getting wet panties. All three of us were horny and wet at this point of time.

Munna suddenly asked if I have something to drink . he was feeling tirsty. I had brought a bottle of water and coke with me from the convenience store. But I said I am sorry there is nothing to drink.

Richa said can we stop somewhere and buy some water. I said there is no place here where we can buy any water. And I winked at her in the rearview mirror.

She said its too bad as she caught my drift. I said Richa do you have some milk. She said no I am not lactating. I said too bad if you had milk you could have fed him. I hate to leave him like this.

I looked at Munna his face was shocked He couldn’t believe what we were talking about.

She then looked at munna. And Said Munna you will have to wait until we get to a shop. Unfortunately I am also not getting milk in my boobs else I would have fed you. She mentioned boobs just to make thigs clear for Munna.

Munna didn’t know what to say. His dick was poking a huge tent in his underwear.

I said ok, Lets try and see if you get any milk. She looked at munna. Munna do you want to try and see if you are able to suck any milk.

Munna said yes.

She unbuttoned her blouse and munna immediately grabbed her boobs and pulled her over him. As she fell on him Munna screamed in pain. She got back. But munna didn’t leave her boobs.

Richa asked me to pull the car over in some deserted place. Soon I parked my car in a deserted lanes of Noida expressway. I got out of the car and Richa got out as well. Her Blouse was open and her boobs were jumping freely.

I helped Munna out of the car. And made him sit on the bonnet of the car. Richa went and stood in front of him and presented her boobs to him. He immediately grabbed one of her boob and started sucking the other.

He really started sucking the boobs like a baby. Richa said, suck harder. He sucked harder. I was watching my birthday wish come true. I pulled out my dick and started jerking it. Richa saw me and called me near her. She then grabbed my dick and jerked it while Munna was wildly sucking her boobs.

Within miniutes I shot my load on Richas saree.

She smiled at me and asked me in English. Happy now. I said not yet. Look at him suckling your tits. Lets take him home and clean him up and lets have an orgy. She kepy her hands on Munnas head and pressed his head against her boobs. Munna had now put his arms around her waist. She said ok, But what kind of orgy is this. Only two guys. And she laughed. I said lets start with this and maybe some other day we will have more than two. She laughed again and Grabbed his hands and pushed them towards her hips. He pressed them vigourasly.

I said, Munna do you want to fuck her. Chodna chate ho isko. That is the first time he left her boob to speak. Yes..

I motioned them to sit in the car. Munna had new vigour now. He was able to move independently. He limped to the back of the car. Richa smiled at me. She said I am a nurse remember. And I laughed.

She went back and sat with him. He immediately grabbed her boobs and started fondling them. I sped my car to my home. In next 20 minutes we were home and by that time Munna had sucked RIchas white boobs to Red. As we entered our colony Richa asked him to sit properly. She tied her buttons and combed her hairs. I parked the car in the garage and then we got out. We moved to the lift. Munna was still limping. I helped him into the lift. As soon as the lift door closed he immediately grabbed her boobs again. I said not now. Wait. He left her.

We entered our apartment and as soon as the door closed he higged Richa from behind and started pressing her boobs. Richa said first go and take a bath. He left Richa. Richa held his hands and took him to the bathroom. She them came out immediately. I said what happened. She said She needs t get out of this saree. She went in and came out in her cycle shorts. And was wearing my Baniyan. I hugged her and grabbed her ass. She locked her lips with me and I sucked her strawberry lips.

After our kiss broke she went to the bathroom and I went to the Fridge and opened a bottle of beer. It is going to be a fun night or whatever is left of the night.

After a few minutes they came out. Richa was all drenched and Munna was now looking like a different person all together. He wore my Night suite and By the looks of it he was wearing no underwear. His tent was poking out. He came and sat on the sofa. He looked extremely clean and was smelling of my perfume.

Richa excused herself and went into the bedroom. I asked Munna if he wants to have a beer and he Declined.

Richa came out of bedroom and had changed again. She was wearing an extremely short skirts and her pussy mound was visible. She was wearing no panties. And she in a loose red blouse.

Her boobs jiggled as she walked.

Munna couldn’t move his eyes from her. He came and stood near Munna. Then she put one of her legs on his sholders. Now her pussy was right in front of Munna’s face. He kissed her white clean shaved and smooth pussy. Then he started sucking her pussy lips. I Immediately stood up and dropped my pants and freed my tool.

Munna was now tongue fucking Richa. He was slurping all the juices flowing out of her pussy.

I went and kneeled behind Richa and pulled her Skirt up and started licking and kissing her hips. Richa was moaning loudly now. I parted her Ass cheeks and touched her asshole with my tongue. And shivered. I started licking her ass hole and Munna was slurping her pussy.

She shivered and her butt contracted. And she came in gallons.

Munna sucked her pussy dry.

She said this was awesome.

Now she held Munnas dick over the night Payjama. It was already wet with Precum.

I said his balls must be hurting by now. And we both laughed.

Richa pulled down his payjama and freed his dick. It was a regular sized black dick. She kissed the dick and licked the precum. She then left him and kneeled on the floow in doggie style. She said. Fuck me boys.

Munna immediately jumped and Inserted his dick in her vagina and started ramming her like a Dog. I went towards her face and she took my dick in her mouth.

She started blowing me while Munna fucked her pussy.

The whole room was filled with the sounds of fucking. Munna couldn’t control anymore and he shot his load into her vagina. And slumped down on the carpet. I was not done yet. I asked Richa to turn her ass towards me and I placed my dick near her asshole.

A little push and my throbbing dick was deep in her asshole. As I rammed her I also finger fucked her pussy. Very soon She shivered again and came. I also shot my load in her ass and we slumped on the floor.

As we laid there trying to catch our breath we looked at Munna. He had falled asleep. Poor thing. Must have been tiered and hungry for so long. Richa looked at me and said Happy Birthday. I got up and picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

We cuddled with each other and fell asleep.

It was late in the morning when I woke up with the sound of my phone bell. I said Richa was not in the bed. I went out looking for her.

I saw Munna still lying on the carpet, snoring blissfully.

I went in the kitchen. Richa was making tea. She was wearing the same short Skirt and was naked on the top. Her boobs were swaying as she moved around. I went inside and hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. She let out a moan.

I said how was last night. She said it was amazing. I kissed her for sometime and then I left her. She immediately grabbed my hands and turned around. She hugged me and took my hand to her pussy. It was already wet.

I fingered her pussy for a while and then said do you want to come and wake him up. She said yes. We went to the drawing room where Munna was asleep.

He was lying there semi naked. His limp dick looked pityful. Richa knelt near his dick and took his limp dick into her mouth. She started sucking it and his dick started growing. Munna opened his eyes and said. I thought it was all a dream.

The whole day we fucked liked crazy. In the night Richa gave Him some sleeping pills. When he went to sleep we took him to the same place where we found him. We left him there with lot of money and some food.Along with this we left a picture of Richas Boobs and her Pussy with Thank You written over it.

As we were returning. I asked Richa Shall we find someone else. She laughed and grabbed my penis.

I hope you enjoyed the story and it helped you jerking off.

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