My Hot Wife With My Cousin

Hi everyone, I would like to share our experience with everyone. I and my wife are very happy couple. We are married since 1 yr. I am 30 yrs old n my wife is 26. We both are satisfied with each other in sex life . I am very lucky to have a sexy wife with 36-28-36 figure. Just to spice up our sex life we decided to have some fun. One day we invited my cousin brother to our home who is 24 years of age. He came home at 1 o clock in the afternoon. My wife was wearing deep t-shirt n jeans without bra as I always don’t allow her to wear bra inside home for my easy access.

She served juice n first he was feeling very shy to look at her. And all of us sat n chatted n he started looking at her big cleavage and we both started pretending as if we don’t know anything. He was staring at her boobs now.

Then all of us started ho have lunch. While serving the food my wife intentionally bending in front of my cousin brother. He was able to see her hard tits. And outside the t shirt also her hard nipples are coming out of the thin material she was wearing. Any fool can say that she was not wearing the Bra.

And she was serving him food forcefully. N he was enjoying more by her cleavage show. After lunch they were watching TV. While watching TV my wife brought wedding album to show him. We three sat together to see album and my wife was sitting between both of us. And the fun is he was seeing constantly on my wife s boobs and when he was looking at the album she pulled her top. Almost everything is visible even I could see her hard tits. And purposefully she went near to him while showing some photo in album and she started touching his arms by her sexy boobs. Then I saw his penis it was getting hard and I was enjoying by looking at them for half an hour.

Then we planned for a movie so I told them to get ready n went out intentionally. My wife locked door when I went out and my lovely wife went to our room undressed and covered in small tower. This was covering her boobs and just below her pussy. In that costume she went in front of my cousin brother while he was watching TV. Intentionally she bent in front of him to take something from the ground. Clearly he can see her beautiful ass and some part of her pussy.

After that she went to bathroom and closed the door. After some time she called my cousin brother to give her a new soap which was in cupboard. And he knocked the bathroom my wife opened the door n asked him to open the soap. Meanwhile she purposefully drops her towel to give him a nice view of her boobs. He saw her huge boobs n got dare to touch my wife’s boobs. Then my seducing wife pulled him to the bathroom and started kissing. For this he also started responding positively. Then he started feeling my wife’s boobs and he asked my wife can I bite those cherries?? My lovely wife didn’t say anything rather she pulled his head to her breasts. Then he started sucking my wife’s breasts. After sucking for sometime he told her U are the first women I’m seeing naked bahabhi. Then he kissed her cheeks n her lips intensely.

Then he bent down to kiss my wife’s belly button he kissed n he bites her belly. Then my wife removed his shirt n trouser n even underwear and my wife told him u have a big penis n u r not a child anymore. So he replied its all because of you bhabhi. And he tells her bhabhi u r like my second mother n I want to drink your milk n again he started sucking her boobs. Then they hugged each other n his penis was touching to her pussy.

Then he bends on his knees and ask my wife to spread her legs. As she spread her legs juice from her pussy was flowing on to her thighs. My cousin get surprised by the amount of liquid which is flowing out of her pussy. He asks her bhabhi this much of liquid, I never knew women also get this much of liquid Bhabhi. And he says Bhabhi I think U R loving my touch. Saying that he puts his tongue into dripping pussy of my wife. For that my wife makes the sound aaaahhaaa…..aaaaahhhaaaa. And presses his more towards her pussy so that he get more access to her dripping cunt. After licking my wife’s beautiful cunt for some time my cousin gets up and kisses my wife on her lips, my wife tastes her own juices from my cousin tongue.

Now it’s my wife turn to taste the beautiful cock of my cousin brother. She bends on her knees and takes his cock in her mouth. She puts his whole cock in her mouth. By seeing my wife cock sucking abilities my cousin really gets surprised. He tells her my brother must be lucky to have bitch wife like you bhabhi. You suck my cock really good bhabhi I’m loving it. She also take his balls in her mouth and chewing them. By that time I knocked the door, he got tensed n dressed very quickly n opened the door for me. Then I asked him where s my wife. He says maybe she s taking bath n I was sleeping. After 15 min my wife came from bathroom in towel n she entered our room. I went behind her and we just closed the door n she explained me everything how they enjoyed in bathroom. For that I kissed her and told her well done honey.

My wife was looking gorgeous in blue transparent Saree. With deep blowse n without bra n panty. Then three of us went for a movie. All this time I was behaving like I don’t know anything. We went to movie in the car I was driving. My wife sitting next to me and my cousin was sitting behind. While driving I was constantly touching my wife on her legs. Which my cousin was observing this. We reached the theater and I went collected the tickets and we went inside the theater. As I was planned I booked for some crap movie for which I know many people won’t come. We could count the number of people in the theater. Also while booking tickets I have selected the last row middle seats. My wife was sitting in between us and when lights got off I started playing with her boobs.

Without knowledge of my cousin. After some time I asked my wife to touch his hand and then penis to make him exited. She did as I suggested. She was holding his hand. After sometime she went further and touched his cock on his trouser. For the he jumped I understood my wife is giving my cousin good time of his life. After sometime I noticed my cousin hand inside my wife blows. I was enjoying their act by seeing silently. So from my mobile I have sent sms to my wife take out his penis and give hand job. See checked the message after sometime she was saying something to my cousin in his ears. Then I understood that she is asking him to put his cock out. Which he obeyed my wife gave him the hand job which I think he told later was the greatest pleasure of his life.

