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Hi viewers. This is royal back with my best part of neha again. So, please do read, masterbate, comment, try and make my stories more better.

While having my beautiful days with Neha I had to leave for my hometown for some days. I returned after a break of 20 days and we almost were starving for sex like two hungry beasts. So we planned a sexy trip and here are tempting details. It was winter and out trip was to a hill station where the temperatures are nearly 2-3c in winters. We had our bike and there was no problem about the journey. So we reached the place and checked in a nice resort.

After some rest we went to the nearest waterfalls and that’s where the fun started. We packed some clothes to bath at the falls and condoms also came along luckily. We reached the place and started enjoying the fun of falls. Neha was wearing jeans and t-shirt. We started romancing in public and her nipples started becoming visible over her tee. I too had a very hard erection. I wanted to tear her tee and suck and pinch them. And I told her and she saw at my erection and said I too want to please you today like never before. So we decided to find a way for that. And we started trekking up the falls for some privacy.

After walking hand in hand for 15min. we reached enough height and public was absent. It was already evening and so started to wait a little for the fog to cover us. But we had already started kissing and exploring our bodies over the bodies. I was biting her nipples over her wet tee and that was just mesmerising. She was holding my dick over my shorts giving me a handjob and was pushing my head into her boobs with all her force with her other hand. By the time it was covered with now both of us have already cummed. And once the visibility was reduced so we took over chances and became nude in hills and in open. And the play begin.

She was in her wet panty due to both water and her juices. So I started to give her a blowjob and she was standing with her panties. And, her panty smelled and tasted so good that I started blowing her panty on. After 15 min. of job I slept on the ground and she came upon me with 69 position. She pulled my pants and underwear to my knees and was blowing beautifully. So, we were eating each other tools like two people who were hungry for days. And she cummed over my face and I drank all her juices without missing her drop. She just gave a pause and started blowing me again. And I too was blowing her again. After blowing each other for 30 min continuously we both cummed at the same time.

We were bit tired got into the water naked drank some of it, bathed and freshed up again. After foreplaying in water for 20 min. my dick was starting to get hard again. And I was getting ready to fuck her. So she got the condom and nicely slid over my dick. And I started digging into her first class vagina.

This time it was very tight than usual due to 20 days break and chill outside. In such a weather we were not feeling cold due to the heat in bodies. Neither, we gave time to each other to feel cold. So viewers try having sex in coldest of the cold place you can be in, because the vagina becomes very tight due to cold and will give yo the extra pleasure. It is like fucking a virgin pussy again. So, it was tight and I had my part of pleasure in digging through her pussy.

I was totally inside her and started giving her round round motions. She to responded back equally romantically and it was all pleasure. And after enjoying the motion for some time it was time for some faster fuck. So I started my pace of fucking her slowly as usual and picked up the pace. The moaning also started at the same pace and voice. Like aaa …. aaaaa … aaaaa. aaamhh faster plzz faster faster. Sex is the only time when my girlfriend screams and I really love to make her scream more. She was to moving her ass like there could be greater penetration and the pace could also be stronger. Its very comfort to have a nice cooperating gf.

So after 10 min. fucking by standing I laid on the floor and she came upon me to raid on me. She too started with with slow pace and picked up the intensity. Her energy levels are super and she could do it for 10 min. at a very fast pace and we both cummed at the same time.

After cumming for 2 times in quick sessions we were bit tired and slept besides the water body for some time like 10 min. But once the inner body reduced we started feeling cold and were shivering like anything. So, we had no option but had continue with foreplay and sex to survive the cold because we did not carry the winter wear with us. And it was getting very cold and so we decided to reach the hotel. But it was very cold and so we had to do foreplay while coming down the hill too. It was mostly dark but we had mobile flashes.

So we were romancing and slipping down over the pebbles and stone while down the hill but did not stop foreplay. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her. She was holding my dick giving it strokes. This way we could reach the bike and rode back to hotel. By the time we reached it was 11 pm almost freezing temperatures. We ordered food and as we reached room she jumped onto me like a animal on its prey.

Sex begin in hotel room too. We did not break the kiss, had to turn on the lights, adjust the ac temperatures and every thing while kissing. There was no breaking point to the kiss. We kissed for 20 min. and the food arrived. So the kiss broke and we started eating food. She was eating from my mouth and me from hers.

Again it was more of kissing than eating. We finished the food and we were for another session. And the fucking started again ….. But now I am ON and unluckily I don’t have a princess here in Delhi as my new here and neither a gf. So I am gonna to bathroom now and do my masturbation. And you viewers please do comment and suggest. And only for ladies with desires for some memories in bed please do email me at “[email protected]”.

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