Oh Shit Mom! – Part 1 – Introduction

Hi my Name is Aman and I live in Delhi. I am 19 years old and am currently in my II year of B tech. My family hail from uttarakhand. Ever since my balls dropped I have been an oversexed individual.

While other boys of my age were busy socializing and drinking and smoking there life away I was always busy isolating myself in my room and exploring newer and dirtier fetishes. Lack of any real social belonging meant that I always found comfort spending time with my family.

Talking about my family , there are four members:

My father is a 50 year old store owner. He owns a fairly big Cloth Shop.

My mother’s name is Kavita. She can be described as a fair Indian beauty. She’s 5‘9” with a slim physique. Although her hands and waist are slim but she appears a bit ‘bottom heavy’ for her slim personality. She usually looks very slim in a churidaar but looks fairly curvy in a Sari.

She is a very pious women and attends temple prayers every morning. She is always dressed in new and exquisite traditional dresses and jewelry(perks of owning a cloth house I suppose).

She has long hair that stretches up to her waist. Her hazel eyes with long eyelashes suits perfectly to her fair face. She was much younger than my father when they married as result she was only 19 years old when my sister was born. She works as a part time teacher and provides tuition classes to the neighborhood kids.

Then there’s my sister. Probably the meanest girl I have the misfortune to know (not that there are many). Her name is Aisha and she’s two years older than me and has already completed her B Sc. Unlike my parents conservative nature, she’s always indulged with her boyfriends and friend circle.

Out of all my family I was always very close to my mother. I love my mother heads over heels. But then again, there are two sides to that love. The same woman who is my mother also happens to be the spring of all my sexual fetishes.

Maybe it’s because she’s the woman closest to my heart.

Or maybe it’s because of her charm and beauty.

I don’t know why or how I came to develop these feelings for her, but what I do know is that now, whenever I have a dirty thought she plays a part in it. Whenever I came develop a new fetish I automatically Imagine my mother.

When I had the spank fetish I would just carelessly hit her bum with my hand and imagine that she liked it. She would just simply ignore it or wouldn’t even notice.

Then I had the piss fetish. I used to rent DVD of Indian girls pissing outdoors and awe at the beauty of it. To see those innocent looking girls removing their pajamas and pissing for the camera was a great turn on. I love to savor the emotions of shyness and embarrassment on their faces as they perform their most private acts for someone to see. I loved to see a woman in such a vulnerable circumstance.

I used to wonder how my mother would react if she was to piss in front of someone. Being a tuition teacher she commanded a great deal of respect in the neighborhood. This made it all the more alluring for me to watch her take a piss.

One morning when father and sis were gone, I decided to take advantage of the situation. There are two toilets in my house . One on the ground floor the other on terrace next to my room. Mom had just left my room after giving me some tea and biscuits. I heard that she had opened the toilet door next to my room.

I jumped from my chair and shot across the room to sneakily take position adjacent the toilet door. It was a Squatting Toilet. There was a small gap between the door of the toilet and the floor. I lowered my head to get a peek inside. I watched as my mother untied her churidar and squatted over the toilet.

I could not actually see her pussy through the slit ,all I could see was her beautiful tiny feet, her silver anklet was wrapped loosely around her pale ankles and her legs above her ankles were clad in sky blue churidar leggings .

This was like a dream come true. I looked all around to see if anybody could see me from their adjacent rooftops only to find that there was nobody outside. Then I eagerly resumed my position.

I had waited for about two minutes when the first sprinkled arrived, watching a woman piss in person for the first time was too much for my little pecker and it stiffened instantly . Deep down I kept slandering myself for I completely understood the lewdness of my act.

But I was also very aptly aware that, for a pervert like mine, the cost of missing a chance to watch a woman piss was just too great! Even if she was my own mother. Soon I could hear a distinct sound as if someone shouting, “Shhh ….. Shh…. shhhh ….” . Squirt after squirt of her white piss crossed my gaze.

The sight was so awe inspiring that my mouth stayed open with lust for the entirety of her golden showers. After a few more little pours into the toilet pan there was silence.Thinking that my mother would soon be coming out the toilet I was about to get up, that’s when I noticed that my mother haven’t moved a bit.

That could mean only one thing, she wasn’t done yet! Was she going to poop? I asked myself.

