Naughty Times With Sexy Bong Neighbor

Hi Friends… I am Gary, originally from Delhi, but currently based in the city of lust i.e. Kolkata. I have been amazingly fortunate to get the love and steamy hot sexcapades of naughty and lusty bong women here in Kolkata.

Our sexxy readers, who are reading my real life incident for the first time, I am a 38 year old married guy, but with lottts of sex drive. I keep myself fit by regularly gymming, running, swimming, badminton and yes lotts of sex. Since i stay at a high end residential society, i get many chances to flirt with hot and sexxy women here.

Needless to say, most of them have resulted in steamy and passionate sexcapades. If any of you naughty lady wishes to have a safe, hassle free, yet exciting and passionate sexcapades, which can set your pussy shuddering with pleasure, pls let me know at [email protected] … I would love to spend some naughty and quality time with you.

Anyways, coming to recent experience… this happened last month, when I was alone at my home for 12 days. Since i walk or jog regularly, I saw a beautiful lady around 37 yrs age (just same as mine) every morning. She was a tall lady with amazing assets and an ass to die for. Later one of my friends told me, that she is a dancer. No wonder she had such a fit and toned body. One sexxy look of her eyes and the rocket in my pocket used to throb uncontrollably to get her sensuous touch.

My attraction towards her was increasing day by day, as I used to see her every morning on walks and couldn’t control my eyes to rove on her luscious melons. But since she used to walk with her hubby, I didn’t feel appropriate to put her in trouble and waited for the correct moment, which came soon. One day she was walking alone and sensing the opportunity I smiled at her. To my excitement, she also smiled back. In the next round, when I saw her again, I said Hi to her and stopped for a casual chat. She was equally excited it seems and readily stopped to chat with me.

We just exchanged our names and respective addresses. I told her that she has an amazing fit and toned body and I really liked her passion towards discipline towards fitness. To my surprise, she naughtily replied… Hmm, seems you have noticed me too much. I have been seeing this since last few days and gave her wonderful smile.We chatted for some time and both were more than happy to exchange our numbers.

Oh yes, her name was Debangana (D for convenience). On coming back i sent her a hi on whatsapp and she replied in a few moments, as if she was waiting for my msg. The whole day we chatted and flirted and she gave equally naughty replies.

After a week of such naughty exchanges of pings, we were quite comfortable and started exchanging naughty jokes too. Things were moving towards right direction and that too quite fast. Needless to say, I had already started shagging fantasizing her, as currently I didn’t have any gf.

One fine morning, i was a bit busy and couldn’t ping her. And some time before noon, i had a ping from her..

D : Heyy Naughty Guy.

I : Hey Ms Beautiful Smile

D : Seems some one has got bored out of me

I : How can i ever get bored of my dream lady. I can’t even have a day (or night) without thinking about my sexxy new friend 😉

D : Acha, waise do you know, thinking about a sexxy lady in night is called fantasizing.

I : Well, then you can say, I do fantasize about you.

D: Hmm, interesting.. tell me more… what do you fantasize.

I: Your wonderful smile, your naughty eyes…..

D : Oh common, these things are not fantasizing… these toh you can think during day too.. 😉

I was getting the hint, where our conversation was leading to… so i decided to play it full on

I: Hmm.. well you are correct.. there is much more that i fantasize.

D: Tell me then na… do you need a special invite to share those things..

I: Not sure, how wud u take it ? (i was deliberately teasing her, although i knew for sure, she is enjoying the talks thoroughly and wants to talk dirty).

D: Oh, don’t worry sweetheart.. U know well, that i can read up your mind. So stop fooling around and tell me frankly..

I : Hmm.. then listen… every time I see you, I feel like kissing your sexxy lips passionately.

D: Hahahah.. Thats all… my teenager boy (she was pricking me to go bold)…

I: Hahaha… not just kissing….but a lot more….

D: Carry on hottie.

I: I feel like kissing all your curves and fondle your amazing assets.

Now it was her turn to be naughty….

D: Which assets… I have many assets and guys lust after all of them.. Define clearly

I: Acha, i know that very well… But for me, I am quite fascinated by your wonderful sexxy melons and would love to fondle them, caress them, and suck them too

D: Hmmm …. I knew that… Thats why, you used to steal glances at my melons while walking right..

I: Yes… I have always been fantasizing about you and would love to turn my dreams into reality.

D: Ahaan…someone is going real fast haan.

I: Well, we have been talking since almost a month now and exchanging naughty glances from even longer time

D: So… what do you want me to do

I: You toh are asking as if whatever i ask, you will fulfil (Knowing very well now that she also wanted the same).

