My Experience First Time With A Married Woman – Part 2

This is BlessyEdna, thanks for sharing your valuable comments to my email ID. I was really happy by seeing the way of responses, I am getting continuously emails asking that when will be next part gets posted. Here you go “ My first and best experience with Shalini – Part II”.

On that night shalini kissed me. The kiss was really wonderful, I just felt the smell of her body was really really awesome, it was not perfume, the real smell and Smirnoff it kicks me aroused, I just slipped my into her mouth stroked into her and I cupped her bare backs and pulled her into me our breasts touched each other’s, I can felt that her boobs was rock hard, I put my one hand on her hip and one hand to lift her leg, her body started shivering, we were just kissed for a long time. When I released me her eyes was closed and she breathed heavy. When she opened her eyes damn, the look look it was really awesome, I can she was rocks.

She touched my cheeks on her fingertips and said that she needs to take it slow. Me too I don’t want to take everything in one day. May be we are on drinks, I want to feel her with my full and own wil not with the help of alcohol. Then we went to sleep, I just hugged her on the bed my hand lie beneath her T-shirt and went sleep. I woke up around 5 in the morning. I was just stunned by seeing her in the sleep. It was an amazing sight. She looks like angel without wings. Then suddenly it came to my mind. Why don’t I seduce her, it helps to pull her towards me, I know she was very sensitive. I don’t want to miss her. She wakes up around 7, and told me that she needs to back home and will meet me in the office.

I went to office that day by new Edna. I wore tight shirt, which will exactly show my boobs, and with a tight skirt. With lots of makeups. I got some positive comments from some of my friends, yeah I can see shalini amusements, her eyes widening, I just wicked her and went to my cabin and expecting shalini. Here she comes.

Shalini: Hi..

Me: Hi, shalini. Are we got the contract extended from Singapore.

Shalini: It’s in process, by the ways you looks beautiful and hot today. Anything special.

Me: My nipples got rock hard. I didn’t see her, just pretend to ignore her by seeing my desktop. But by showing my body to her, “Nothing like that shalini, just as my usual day”, I just rose and shows my ass to her. Then I told her “I have too much work piled up, will see her later”.

She just left my cubicle immediately I know the anger waves inside. This works.

I sit with some of the guys, talking to them it helps to make her angry.

When I went for the washroom, making sure she is following me, she came inside, she pulled me and kissed me vigourously, ya I need that. I replied her back. She just grab my boobs tried to open my shirt. She was on her fire. I stopped and said that will take it slow and left the washroom. Aww it works damn. I got an email from my MD says that I have to go to Singapore to extend the contract. My mind works immediately, I picks my phone and talk to MD that I am going to take shalini with me. He says ok.

Then I called shalini to my desk. She came I showed that email to her, and told her that she have to come with me. She simply says ok and she left. I liked when she walks. I looked into her desk. What the fuck… is she crying. My heart breaks. I called to the travel desk and gave them info that me and shalini will leave tomorrow to Singapore, and ask them to make her arrangements. I went to shalini, said that we ll leave tomorrow, we can go and pack our stuff. She is not looking me. Just left without saying anything. I followed her to the lift and asked her whats wrong. When we are inside the lift I tried to kiss her. She pushed me back.

I told her to drop me in my home. Yep she is very angry. On the way to home. I told her everything, that I tried to seduce her. I apologised her that I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I put my head on her shoulder, she told me “I love you”. Wow… this words I didn’t expect. On that night I masturbate almost 3 times thinking about shalini. Thinking that one day she will touch my bottom button.

On the next day. Ya we are at Singapore. I hope this trip is the best for me and shalini. We went to four seasons, the travel desk has already booked a suite for us. When we entered, shalini was looking the interiors on the room, but I went behind her hugged tightly, and told her this is going to be wonderful. It’s was almost night. We had our dinner, she said that she wants to give me a gift. I have to accept that. I don’t know what she is going to give. She closed my eyes she took my hand and she put a ring in my finger. I was completely shocked. Teers flown from my eyes on my both cheeks. I don’t know what to say.

She touched my cheeks on her fingertips. Am I happy I said yes. I hugged her and kissed. She romoved her clothes. She was on her inners. I can see her boobs was throbbing out of her bra. I can see the stretch marks on her stomach. I just caressed her stomach, I put my knees on the floor and gave a gentle kiss on her stomach, when I kissed her womb, a shiver went through her body. She pulled me up, and helped me to remove my clothes, she starred at me. And said that I was wonderful. I am at 36, 28, and 36. She came near me and unhooked my bra clasps, touched my breasts. And said this is the first time for her to been with a women, I said me too.