Conflicting thoughts filled my mind, whether I should stay and watch more, or not, when suddenly without any noise or movement I saw a flow of yellow semi-solid substance pouring down in a continuous stream. I instantly figured out that this was my mother’s poop stream. I watched on in amazement as most of the poop didn’t landed inside the toilet pan but it appeared as if it was intentionally aimed all around the toilet floor.

I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams that my conservative and innocent mother would like to do such dirty things in the toilet. she continued to poop making figures of 8 I suppose, Her poop was squishy like a toothpaste from a tube.

After the sight, soon the aroma of the act followed. The stench was like, well, that of a spicy curry. You know the smell is sharp and stinky but at the same time you can’t keep yourself from smelling some more. Your nose just loves the smell.

There were no audible farts to be heard, just the sound of her sphincter at hard work. The echos in the toilet resembled a milder version of the sound of a bubble wrap when squeezed continuously from one end to the other. The occasional noise of her glass bangles as she adjusted her posture made my penis flutter with lust.

It felt like I was witnessing heaven of eroticism. I was rock hard and was waiting for mom to finish so that I could run to my room and relieve myself. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my back, as I tried to get up I heard a *Snap* from my back. Then the pain became intolerable and I fell to the ground unable to move myself.

I screamed as loud as I Could. Lying on the ground I remembered watching through the slit as mom stopped pooping abruptly and stood up quickly tying up her churidaar pajama. As she opened the toilet door she saw me lying on the ground and crying with pain.

“Oh No! What happened baby?”, she quickly came to me and inquired. “I fell..”, those were my word before I fell unconscious.

When I regained consciousness , I found myself in the master bedroom. My father ,sister and mother were all present in the room. The pain was gone but there was still stiffness around my back.

“You should be careful running around the house son. It’s good that it was a just minor sprain”, my dad said as he sat next to me.

“Doctors have said that you should not move your torso about your waist for almost a month.”, my mom said with a careful smile on her face. That’s when it all came back to me. What I saw in the morning. Just look at her now ,so innocent , so pure, beautifully donning the same churidaar from the morning with her hair tied back.

“Until then you have to take all the rest you can”, she said, as she sat on the bed next to my feet. I could hardly take my eyes off her bum. I had seen this little shitter’s work in the toilet that morning . Even though it was my own mom’s bum I would kill to watch it shit again.

“This idiot is never far from trouble”, said Aisha. “That’s not the proper way to talk in the family young lady. Apologize to your brother. NOW!”, my mom said raising her voice.

“I am sorry! Moron”,said Aisha as she ran out of the room. “Aisha!”, mom shouted as she stood up. “You know she didn’t mean that son ,she loves you too!, she’s just not ready to show it yet.”

“Let him rest now. Well be in the next room if you need anything son.”, my dad said as they both left the room. My eyes were still locked on mom’s hips as she moved out. This is how I developed a poop fetish, and yet gain, it was directed at my mom!


The next day I was sitting in my room fapping to some pooping porn. It had been at it for the last two hours and didn’t realized it was the time for breakfast. Generally mom would call me down, but since I couldn’t turn or move freely enough she decided to bring the breakfast to me.

When the door opened I was about to reach climax. Surprised by the sudden appearance of my mom in my room I was faced with the choice of covering my penis or closing my laptop.

Spontaneously I chose to close the laptop . Before I had any time to react my mother was standing next to me. She was wearing a black fitted salwar kameez and her hair were down in form of long curvy strands.

“Aman! Why is your ….. why is this out? What were you watching on the laptop?” , she said looking at my erect penis.

“Oh my god! This women is defecating ! This is disgusting! How could you watch something as gross as this?”.she said as she grabbed the laptop and opened it.

“I think there’s a certain beauty to it mummy.”, I replied tugging my penis in my pajamas.

“Where’s the beauty in watching a person defecate. It is the grossest thing people do” She said.

“I like watching beautiful women poop ” I replied hesitantly.

“What? Are you serious ? how is it different, if a woman is pooping? Its poop! just like cow dung and dog shit! It’s natural it’s no big deal” she said still looking at the video.

“If it’s so natural and not a big deal why don’t you poop and I’ll watch you instead mummy?”I said with courage.