D: Mr, its the law of universe… if you don’t ask, you never get.. 😉

I: Hahaha, thats why i asked..

D: What… You didn’t ask anything

I: OK, then let me ask now… my sexxy princess, given a chance, I would love to be close to you, shower kisses on every sexxy curve of yours and make you mine completely…Will i be granted a chance by her highness, my dream lady.?

D: Wow.. that’s the most amazing way, in which a guy has ever asked for my company

I: Thanks, but i still await for you reply.

D: Hmm lets see and winked 😉

I knew she was teasing me although she was equally aroused and wanted a naughty steamy time with me..So i decided to play it cool and waited patiently.

After a couple of days, in the evening, suddenly she pinged up… Heyy naughty guy… still fantasizing about your dream lady?

I: Hmm … that goes on every moment 😉

D: can you come over to my place.

I: Why not, but how abt ur hubby, he must be returning from ofc any time

D: Uff, as if i would invite you in presence of my hubby… Leave all that on me and come over

I quickly showered and got ready… Although i was horny like a bull and my dick was soaring like a rocket while showering. But i sensed, this could be an evening of action, so i decided to preserve all my sperms to get a lucky place to land…

And in next 15 min, I was at her door. As soon as she opened the door, i was stunned to see her. She was wearing a sexxy sleeveless yellow top highlighting her 36B boobs and a long blue skirt.. Typical chic bong look, which i instantly loved.

I kept staring at her in admiration at the door itself and she sensing my admiration laughed and asked me.. Hello… days of fantasizing are gone.. come out of dreams mr.

I stepped in and as soon as she closed the door, i took her in my arms and gave a kiss on her forehead. She liked it very much, but still asked, hmm but u fantasize abt my curves right..? I replied, yes dear, but not just lust, i also respect you and your affection, hence the first kiss on your forehead

She quite liked my reply it seems and gave her hands in my hands. We walked towards the sofa and sat down. She was looking so innocent yet sexxy and irresistible in the bong look. Needless to say, we leaned towards each other after gazing in each other’s eyes for a few seconds.

And I got the most sensual touch of her soft soft lips on mine. She opened her mouth slightly. I must say, she was quite immaculate on hygiene and had a fresh nice smell of a mouthwash. I naughtily teased her… Hmm seems some one prepared quite well for a sexxy kiss haan..

She laughed slightly and again we liplocked… This time quite passionately and to an extent ferociously. She opened her mouth and let my tongue into her mouth and we explored each other for the next few minutes.

Woww, i was on the seventh sky… After a month of fantasizing here was my dream lady, in my arms, my hand on her smooth back, caressing her cheek, with the back of my hand and our tongues playing teasingly with each other. Her intoxicating perfume was driving me mad

I hugged her tight, while sitting on sofa, sideways… and she completely gave herself in my arms..Mmmm, what a moment that was…Her soft supple body pressing against mine.. Her hair open and flying across her and my face due to fan and i started rubbing her calves with my feet while sitting

She quite like it and adjusted her skirt to give access to my feet till her knees… I kept caressing her calves with my feet, while touching her sexily all over her back and her bare arms… Oh they were so silky and smooth … I was getting turned on uncontrollably.

Then i tried touching her supple boobs, but she seemed a bit uncomfortable and stiffened up a little. Sensing her discomfort, i decided not to proceed further and again we were back to kiss each other. After a couple of minutes, when we took a break to control our gasping breathe, she smiled and looking in my eyes, said…Hey quite liked to feel you so close… However hope you understand, its first time that I am getting close to any other man apart from my hubby..

I knew what she was trying to say and just put a finger on her lips and looking in her eyes gently, i said… No issues dear, i completely understand.. don’t worry, take your time.We kissed and hugged for some more time and then i took a leave, knowing well that she needs to gather herself and feel the need herself, before i proceed any further. And that’s exactly what happened.

We chatted regularly for a couple of days and then, i day she suddenly said:

D: Hey dear, you know what?

I: what?

D: i quite appreciate the gentle way, you handled me that day. Actually i expected that you would get frustrated, since i stopped you. I know that you wanted to get passionate na?

I: It absolutely fine dear..anyways there would have been no point in getting passionate, if you were not equally involved… it would be just a physical act then

D: True, and i really respect that you cared about my wish. Normally my hubby doesn’t even care, whether i am in a mood to get close or not..He simply forces himself on me

I: (not knowing what to reply) .. Hmmm

D: What Hmmm ..? s

I: Arre, when you don’t know what to say, hmm is best ..

