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Hello all, this is my first story to submit here…coming to me i’m kavya and i am 21 years old and my family consists of myself,my dad,mom and elder brother…. and my dear friends,this is a real story in my life happened just a week back,i swear…

First let me describe myself… height is 5’5″…..and of 52 kgs….i have fair complex and my figure is 36-26-38…..with black silky hair which comes upto my breasts. i always tie my hair into a band anyways coming to my life story….

when i’m younger i.e.,in my 8th grade one of my distant cousin used to come to our home frequently and used to be so close to me. At that time i dont know next to nothing about sex so when he rubbed me on my breasts or played with my pussy i just thought it is a play but when i asked my senior about it she told me its not a good thing and you should avoid him and told me the significance of it….At that time i thought it is a sin so i had avoided him completely and after a year he got married and left to Dubai.

And when i entered my 12 th grade my parents had bought me a laptop and net connection as a gift for my first rank in 11 th grade and then i entered a totally new world.I created accounts in social friendship networks like orkut,facebook,myspace etc. and my life is going on At christmas that year my parents had gone to my brother in no one at home and i’m alone so what do you expect? i started to see porn and started masturbating.

This is continuing and now i’m 21 and started my business management studies. Last year when we arrived into a new house we had a house warming party and all of our relatives came. In them i had my eyes set upon my closest cousin , Kalyan.He is two months younger than me and he is so much handsome,as he goes to gym he had a well developed he’s about three inches more than me and as there is less age gap we are so close to each one time i had walked into him whe is changing wowww such an atheletic body he’s looking like god manmadha to me. i said sorry and came out.He never raised it . And that is the time i had got my new Mobile. so we exchanged our numbers and started chatting.

Now a week before my uncle(mother’s brother),aunt,kalyan and his brother karthik had came to our home to spend some time with my mother. I got such a nice opportunity how could i lose it?.so i started flirting with him and our parents are not against it so i got off easy. i threw him seductive smiles, intentionally shown him my cleavage and ass(of course, he thought it is an accident) and by seeing his face and drool from his mouth and wet spot on his pants, he too enjoyed it.

One day when i am doing some work in my laptop (ofcourse not work but reading sex stories) my mum called me to help her and i left my laptop as it is.After completing my work when i returned to my room to see kalyan vigouriously masturbating.and my eyes have gone wide like big saucers. What a cock!!!!! it must be of eight inches.He saw me seeing his cock and smiled mischeiviously at me and my vocal cords have frozen at seeing him like that. i want to hold that cock, suck it, i want the feeling of it inside my pussy.

Seeing the hunger in my face he came down from my bed reached the door behind me,closed it and hugged me from behind ,his 8 inches erected cock rubbing my ass.WOW!!!!!!! i felt that my juice is leaking inside my panties….He kissed me on my neck,shoulder and turned me around and hugged me tightly that there is no air between us…..i could feel his cock near my pussy then he told me “aahhhh My angel ! i have waited for this moment from so much of time i really love you kavya” and i’m in heaven…. there are no words to explain it…but there’s a small doubt that he’s just asking for sex so i tried to fight his embrace but he held me tight and looked into my eyes and told me that he really loved me and want to maary me…i saw the intensity of his words in his eyes and i’m ecstatic i stopped foghting and thrown my arms onto him and hugged him tightly.

Then he descended his lips over mine in a sweet and lovely kiss.His arms started to move from my back to waist and hips and to my ass. He pressed my ass and rubbed it,”hmmmmmmmm”i moaned into his chest.he kissed my cheek,Jaw,neck my covered breast. At that time i’m wearing my White color saree.Its completely white with small blue flowers printed on it.He removed the pallu of my saree exposing my tight blouse with my boobs.he kissed my cleavage and unhooked my blouse revealing my boobs as i didn’t wear my bra.i saw his lust filled eyes and shivered.

He pressed his right hand on my left boob and took my right boob into his mouth and started sucking it hard. then he licked my armpit which is shaved and he had gone down from there kissing every bit of my flesh still rubbing my boob with one hand.he kissed my navel and loosened the knot of my peticoat and of my panty letting them to fall down leaving me completely naked in front of him. i felt excitement burning in my heart and i’m sure he could feel my fastening heartbeat.He guided me to my bed and laid me on it.He removed his shirt and laid on me and kissed me on lips it is not sweet and passionate like our first one,it is too erotic and we are fighting for domination.It is a breath taking kiss.

I then showed my mischeivious side of me,leaped up and got on top of him and started kissing him hungrily. i kissed every part of him and reached to his cock. I kissed the head of his cock and started to suck on it. he started moaning like “ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh suck it baby suck it…..ilove you angel make me happy……give me pleasure…..”and i sucked him for 10 mins then he said”ohhhhhhh baby i’m cumming jaanu” then i indicated him to cum in my mouth and after he cummed into my mouth which i swalloed (it is yummy)and laay there panting.i kissed and licked his penis clean

He told me to lay on my back and i did it. then he started to kiss my pussy and then inserted a finger into it. i moaned in pleasure. it was really awesome.he continued his ministrations for 5 mins I gasped and released my orgasm.then he spread my legs apart and rubbed his cock in the entrance of my pussy.he slowly inserted his cock into my pussy and increasing his thrusts it is paining like hell but it is good pain i was screaming loudly….

After three of his thrusts pain become bearable but i’m still screaming.this time not with pain but with pleasure.i started to move my hips according to his thrusts.And after 10 mins he said the he is going to cum and i’m also ready forr my release after a few thrusts we both exploded at the same time his cum flowing in my cunt.

then we both cuddled for some time and then gone to bath and washed each other.From then on we continued our fucking in different pace and in different positions.We told our parents that we love each other and they gave us their blessings but they dont know that we are fucking ofcourse.please tell me how my story writing is at my mail id???? If you want another story of myself and my kalyan please mail me [email protected]

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