*Smack* she slapped me across the face and stared at me with her eyes wide open.”Don’t forget! I’m your mother!”

“That doesn’t mean you don’t have fetishes mummy. I saw you that morning in the toilet.”,hearing this her mouth opened in awe.

“you were spying on me in the toilet? How dare you? What did you saw”, she asked in a threatening fashion adjusting her chunni to cover her cleavage.

“I saw how you enjoyed soiling the toilet floor mom, how you made jalebis on the toilet floor with your ass cream.”, I noticed as her facial expressions changed from anger to confusion.

“If your father heard about this, he’ll throw you ‘out’ of the house!” She tried to take back control. Droplets of sweat were clearly visible on her forehead by now.

“And just imagine what would happen if i told about this to dad and the entire family” I replied immediately.

Hearing this my mother was taken aback. She knew if anybody got even a hint of her obscene habits, it will bring a lot of shame and disgrace to the family name as well as ruin her image in the neighborhood.

You got nothing to lose mom, think about it , I am not asking you for any sexual favors. You just have to shit in front of me once, that’s all and we’ll forget that it ever happened.

“I can’t believe I gave birth to such a moral-less son”, she said. Her body language clearly indicated the confusion and bewilderment that was running through her mind.

“Well I take after my mother. So, are we doing this mom?” I asked unable to control my erection.

“You promise ! You promise me that it will be a one time thing. And we will forget that this ever happened! ”, she said clutching her hands.

“I promise”, I replied taking a sip from the tea she had brought.

“Tomorrow morning 5 am. meet me in this toilet ”,she said indicating to the toilet next to my room as she opened the door and proceeded to leave the room.

I could hardly believe that my mother would agree to my graceless and lewd demands with such little efforts.

“Mom!”. I said, as she reversed back into the room, make sure you make Beans and curd for dinner, I’ve heard that it contains a lot of fiber that makes your poop softer and smoother”, I said while simultaneously looking at her bum.

She replied with a frown and slammed the door shut.


10:00PM dinner time

The scene on the dinner table was just like every other day. The beans were delicious and were augmented with mouth watering curd. Mom was seated in front of me. She was donning the same salwar kameez. Eating slowly from the plate she kept her beautiful face fixed at the food.

“How’s your pain son? Are you feeling better now?”, asked dad.

“it’s almost Like nothing happened dad.”,I replied.

“I hate beans!” ,said my sister Aisha.

“Beans are good for health doll, it makes ……”mom stumbled for a moment before quickly completing her sentence “ it makes you healthy…” she turned and stared at me in a sour manner.

“You should eat it like a horse son, it will help you recover faster”,said dad.

“You’re right dad these beans are delicious. Mummy should eat a bit more too.. after all she cooked them”,I said looking at her maliciously.

Poor mom couldn’t intervene before I poured more beans into her plate. “I don’t want anymore of it” ,she said trying to stop me.

“Are you sure that will be enough mummy?” I asked mischievously raising my eyebrows.

“yes it will be enough …..” mom replied looking down.

After the dinner I went to my room, setup the alarm and jumped into the bed eagerly waiting for the morning.

As I opened my eyes next morning, it didn’t took me long to realized that the alarm had failed. It was 5:30 AM already. I jumped out of bed in my pajamas and raced out of the room. As I arrived on the terrace, I saw that my mother was leaning next to a wall with a coffee mug in her hands.

She was wearing her nightie and her hair was tied in a bun. I hurried to reach her and said,”Morning mummy , sorry I am late “

“Your father is going to get up any minute now” ,she said anxiously sipping her coffee.

“Let’s head straight to the toilet then”I exclaimed as I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the toilet door.

“Aman listen, I want to talk to you about this.”she said putting the coffee mug on the floor,she continued, “I thought about this and it’s too shameful a thing for me to do. I don’t believe I’m saying this but, would you like it if instead I rub your penis with my hand and jerk you off?”

Hearing her words made me rock hard in my underwear. My mother was offering to jerk me off! But then it fell upon me. This was just the tip of the iceberg. I realized how slutty my mother really could be. If I played my cards right I can make her do a lot for me.

“I thought we had a deal mom! …… I need you to sit down and poop for me. I can jerk off myself.” I said as I leaned aside and took an inspection of her rear. The outline of her mounds and the crack in between were clearly visible under the fabric.