D: Hmm ;-);-)

I: Hmwwaahh

I: a sexxy sexxy kiss on the sexxy sexy lips of my darling

D: Love you lots dear

I: Love you too

And we kept exchanging such passionate and close talks…somehow we were not getting an opportunity to meet, as both of us are married. But soon enough, my wifey planned to go to her mom’s place for 12 days. I knew, this is going to be my lucky time. I had shared with Debangana of my wifey’s travel dates. Sure she understood what i meant.

Soon that day arrived when i dropped my wifey to airport early in the mng. As soon i as returned and entered the campus, my beauty queen was there jogging… I smiled at her and she gave a naughty smile and signaled me to stop..

I : Heyy, so how ms gorgeous’s workout going

D(blushingly): Uff, you never fail to flatter me

I: what to do… the moment i see u, all the hormones in my body start erupting like a million volcanoes

D: Hahaha… Control your eruptions mr and wait for right moment

I: And when would that right moment be..?

D: Today, just a couple of hrs more…

She told me that she would be at my place as soon as her hubby goes to office.. and asked if i had any plans to go out

I replied that no plans, and even if i had, i would skip them all to be in my dream lady’s company. She left me with a naughty smile and I came back to my place.

After a couple of hrs around 9:30, she pinged, Hello… Is Mr naughty ready to receive her dream lady?

I: Always at your service madam… Waiting eagerly for you..

She was there in next 2-3 min.. Seems she pinged me on her way to my place itself. And again this was a stunning moment. She looked jaw dropping sexxy in a knee length floral sleeveless (and almost backless dress with a plunging neckline . She had covered her top portion with a stole while coming to my place.

As soon as she entered, I took her in my arms and we kissed passionately… She herself took off her stole and kept on the sofa..And the very next moment, i went mad, as my hand rested on her smooth silky back..Woww what an amazing touch that was..

I pinned her against a wall and pressed her closely to my body and started smooching her. This time, she was the naughtier one, as after few minutes of exploring our tongues and exchanging the saliva, she turned around so that her back was on my chest and I kept my hand around her super sexxy waist. She wasn’t very slim, but curvaceous enough to turn me on.

And i started caressing her sexxy neck with my short kisses, to hear her moaning softly… Ohh Gary … Mmmm … Feels amazing

She then took my hands and placed them on her boobs… Wowww.. those were one of the most soft supple, melons, i had ever touched upon. The smooth touch over those boobs above her thin fabric made my dick harden like a steel rod and it straight pressed against her ass cheeks. She shivered with the sensation of the touch of my dick on her ass and pressed her backwards towards me

D: Oh Garyy… Your touch is so wonderful…. I just love your touch all over my body…You make me feel so special and good about myself

I:Debbie, i wish to make you mine today.. Completely..Passionately ….. Lovingly …. Naughtily ….

D: I am all your sweetheart … All yours …. mmmm …

And then i held her hands softly and guided towards my bedroom. Kolkata being quite hot and humid and given the intensity of passion arousing between us, we had already began perspiring, despite freshly showered. So i turned on the ac and closed all the curtains…

Once again i pulled her towards myself, while falling on the bed, and in a moment i was lying on the bed, with my knees still hanging towards the floor and she was over me.. Her luscious melons crushing on my chest, my hands on her back, touching her skin and her knee length dress now up till her thighs.

I caressed her back and moved my hands naughtily over her ass, squeezing the ass cheeks softly, which resulted in a soft moan from her… Mmmmm Garry…. Naughty fellow.. I moved further down and touched the back of her silky thighs , directly on the skin and roamed my hand gently squeezing and fondling them…

She was shivering with excitement and looking into my eyes from just a couple of inches away… Her hands went up to my head and she ran her fingers through my hair and gave me the deepest and passionate look, as if saying pls take me soon, i can’t wait any longer.

Understanding this, I pulled her and myself completely on the bed, and started fondling her boobs. Slowly i slid her dress off her shoulder and there i could see, one of the most wonderful pair of melons in a thin silky lingerie, her nipples protruding from inside the fabric.

I just kissed her right in the cleavage and gave a passionate lick on both her boobs one by one and all the while pulling her dress up and exploring her inner thighs with my hands. Slowly i took off her dress and lingerie one by one and there was the sex goddess lying in front of me in her panties. She crossed her arms to cover her boobs.

I once again kissed her forehead, then her eyes, and slowly kissed her cheeks and then a soft peck on her wonderful lips, holding her face all this while. I then kissed her passionately on her neck just below her ear lobes, which sent a shiver through her spine and she was turned on vigorously. She pulled my t shirt and i was in my shorts only (no jockeys inside deliberately).