I can see her eyes Shining and asks me that I am not lesbian. I said no. When I saw her in that day. Something attracts me. I started to fell in love with her. By heard this she pressed her lips into mine. Ya this is what I wants. She kissed me deeply, I put my tongue inside her stroked, my hands on her back trying to remove her bra. I can feel we are getting the heat. My body burns.

She grab my hand and we went to the bed. I was on her sucking her lips, pressing her breasts, nibbling her nipple, it was rock hard. I can hear a small moan came from her mouth. It was damn sexy. I put my mouth on her breasts, sucking her nipple, circling her nipple with my tongue, and my other hand working on the other breast. Her hand was on my head, pulling me into her very hard. I can fell her body burns. It was wonderful her body was shining like gold. I put my hand on her womb it was big compared to mine. Then I tried to touch her pussy. She grab my hand and said please don’t I am feeling shy.

I got up and pulled my panties. Her eyes widened, she was starred by looking my pussy. A word come from her mouth Edna, beautiful. I told her Nothing is there to shy. Then I started to touch her pussy on her panties. Huh… she bite her lower lip, her lips dried, she was trying to wet her lips. It’s a wonderful sight by seeing my shalini on fire. Her panties was completely wet, with no time I just tared her panties, she closed her eyes and started to feel what is going to be next.

Her pussy was amazing it’s soooo soft. A pink pussy, a perfect one, I can see the clit is popping out on her pussy. It’s a wonderful sight. I touched her pussy. She just crossed her legs, and told me with closed eyes, Edna, please I can’t able to control myself. I said my love u dont have to control urself, please allow me.

Then she slowly made her legs wider. I touched her pussy. Mmmmm … a deep moan came from her. Within no time I put my lips on her lips, she shouted my name, opened her eyes. Grab my hand, her fingers clasping mine. I started to lick her pussy, i never tasted a pussy before, it’s a combination of salty and sweet taste, licking the outer lips of her pussy, bitting her tip of clitoris, she pushed my head into her pussy deeper, shaking her hip up and down.

Now she is fucking me with her pussy. A hand of mine is seriously rubbing her clitoris, my mouth sucking her pussy, I am just put my hand to her boobs intend to press it. She grabbed my hand and started to suck my finger one by one. Ya her body is shivering and I can feel the hotness in her mouth.

Then she sucked my fuck finger very passionately and deeply. Her body begin to shake. I just grabbed her thys, she climaxed very hard her juice dripping from her pussy all over to my mouth she got up and pulled me onto her and kissed me deeply with her juice all over my face she licked my face grabbing my ass cheeks on her both hand she makes me to sit in her lap kissed and licked me with her eyes closed. After she released me we haven’t spoke anything she looked into me deeply tears all over her face.

She rolled me on the bed came between my legs, I asked her is she happy, she told her she has never been happier before. And she told me I am the only person to make me climaxed by the way of kissing. Now she is going to repay me and made me happier. By saying this she grab my head started to kiss passionately her body started to rub mine the heat started, she cupped by breasts very hard, I need her very badly and I want hard sex. I put my hand between my thys rubbing my pussy.

She kissed all over my body, she bit my lip I can feel one or two drops of blood came from my upperlip. Ya I need very badly. Bit my nipples I felt the pain, she slipped her finger into my pussy started to finger fuck me, she pushed her finger really deep. I put my one her on her by giving more space she just rub my clitoris with her thumb simultaneously pushing her finger into my pussy. My head started to roll. Her kiss was very deep. I have closed my eyes by feeling the sensation. Shalini whispered into my ears.

Shalini: Edna, open you eyes, and look into me, I want you see me while you are coming.

I opened my eyes, I put my hand in her big ass, really I never had a feeling to my finger on her asshole. But I did. I find her asshole and put my finger into her, my finger slipped into the hole… my god she love the feeling when I put my finger on her asshole her face expressions was absolutely divine, by seeing that I was climaxed with a loud moan…… we hugged really tight. I hushed on her ears. “Shalini, I love you, please don’t run away from me”.. she said “I won’t never”.

We had different experiences with us. If you interested by seeing responses will share that in the following parts.

I got emails from some of your guys and lots from women’s. And I am really sorry I am not looking for a partner or for sex. I am really into my happy relationship with Shalini. But still if I need friends I will reply you back, I am expecting your comments please reach out to me [email protected]

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