Took The Virginity Of A Girl Whom I Met In Hyderabad – Part 2

Before getting into the story, let me describe myself. I’m 6″ height, 70 kgs weight with fair colour, well built body. I always enjoy reading stories in ISS and I have a lot of sex desires. If anyone wants to have a good secret relationship, either through phone or direct”, please feel free to mail @ [email protected]. My inbox doors are always open to everyone.

After trying really hard to convince her to come to my house, finally she accepted to come. It was around 8:30 pm, went to her hostel to pic her, bought hyderabadi dum biryani, took some packets of condom and reached home by 9:30 pm. I was fully excited to take her to my house and in parallel I was little tensed about taking her to house as someone may notice. But, that day I was lucky enough that all the houses in my building were closed by that time. My house is in second floor, took her inside the house and as soon as she is in, I locked the door and started to kiss her on lips. She liked it first but later she broke the kiss and slapped on my cheek.

I know she will not agree for what I thought to do but I had my plans. We decided to have dinner, shared words for some time and finally I told her about my fantasy of fucking her. She was silent and smiled looking at me. I got courage, hugged her asked, “Will you help me satisfying my desire?” She once again slapped me but this time with a small smile on her face. I understood her feelings and started to seduce her. Since, she was 21 years old and never had a BF, it became easy for me to seduce her.

I went near her, took her in my hands, and slowly started smooching her. At first she didn’t replied to kiss but later she started responding and both of us are horny by now and licking each other tongues more passionately. She is in full mood now. She was wearing a tight T-shirt and a skin fit denim which exposing her assets. I slowly kissed her lips, neck, reached her boobs. I started pressing her boobs on her T-shirt. They were very soft and she was wearing a bra. I slowly laid her on bed and slowly lifted her T-shirt up exposing her beautiful navel. I started kissing her navel so passionately, licking her belly hole.

By that time, she was uncontrollable and moaning slowly. Then I removed her T-shirt completely, gone mad watching her stiff well shaped boobs on her bra. She was wearing a black colour bra.

I then removed her bra and her tits were erect with lot of lust. Then I started pressing her boobs really hard and sucking the tits. I was really excited for her pussy. I slowly came down, removed her denim. She was wearing a black colour panty. She was beautiful as she was lying on bed exposing her boobs and with a black panty covering her love hole. I removed my T-shirt, started kissing her thighs and pressing the pussy over her panty. She was already became hornier, started exploding her juices which made me go mad.

I slowly removed her panty and oh god! She has damn sexy clean shaved pussy. The pussy was shaved just a day before. At once, I started kissing her pussy, fingering it and she was going mad. Meanwhile she exploded her juices three times on my face which I loved it.

Then I removed my jeans and inner and she was so excited to watch my fully erected dick of 7” which is targeting her pussy. She at once took my dick deep into her mouth as she was experienced in blowjobs but that was the first time she saw a dick. She started licking, sucking my dick taking it deep throat and I was really enjoying it and I was uncontrollable, exploded my cum inside her pussy. She liked it very much. Then we went 69 position started playing with each other assets.

In no time, I got my dick harder. I made her lie on bed with legs opened wide. I can see her beautiful pussy completely. I came over her, guided my dick into her pussy. Since she was a virgin, the pussy was very tight and she was crying with pain. Then I put more effort and pushed the entire dick into her pussy at once. She was dying in pain, crying and moaning at the same time.

After 3-4 continuous pushes she started enjoying it. This made me more horny and started banging her pussy so hard. Both of us were so horny moaning loud and enjoying to the peaks. My dick was striking her pussy very hard, I was uncontrollable and cummed the loads of cum inside her pussy. She then took out my dick, removed the condom and started sucking it hard. Since, she it was the first time, she was really tired. I fucked her two more times that night in various positions and I loved fucking her in missionary position. We slept nude in 69 position, she sucking my dick and me sucking her pussy.

I woke up 8 in the morning. She is still asleep and was completely nude exposing her pussy. Even though I fucked her really hard for two times last night, it felt really fresh looking at her nude body in the morning by which my dick got rock hard.

Then I started sucking her pussy as I love sucking pussies which made her turn on. Now, she was so horny that her pussy became more wet. I took out a pack of condom and wore it.

I turned her upside down, widened her legs laid on her and started inserting my dick in her pussy under her ass. I can feel the softness of her ass while fucking her from the back. I fucked her in same position for 30 mins and cummed inside her pussy. By the time we were really tired, started to go asleep again. We woke up by 10:30, had breakfast and she left to the hostel.

After that, I never got the chance to fuck her but we used enjoy everyday sexting and sharing nude pics. She became good friend of me later.

This is how I fucked a strange girl whom I met her and took her virginity. I hope everyone enjoyed the story. Please give your feedbacks at “[email protected]”. If anyone looking for good relationship or any unsatisfied women can mail me. Their details will be kept confidential. Thank you guys and wait for my next story.

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