My Cousin Sister My Sex Teacher

Hey, guys, Suraj is back with another sex story. Am from Bengaluru (Kannadiga). And this is just a passionate sex story of mine. But I hope you guys enjoy it.

This sex story is between me and my cousin sister when I was just 18 years old. And she’s 19 years old. My family stays in Bangalore but my cousin family is in the village. She visits our home for summer vacation, we play lots of games together. Sex is the just unknown thing for me at that age. At one summer vacation, like usual my cousin sister came to our home and as usual, we played games but this time she was different, she doesn’t concentrate on game much and she used to go to the washroom more and take bath for a long time.

I didn’t know why. We both used to sleep in the same room and my parents in the other. At some point of the night, my bed was shaking a bit. I don’t know what it was. I just saw my sister n she was shivering inside the blanket. I tapped to wake her up and suddenly she acted weird and she was sweating n she was covered in the blanket. That night we slept. Next night our conversation started.

She: Appi, u r still a kid. When u will grow old.Me: (confused) Akka y r u saying like that am taller than you am grown up Na.She: Haha not in height in some stuff.Me: What stuffs AkkaShe: You know what is Appa, Amma doing in other room?Me: They are sleepingShe: Ayyoo no they are enjoying something.Me: What they are enjoying.She: Come I will show you.

She took me near parents room it was closed. She went near n slowly pushed door a just half inch and she called me near.

She: Listen. I was listening that my dad n mom breathing heavily n mom moaning ahhh ahhh.She: Come here look.I saw my mom spreading her legs, her nighty and petticoat were up n dad on top of her, between her legs his shorts were removed n jumping. I don’t know what to say I just went to my room. After some time my Akka came.

She: What happened y u came so soon.Me: Akka what they are doing.She: It’s sex dear which is the most pleasurable thing to do.Me: Is it gives happiness but I never did Akka.She: My sweet bro today I will teach u how it will be but promise me that you won’t say about this to anyone.Me: Ok Akka promise.She: Are you hungry? Do you want milk?

I was confused. I went inside the blanket. She took my hand n placed it on her boobs, it was huge n very soft like the sponge balls.

Me: Akka it’s very soft.She: Press them n play with that balls.

I started pressing over her nighthy then she asked to put my hand inside nighty n press, when I put there was some other cloth covering her breast, she said its bra to keep breast shaped n hide my hard nipples. I was slowly pressing her boobs n it was giving me different feelings for the first time. I was feeling something in my shorts. Then she unzipped her nighty it was bit dark but she was wearing some black bra, she just pulled the bra down by making her boobs pop out, for the first time I was getting a little glance of women’s breast, it was so fair n nipple were brownish n it was hard like grapes.

Me: Akka, do u have milk.?She: My sweet bro just suck n see if u get milk. But keep sucking until u get.

I started sucking decently her nipples till my mouth was getting drained, her nipples were so hard n so juicy. Sucking women’s boobs gives intense pleasure while pressing them softly she wanted it more n more n holding my hairs and massaging it. Slowly she took her hand down n started rubbing her pussy area over nighty.

Me: Akka why are you touching your loo area r u feeling to go to the loo.She: Laughingly’ no it’s the part in the human body which is very sensitive and give most pleasure in life.Me: But I never got pleasure Akka.She: Now u will get wait.

She just opened my banian. She put hands inside my short, my cock was thin n hard like stick biscuit. My foreskin was fully covered. She held my cock n started shaking. I just felt so well for the first time. She pulled down my shorts n now am completely naked. She asked me to sleep n she sat n held my cock, started to peel my foreskin back slowly and at one point it was so tight n painful, so I moaned, she closed my mouth n said don’t worry n again she started shaking. I was enjoying very much never felt that happiness before.

She: How it is feeling Appi?Me: So good Akka, please don’t stop.

Then she took her face near my hard cock, the half foreskin was opened n my cock head was pink, she just opened her tongue and licked the tip of my cock. OMG, what a pleasure it was. I just shivered. Then she licked it, every inch, softly biting it, kissing my balls and squeezing them. Then suddenly she inserted my complete cock inside her wet mouth n started to swallow and moving her tongue around my cock inside the mouth, my cock was completely dipped in her saliva and now my foreskin started moving freely, she started to move her mouth to and fro on my cock. I was under intense pressure rubbing my legs crossing it and pressing her boobs very hard n pinching it. I started feeling like getting loo.

Me: Akka I am getting loo.She: It’s not a loo Appi, just enjoy.

She started sucking more faster and deeper. I started shivering a lot and at some point, my cock started discharging something which is very painful as it’s thick. My Akka was taking all in her mouth. It was very painful for me and I was breathing heavily.Then she sucked until my breathing got low.

She: Now u want to see how you got born?Me: Yes Akka.

She went n locked the door slowly without making noise and lifted her nighty and she was on black bra and skirt. She removed the skirt and there was no panty but hairs, more than mine. She unhooked her bra and those beautiful boobs came out, so stiff hard nipples and big boobs that gave me intense hard again. She came to bed, lied down and spread her legs asked me to see.

She: See Appi, this is a pussy(tullu) where a boy puts his penis(tunne) inside and do in n out. When he released his sperm which u got now it will give baby and after nine months the baby will come out of this hole.

She spread her pussy lips with her fingers, it was wet n white fluid was flowing.

Me: Akka it’s very small hole how the baby comes from this.She: Appi, first come, put ur cock inside and see.Me: Akka, what if u get a baby?She: You don’t worry about that n all, you just do as I say.Me: Ok Akka.

She asked me whether I want to lick. I said yes. So she spread her pussy lips making it easier for me to lick. I just licked it like ice cream, it was smelling somewhat very different, I never smelled something like that so good. It was salty n sticky. I started to lick it more by putting my tongue, the juice started coming more and more. My Akka too was shivering and pressing my head towards her tullu (pussy). Then I started licking her asshole also.

She: Appi, now come I will teach u the main part.

She held my hand and made me come between her legs, started kissing my lips n sucking my tongue. She held my cock in her hand and started to rub near her hairy pussy, at some point she asked me to push but it went side and again she asked now, I just went in” it’s like dipping my cock in some hot slipper chocolate sauce” so hot and it just squeezing my cock inside. It was very tight, my Akka moaned and bit my chest in pain. Then after keeping my cock inside for some time, she asked me to move in and out but it was painful for me, as my cock head was very sensitive and it was burning hot inside pussy. So slowly I started and her juice started flowing out between her ass cracks and my balls.

After some time, she asked me to do faster and I followed, within 10 mins I again felt same, so I just told Akka am getting it again. So she held my cock pulled it out ” my cock was completely wet with sticky white juice. Akka took in the mouth and licked that n came near my mouth and gave all her juice to my mouth from her mouth n started to suck me again, within two minutes I again came with shivering and my cock was dark pink and became very sensitive and sticky. But Akka told she will bath me tomorrow n we wore our dress.

Me: Akka I want to drink ur milk n sleep.She: Come on Appi it’s yours and she let her boobs out of nighty I just fell asleep sucking it. So we did much more in our vacations.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Am a Kannadiga and am very eager to meet a girl from Karnataka, if any girl from Karnataka like my story please mail me. Am not call boy or something, am just a college student and these are my imaginary stories. Am virgin still.

Only genuine feedbacks welcomed. Women’s who just looking for fuck and forget can also contact as am not going to share your contact nor keep you in contact after the session. Any secret relationship invites mail me or kik me mail: [email protected] kik user name: suraj2030 Skype me at “suraj gowdas”. Hope to see you guys soon with other sex story.

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