My dick was all hard and erect and she could feel it on her side thighs. I uncovered her arms and gently kissed her flawless perfectly shaped 36C boobs, sucked her brown nipples and gently gave a bite around her nipples… She started kissing me wildly and her hand was on my erect tool around its girth squeezing and feeling it… My dick was throbbing and pulsating like a wild animal in excitement.

I placed my hand on her warm pussy over her satin panties, and she went all arched over her back as if wanting more… I kept caressing her pussy over her panties for a while, till she could take no more and took my hand and placed inside her panties, directly on her wonderful, smooth and shaved pussy. I pulled her panties down and she lifted herself a bit to assist me take them off. Woww, that was one of the best pussies i have ever come across my naughty sex life in Kolkata. A cleanly shaved, juicy and wet dripping pussy with almost pink pussy lips, inviting me to play with it.

I gently rubbed her down there for a while till she was leaking and slowing got my middle finger in and kept circling her inside near her clitoris for some time. Now i had left her top body and was focussing completely down while looking her expressions from eyes.

In a while, she started moaning and shivering and i felt this moment right to insert my index finger too as she was well lubricated now.. The touch of my both fingers sent shudders with pleasure up her spine and she started shaking violently. I knew, she was getting her first orgasm.

I increased my pace slightly while touching her deeply up there , quite close to the G spot. She held my throbbing tool tightly and started jerking it vigorously. I didn’t want to come too fast, hence gently went above her, with my body weight resting on my knees, but still fingering her.. now she couldn’t hold my dick and clutched the bedsheet and was moaning in pleasure… Ohhh Garry …. Yessss ….. its feels sooo aweessome … aaaahhh …. Take me now …. Take me now …..

And then was moment which i dreamt of for so long…. she stretched herself and pulled my dick and guided in her love organ, widening her legs… My pulsating dick was uncontrollable looking at my beauty queen lying absolutely nude in front me, shuddering with pleasure and flowing like a river down there. It guided itself in sliding smoothly, yet firmly held between her wonderful pussy lips. She contracted herself, to give me even more friction and pleasure.

I started stroking her slowly and started kissing and sucking her nipples. She was moaning… Ohhh Garry…. Bite them hard… Go all rough as you can…. no gentle touching anymore… don’t tease me… I got turned on listening to these words and started my assault on her boobs by placing a bit rough bites on her boobs, nipples and licking her neck (careful enough not to leave any marks).

My stroke pace increased, and my penis was throbbing every time it came outwards and pulsating with raw pleasure when deep inside her wonderful love organ. I kept pumping her till i felt i will come… and decided to stop for a moment. That helped me control my ejaculation and the maintain the hardness of my dick…

In the meanwhile, i kept chewing her juicy melons and erect nipples, my hand caressing her face and sexxy slender arms. Again in a minute we continued with the stroking of our love organs, slithering in and out, well lubricated with her juices. This time i could see her shuddering violently again and made her feel the orgasm second time. Luckily i was yet to come. Thanks to the stamina due to running, i kept stroking her fast and slow, giving small breaks for next 15 minutes. She came thrice during that.

And then i decided to give the final push, no longer able to control myself. I pushed as deep as i could, this time with a vigorous push. She gave out a loud cry…. Aaahhh … and i knew i am touching her G spot … I kept pushing vigorously and pounding my tool in her barrel mercilessly… She was moaning wildly…. Ohhh Yesss…. Fassstt Garry….. Yess…. Loving it …… Deeep….. Go Man ….. Yess my tiger …. Yessss ….. Aaaahh

And in that moment of ecstasy and sheer pleasure, i exploded all my load inside her. She also shuddered and came for one final time and juices flowed like a river inside her… Amazing that moment was… Our brains were filled with an undefinable pleasure sensations.

I let myself loose on her body, releasing my weight from my knees and kept lying on her, my chest crushing her perspiring boobs. We were all wet, down there with our respective juices and above with perspiration. I kept my tool inside her for next few minutes, till went soft, hugging her tight all this while.

And later i withdrew myself out. She let out a sigh, as if feeling relieved as well as not wanting me to leave. We kept cuddled up for some time and again had a passionate shower rubbing each other’s slippery wet bodies with foam and shampoo. That was altogether another wonderful experience, squeezing the best boobs soft with shampoo and kissing under shower till we gasped for breath.

We also had another round of steamy session, this time lubricated with shampoo. But let the description of that awesome experience be for some other time.

If you liked the story (especially naughty ladies of Kolkata & Delhi), pls let me know at [email protected]. I would love to update you with my other real incidents, all of which have been published in last 3 years at ISS. Love you all and cheers for a wonderful sex life to all of you…

Signing off… Yours Gary !!!

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