Mom made a despondent face and slowly opened the toilet door when suddenly we heard dad’s voice,”Kavita! Where are you?”. As soon as she heard the voice mom began to retreat downstairs.

“Mummy! You can’t leave this in between!” I cried out with anger. Mom was so stumbled at this point that she just said “After they leave” and dashed downstairs.

“Fine! A few more hours I suppose” ,I thought to myself.


11:00 AM

“Bye dad take care”,as I waved goodbye to my father and closed the main door and I can’t help but notice the isolation it brought to our house. My sister had already left for her college early in the morning. I could feel my hands going cold and my penis going fully erect as I approached the terrace toilet.

The sight my mother squatting over the squat toilet facing me was unbearable. Earlier she had changed into a fitted yellow kameez shirt and her pink leggings were closely sticking to her thighs and legs. Her pink chunni was wrapped around her neck and her hair were tied in a bun. The smell of her fruity perfume filled the toilet.

“I still can’t believe I’m doing this !” she said sheepishly, looking up at me with her lovely mascara lined hazel eyes. Her chandelier earrings were electrifying the toilet environment. Augmented by her sindoor line they made her look just like a beautiful traditional Indian mother that commanded respect at her very sight.

“ Not this way mom, turn around. SHOW ME YOUR BUM!” I said instantly recapitulating whether I really wanted to say that.

Hearing my rather upfront instructions, she stood up,and looked me in the eyes. Only two inches shorter than me, her eyes locked with mine for an instant. Her gaze was fierce and her eyebrows were frowned. Then she slowly turned around and squatted over the toilet.

Her delicate bum was now directly facing my feet while mom was quietly looking in the opposite direction as if waiting for me to make my next move.

Her ass was concealed in two layers of fabric. One layer of the leggings and the other of the kameez shirt. From her squatting posture I could observe her gorgeous figure. Her rather tiny waist smoothly but sharply broadening into her round and firm bum. Her sleek figure made her bum appear enormous. “Get inside and close the door! “, she said looking back from her squat in a rude manner.

Habitual of adhering to her commands, I instantly jumped in the toilet room and bolted the door behind me. After the door was shut, mom raised the curtain of her kameez that was covering her bum with a swish of her hands. Her pink leggings revealed the panty lines and projected a flawless outline of her round buttocks.

As she slowly lowered her leggings all the way to her knees, my erection became so hard that it actually hurt. She was wearing white granny panties underneath the leggings. She then hesitantly lowered her panties revealing her naked Posterior.

Mom’s backside was easily the most neglected part of her body. Although her ass cheeks were plump, perky and perfect a reminiscent of her youth, but years of neglect meant that her skin was dry and dull. Her cheeks were moisturized and some acne were visible.

In Spite of all these superficial flaws, that naked bum, looking out of the yellow kameez shirt was easily the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. After all it was the rear end of my gorgeous mother.

Her ass hole was barely visible between her buttocks but I could notice some strands of hair peeking out of the ass crack. She removed the panties just enough to make sure that her vagina was not uncovered. Perhaps the notion of being a cultured woman didn’t allowed her to show her vagina to her child.

The time seemed to be frozen. Breaking out of my trance i said,“Wow mommy you look so beautiful like this. If you really want to do this only once make sure you put on a good show. “

“What do you mean?”,she asked without looking back.

“So you really want me to say it huh? Fine, I want you to shit a little bit here and then maybe shit a little bit there ….“, I said pointing with my fingers. By the way she turned back and looked at me I can figure out that she was very disgusted with my response.

“Let’s just.. Get this over with….” ,she said as she lowered her bum to hide it as much as possible, straightened her back and without any noise, effort or indication released the first stream of her poop.

Her bum looked like a soft serve machine, as if continuously pouring down a stream of thick and creamy soft serve into the toilet pan, but instead of soft serve it was the soft poop of my mother.

The stream of poop was very thin and not voluminous. I quickly took out my penis but was afraid to rub it for the fear of cumming instantly.

Standing at the toilet door I could feel my throat drying and my legs trembling, as I just stood there like a statue with my hard penis out while my mother was quietly squatting right in front of me, shitting like a pig. Watching her go, I patted my back in my thoughts for making her eat those extra beans, they had certainly done their job.

