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HiThis is another story of mine,

For a big salary hike, I relocated from Bangalore in 2012. You know how it will be the initial days in a new location, that too in a big city like Bangalore. It is not easy to adjust to the new climate, work environment, and finding new friends will take some time. In the beginning, I didn’t have many contacts in office. Though I had few friends in Bangalore they were staying far away from my office. So I decided to take a pg close to Jayanagar area and started staying. Pg was very boring, after 5.30 I will return to the room, then it was a lonely life. Most of the time my roommate also won’t be there as he is a student and go home every now and then.

One day first month after my salary I decided to go for a body massage, (of course cross massage with a relaxation) and started searching for a safe place. I tried online and found few places. But all were very far from my place, in fact, I went to one place, and came back with full disappointment, as they were just giving namesake massage and no relaxation, and charged heavily.

One Sunday evening I thought of going for a shopping and purchasing some dress, I was alone and after shopping went for a tea. While having tea I saw a unisex parlor board on the top of the building across the road. I just picked the phone and dialed the number in the hoarding. A lady picked the phone, I asked for a ladies massage, she said come, we will discuss. She started telling landmarks and I said, I am outside only, will be there in 5 minutes. I went directly there. Receptionist boy took me to inside office chamber. One 40-year-old lady –madam-was sitting there, she received me pretty well. It was a newly started spa, all painting works were just got over, after 10 minutes of casual talk I asked about massage.

She said the prize and assigned a girl to do massage. She directed me to next room, which was a spacious room with an attached bathroom, with great lighting ambiance and ac. Madam directed me to change into disposable underwear which was already kept on the massage table in the middle of the room and left. I changed into dispo and waited for a therapist. After 5 min, a 20-year-old north-east girl entered with a tray full of things, like oil, cream etc. She was wearing a black polo t-shirt and jeans, looks like they have a dress code the parlour. After switching off the light she started directing me to the lady down on the table, face down and started a cream massage. Room was almost dark and she was pretty good in that, with right pressure at the right spot. After 10 minutes I changed position to ultra, now I can see her face pretty well. I started interacting with her and asked her name. She said soniya, from Manipur, came here just 1 year before etc. We started talking nicely along with massage, and in between, I casually enquired about ‘handshake’.

She was silent for some time and asked how many times you came here and how do you know Madam and all. I lied to like I came last week, that time another fatty girl gave me a massage, she didn’t give any ‘handshake’, that’s why this time I asked for you. She was pretty happy and said that fatty girl has got a full attitude and many customers complained about her to Madam etc. I was listening all gossips about a fatty lady whom I never knew ). I said last time also I saw you, but madam only sends that fatty girl to me, this time I was particular about I want only you. She appeared happy and impressed. Anyway during a talk I started pressing her bums, which she allowed I felt she was enjoying my massage. She asked about my work, stay family and all. She said about her boyfriend, whom she wanted to marry, but now he is working in Manipur only.

I asked more about him and enquired have you guys did sex, she was shy and agreed that they did few times, and it was painful for her. Time was getting over and I reminded her about ‘handshake’. Already my boy was 90 degree and she smiled after seeing that she pulled my dispo down. My boy was saluting her, without any hesitation, she held him and started shaking pretty well. My foreskin was dry so asked soniya to apply some cream over there. She obeyed and started shaking pretty well. Since she was standing left to me I moved my left hand from her bumps to inside t-shirt. She was uncomfortable little and told don’t do that.

I requested her, hey it is very nice and soft, please let me play with it for some time, I won’t hurt you. She didn’t said anything and I started pressing over her 32 size bra. It was quite enjoyable and I concentrated in her nipple region and started pressing exactly there. She became little excited, which I could make out from her face, breathing and eyes, realized she enjoys whatever I do. I asked for kisses, that also she gave, finally I released over her hand. She helped me in cleaning and taking a hot shower, pretty helpful. After changing dress I gave her a 500 rupee and she was a bit surprised over my tips. I gave her a tight hug and kiss, and left the room. Madam was waiting for me outside and asked me about massage experience and I gave very positive comments. She gave me juice also to drink, and I left happily by telling I will come soon because I liked all the setups very well.

I realized few things that day like soniya is new to massage field, and she enjoys the act, not just for the sake of getting tips from guys. In addition, since the parlour is new they will behave very well to get regular customers.

The actual story happened after another week. It was a week day morning, I was on leave, thought of meeting a friend for breakfast and waited near the market area. Since it was pretty early I went to a nearby hotel and had breakfast. The hotel was deserted and while looking around to my surprise in the next table soniya was having tea. I took my plate and went near her. She recognized me and asked why didn’t you come again. I said was busy, I asked about her breakfast, she said not hungry, still, I forced her to share my dosa, after little forcing she happily agreed. During chatting I was noticing her, was wearing a green top and white legging with big earrings. Her curves were pretty nice with a handful of perky boobs, her thighs were clear because of the slit and white leggings. She was very comfortable with me and chatted around 30 min.