After movie we went to home. My wife changed into some sexy nighty. Of course without bra and panty. The material of that nighty is so this we can see most of her parts. My cousin was now so mad about my wife he was fallowing her wherever she goes. He followed her to the kitchen also. I was watching TV and I know they will do some fishy things when I’m not around. After some time I went to kitchen to see what they are doing. My cousin lifted my wife nighty till waist and his cock was outside and he was feeling my wife ass with his penis. Just to make fun of him I went inside and shouted on him what the fuck are you doing with my wife. For that he got scared and pulled his cock out of my wife ass and covered it with his hand. And I started saying what do you think of her is she some kind of prostitute so that you can feel her private parts, that too with you cock. For the he started blabbering sorry brother sorry bother it was not I mean and all.

He was shaking with fear for this my wife started laughing and I also started laughing. My wife came closer to my cousin and gave him the smooch in front of me. She told we both planned to involve you in our sex play. My husband also knows all the things which happened from morning. I also went closer to him and asked him did you like my wife treatment from the morning. For that he answered yes. I asked him again do you want to drink U R bhabi milk again, for that he told yes brother. I told let’s have fun three of us tonight after dinner. We had dinner. My wife had kept the chocolate ice cream and Jamoon in fridge for the deserts. She brought it and gave to us for eating. All of us started eating. And I got the idea.

I told My wife and cousin stop eating the ice cream. I told them I will teach the correct way of eating the ice cream. By saying that I went near my wife and kissed her on lips and lifted her nighty. She became nude without single piece of cloths on her body. I brought the ice cream and put one spoon on her left boobs for that she made the sound aaaaaahaaaaa and I also put the another spoon on her right boobs. I asked my cousin now taste the ice cream now you will enjoy it’s real taste. Myself and my cousin started licking the ice cream from my wife boobs. After that I told my cousin U put the ice cream on my wife shaved pussy and taste both ice cream and her pussy juice. For that he agreed and took his cup went down on my wife.

She openly spread her legs. My cousin applied the frozen ice cream on her shaved pussy. For the she made the sound aaaaaahhhhhaaaa she was so hot that ice cream was started to melt immediately. My cousin started licking the ice cream from my wife pussy. Which I was enjoying by seeing it. After that I put ice cream on her belly button started licking her. My wife was enjoying our act to the fullest. She was making all kinds of sounds. This continued till we finish our ice cream.

After that my wife told now it’s my turn to eat ice cream saying that she pulled my cousin trouser with underwear. He became nude from waist. She applied the ice cream on his 7 inch cock and started licking it. By seeing this I also removed my clothes. My wife sees my intention and took another spoon of ice cream and applied on my cock and started licking it. After some time she asked us to stand closer facing each other so that our penis can touch. She applied ice cream from my cousin penis to till the end of my cock. It was looking like one big hot dog. She started to licking it.

After finishing the ice cream we all three went to bed room full naked. My wife lied down on the bed with spreading her legs by exposing her cleaned shaven pussy. My cousin entered between her legs and positioned his cock to her pussy. Her pussy was oozing out the full liquid. He put the edge of his cock on her pussy and started to tease her. For that she was going crazy and started to lift her ass. I was enjoying seeing their act. He was teasing her removing his penis when she lift her ass. For that she started to beg him to put it inside. My cousin brought his cock near to her pussy and started rubbing his cock edge on her pussy. She was getting the extreme pleasure with that. She started moaning for that act like aaaaahhhaaaa aaaaaaahhhaaaa and started saying please put it inside I can’t control anymore. For that he slowly started putting his cock inside her pussy and started making the movements. My wife was having the time of her life.

After some time he put his complete cock inside her and started to make more faster movements. My wife was making the sound for each and every stroke. Seeing this I went near her head and put my cock in her mouth. And started fucking her mouth. Also I started pressing her boobs. My wife was in seven heaven with all these act. After some time she started to scream like I’m coming and I’m coming after some time my cousin also came inside her. And he fell on her and started to kiss her. We all lies there like that in the bed for some time. After sometime I started playing with my wife boobs. She also started responding by kissing me. I asked her to get into the doggy position. She obeyed that I came behind her put my cock insider her pussy. It was still wet with the treatment it got from my cousin brother. I slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy, which willingly took my cock. After sometime I increased the speed.

She was enjoying my cock inside her pussy. My cousin who was watching us now came in front of my wife and put his cock inside her mouth. She fucked at the same time by two cocks in her mouth as well as in her pussy. We continued to trash her like that for some time and we all came at the same time. My wife took all my cousin load without even wasting the single drop. I came inside her second time. We again lay there like that fully tired.

After sometime looks like my wife is really liking my cousin she started to fondle his cock. His cock came to life as soon as she touched. It became very hard. She started to kiss him, she kissed all his face and his chest and then she started to give him blow job. After some time she spread her legs and took his cock inside her pussy and started to jump and his cock. I was enjoying by seeing this. I also got up and went behind her asked her to bend more. Which she did and I positioned my cock to her ass hold and pushed it. For that she was screaming out of her lungs. But I slowly increased the movement of my cock inside her ass. After sometime pain became pleasure. She was having the extreme pleasure of her life. Me and my cousin started humping her same time. Our both cocks started touching inside her wow it was great feeling. After some time I came and my cousin also came inside her. We all are very tired. Slept like that only without even dressing. In the morning I was woken up by the kissing sound.

When I woke up and saw my wife and cousin already started kissing each other. We had one more round of good morning sex session. We went took bath all three of us together. After that my wife prepared the breakfast. We all had the breakfast. After breakfast my cousin left for his home by saying good bye and kissing my wife on her lips for the wonderful time he had.

We are planning to invite him again to our home for one more round of masti. If anyone interested to have fun with my wife mail me at [email protected]

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