She had one of her, red bangle clad hand pressed against her back pinning the curtain of the kurti to prevent it from falling. The other hand was pressing her panties tightly against her vagina.

The stench in the room was heavy but not at all displeasing. In a way it added to the eroticism of the scene.

After pooping for 5-6 seconds in the toilet pan, mom sheepishly adjusted her legs to move to her right. Her bum never stopped defecating so now the poop landed on the right toilet floor tiles. Then she readjusted her legs to move her pooping bum to the extreme left soiling the floor there.

It looked like a baker is decorating her cake, but instead of the cake it was the toilet and instead of the funnel it was mom’s cute fluffy bum. The cream was dark brown like chocolate icing.

She was trying to make sure that I was fully satisfied with her show to ensure that she’ll never have to do this again. Before long the entire toilet floor was running with 4 to 5 criss-crossing ropes of poop. It was the most erotic moment of my life and I was not going to let it become some faded memory. I quietly took out my cell phone and Clicked some quick pictures.

With a few more forceful pushes the last ropes of shit escaped her asshole and fell on the floor. The entire act lasted for about 4 to 5 minutes. As mom finished pooping she just sat there for a moment maintaining the posture. She let the curtain of her kameez shirt to fall down and scantily cover her bum.

I silently returned the phone back to my pocket, as mom stood up and quickly pulled up her leggings without properly pulling up her underwear. She turned around careful not to step on her own poop and looked at me as I stood there with my fully erect penis fluttering in the air.

“What are you doing? put your penis inside I’m your mother!”, she said frowning at me as she lowered and adjusted her kameez shirt.

“You were amazing mummy , better than the foreign girls in those videos”, i said as I slowly tugged my penis in my pant. She pushed me against the door, ”You will not say a word about this to anyone. You hear me?” ,she said opening the bolt.

“ Now get lost I need to clean this mess”, she said as she closed the toilet door at my face.

I returned to my room and masturbated all afternoon to the pictures of my lovely mother taking a fascinating dump.

When my sister returned at 6:00 PM in the evening mom made us some tea and fries. It was very awkward to sit right next to my mom on the couch especially when she was donning the same attire from the morning.

“Mom you need to check the message I sent you.“, I said as I watched her reluctantly picking her phone up to view the message. She almost missed the sip of tea and coughed.

“Isn’t it great mom ? It’s from this morning” , I said.

“what is about mom?”, asked Aisha.

“Nothing!, nothing…it’s just..” she fumbled.

“Its just the picture of a beautiful cake that I want mom to make.”, I intervened.

“So you’re making cakes now is it ? What sort of cake?”,asked Aisha.

“It’s a bean cake”, I tried but could not restrain a giggle from escaping.

Mom’s eyes were dug in the phone as if she’d seen a ghost.

“Eew …”, said Aisha as she moved to the kitchen to get some more tea.

“You dirty scoundrel! What’s the meaning of this?”, mom asked.

“It means that tomorrow you’ll poop for me again or these pictures goes to dad”, I said trying to keep a serious face.

She looked at me horrified ,that’s when Aisha re entered the room. Mom got up and and picked the plates. I got up after her and followed her to the kitchen.

I caught her at the kitchen counter. Putting my right hand on her ass crack I slowly whispered in her ear , “I am lucky to have mother like you who have such a dirty fetish, and a very capable mean of enjoying it.” , I said as I gently squeezed her buttocks around her ass crack,”your bum is the source of all my fantasies mummy, watching you poop was easily the best thing I ever saw.”

“Mothers are meant to cook food, wash clothes and help with homework of their son they aren’t meant for taking a shit in front their son”, she said trying to convince me.

“Make sure your poop is soft and last longer this time or I’ll not hesitate in putting the pictures on web”, I said as I spanked the her bum and left the kitchen.


“The butter chicken is fabulous mom why are you still eating the beans from yesterday”, said Aisha as we sat on the dining table facing each other.

“That’s right honey, I know you’re always on a strict diet but you should have some fun once in awhile.”, said my dad with concern.

“it looks like mummy have developed quite a liking for beans”, I joked and laughed as I saw mom silently gobbling up the beans with a grin on her face.

End of part 1

To be continued. ..

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