She said yesterday she was with her friend home in jp Nagar and came directly from there for the job. Since it was a week day early morning and her friend went early for her work she reached very early. Parlor actually open only by 11, still she having a spare key to open the parlour. Since its just 9 am, she thought to have a tea and going parlour. I asked for the phone number and she happily gave it. We both came out of the restaurant and said bye. I decided to go and meet a friend, she said going to open parlor and wait till every1 comes. Since parlour was in next cross road she walked from there. I was quite excited about this meeting and felt like going 4 massage now itself. Then I realized she must be alone in parlour till 11, have enough time for a massage. If she is alone may get some more extra services. In five minutes I made the plan, went and got a packet condom from the nearby med shop and kept in my purse. I have madam’s number and called up her by asking for a massage now. She recognized me and said it will be open only after 11, so come at that time. I said no mam, I have to go Chennai at 12.

So it would be better if I can get now itself. She thought for a moment and said, wait I will call you back in 5min. I know she is going to call soniya only, to check whether she can manage the customer, as she is in parlour now. After two minutes madam called me back and said please go to parlour, one girl is there now, next time don’t come so early.

We agreed on charge and directly went to parlour, right on the way, got a gift also for her a set of wooden ladies accessories. Because pleasing a girl is very much important while trying to get a bonus from a relation.

I moved to the third floor, knocked on the half open door, soniya came and surprised by seeing me. She asked me ‘so you are the customer who wanted massage early morning’. I smiled and said yes and entered to the parlour. She locked it from inside so that no one will come outside. She said since you are known to Madam only she agreed, or she will directly say ‘not now, come after 11’. We both sat on reception sofa and started chatting. I gave her the gift and she was so happy, asked what massage you wanted. I said I want to spend time with you till 11, so you decide what you wanted to give. She got what I was trying to say, immediately said, nothing more than what you got last time. I said fine, but give me little more than last time, I came only for you. She said nothing, was looking into my eyes.

I hold her hand and kept talking. After 5 min, I said let us start. She directed me to room, and told me change to dispo. I removed all my dress in front of her and stood full nude and said I don’t want dispo. She started laughing and said ok. I sat full nude on the massage table and told her to come closer. As soon as she came I held her tightly and kissed on her neck. She exhaled heavily and just leaned over me. I pressed her boobs nicely and kissed her allover. She closed her eyes and enjoyed by holding my hair. Eventually, I put my hand inside her top, removed bra hook, and made her melons free. I lifted her top and started sucking her nipples, and I could hear the excitement noises from her.

She was in the same morning dress. I stood near her and tightly hugged and kissed on her lips. Her eyes were closed and my 90-degree boy was poking her thighs. Slowly I made her sleep on the table and I stood near pressed her boobs. I put my hands on her top, she tried to stop but I put it inside forcefully. She was wearing a padded bra with a front hook. I opened it with one hand and kissed on her stomach. She shivered and made a noise. I found her weak point, Eureka, I continued my kissing and licking in her soft tummy. Her eyes were closed and twisting her body for each of my kiss. Slowly I tried to pull down leggings and she stopped me.

So I put my hand inside panty and started fingering her. She was dripping wet and hot. Her pussy was having little hair, which made me even hornier. She was holding my hand but her pressure reduced slowly and I pulled her leggings and panty from one leg, and spread her legs and started licking her pussy. It was salty and she was shivering by holding my hair. After continuous licking, she told me to stop. We stopped for some time and showed her condom from the purse and asked her permission. She refused, but she was lying in bed as it is, without even trying to cover her pussy. So in front of her, I opened my zip, and took her hand and guided to my boy. Soniya smiled and obeyed me, started stroking me well. In the mean time, I put a condom in my boy and kept both her legs on my shoulder. She guided by a boy and I inserted myself inside her and started stroking. She held me tightly as the speed increased and after 5 minutes she reached orgasm. What happened next was stunning. She pulled me away and woke up from bed suddenly, started to dress up herself. That was little unexpected and I tried to convince her to let me finish. She denied it and pulled her dress up, I was stunned and couldn’t do anything. She went out and came back after 2 min. I requested her to let me finish, at least by giving a hand shake. She didn’t said anything, just came near me and started giving me shake. I tried to kiss and press her boobs. She became angry and warned me not to do, or I won’t give hand shake. I kept mum and she released me in another 2 minutes. I was little disappointed and went to the bathroom for a wash. Soniya came behind me and said do not put the condom anywhere inside the parlour, please take it out and throw somewhere else while going. I obeyed, dressed up and came out. She was reluctant to talk even, was just sitting and watching tv without even looking at me.

Guys, you know how strange sometimes girls are. They do things when we least expect, and reject us when we wanted desperately. However, this was a unique experience in my life, even later I went there and took her service. But she behaved strange, as nothing happened between us, just finished fast by a mechanical hand job. I tried to talk in between but she refused. After few months they closed down the parlour because of police warning, and I never met her later.

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