Neha And Me – The Beginning

Hi viewers!!! Ts z a royal here. Personally, I am a regular reader of ISS but finally just decided to submit my own stories. So try reading them to the end and making comments to help me write better the next parts of my beautiful experiences. I have a few moments in my life and the stories will come in series. Today’s story will be about my welcome to engineering love in my bachelors first year.

The girls name Neha. We used to play shuttle together. She is a very sexy girl and the size of her boobs are almost dangerous. She is 5.3 foot with boob size of 34, which were huge for me than. Her ass was to wonderfully curved with strong and sexy thighs. And as usual we ended up becoming friends. On my lucky day, there was a planned outing together with the common friends in the shuttle court. But, everybody had reasons to stay back except me and Neha.

We finally decided to go to beach and sightseeing on her scooty and started likewise. We did a lot of talking and as both of us were teenagers and therefore the topic was mostly about love and sex. My emotions like any normal teenager were at peaks and I could watch the same in her expression to. The conversation continued about sex and love.

Finally, we arrived at lovers park to rest for some time after a long ride. In the conservation she was like she is cool with hugging and pecks. So, I took the opportunity to hug her and kiss her and she kissed me back. This kissing while hugging each other continued for some time. Finally, I planted my lips on hers and there was a lock that lasted only for a minute. It became obvious to each other that we wanted have sex.

We gave up the idea of going to the movie and decided to go the best resort on the beach. We checked in the hotel in the evening. The very next moment the door was locked, she jumped on to me like a cat. Now we are kissing each other like there is nothing else left for us to do in this world. I was pressing her boobs very wildly and every time she was kissing me more wildly.

After 20 minutes of kissing and smooching and undressing each other we were nude. Pink nipples on huge milky boobs. I started kissing, sucking, pinching, pressing and everything else. She was holding my head on to her boobs and the more and more tightly. I bent down to give her a blowjob but immediately she pulled in reverse to do the same. Her pussy smelled like wonderfully. Automatically my mouth opened to eat it like if it was my fav. dish. We were in 69 position within no time. Blowjob is a heaven on bed activity and best way to please your partners. I wish I could write the pleasure which is totally impossible. So go and experience it for yourselves. She broke first and we moved to fuck each other. I dug my tongue in to her pussy and her body responded like waves to it.

I always carried a condom as advised my friend which came in handy. I put the condom and started digging her pussy with my dick this time. Tears rolled down her cheek as i started digging. So I kept it slow. I started licking her face to drink her tears and also was kissing her on her face and ears and eyes. She was moaning with pain and was biting my lips and holding me as tightly as she can. slowly and slowly I put half my 6 inch dick into her pussy and pulled back and one full thrust. I was totally inside her and pain left her and it was just pleasure between us. I started with nice cool circular movements and started picking pace. She was moaning very loudly but who cares. Aaaahhh mmm plzzz fuck fuck fuck come on come shhhh yaaaa come on aaaahh. The more i fucked the more she cried to fuck harder. We changed positions.

She came on me and started riding on me. She came first and i drank all the juices. Again the fucking started. This time in missionary position. All the time we were kissing and sucking each other like two wild animals.

Finally both of us came together and she drank all my juices. Then I went out to bring condoms and energy drinks. By the time I came back in 30 min. my dick was rock hard again and my girlfriend was hungry. I entered room, and my girl was nude with water dripping down her body and hair wet. She immediately jumped on to me and I was nude in less than 1 min. We were kissing and she was as energetic as beast. She pushed me to bed and came on me and started blowing me. Very fast and fast. I was all in heaven unable to utter a word or move a muscle. I was just holding her head onto my dick as hard as possible and she was blowing like in a competition. Position 69 again and we were like that for another 30min.

Than she came in doggy style and I stood besides the bed and started fucking her like that. Grip was very tight but I was in full pace. I fucked her like I would die if I slowed or stopped. We decided to speak dirty and I started spanking her hot butt. Her butt was just as sexy as her boobs. I fucked and spanked continuously until her butts bled red but there was no stopping. I fucked her continuously for 20 min. and finally came. Both of were tired ate the food and drinks and cuddled in bed.

After about 2 hours we woke up and we started this time in shower again. We stayed in the same room without going out for two full days and were doing only two things. Romancing and resting and refreshing.

This is the story about how I started with Neha and continued for another two years. In the following posts, I will continue with how we made out in the woods and the next girl in my life. I’m new in Delhi now and hungry for some sport. I’m open to the idea of sex and improvements and would like to hear from any girls or aunties in Delhi. My address “[email protected]”.So girls in Delhi, anyone interested in a matured sexual friend please do contact.

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