Sex With Homely Maid Padma

This is my first post in ISS. This is a real story that happened in my life and no attempt has been made to spice things up artificially. Like a lot of people in ISS I have a fetish for women who look strong and dirty, especially maid servants. I have had a fetish for a particular maid servant for the longest time in my life. This story dates back to the time when I was in standard eight and about 12 years old. We had a maid servant called Padma at our house who was married and a mother of one. She was about 27 and had a dark complexion. She was in very good shape, almost like an athlete. She had medium size, firm breasts and a very firm stomach. She looked beautiful and was well dressed too. She had the habit of wearing light colored, small blouses without a bra. She had a dark complexion and it was very evident that she did not wear anything inside.

She used to wash clothes at the rear of our house and I would peep through the window to have a look at her when she was washing. Her pallu would move away from the usual place and come in between her breasts. She had very firm breasts and nipples. Her nipples would actually be clearly visible when she used to rinse clothes inside a bucket of water. I had a binocular that I got as a gift when I was a kid. I used to use the binocular to see her breasts. The black areola would clearly be visible.

She used to have her petticoat tied up to her waist. She never knew that I was watching her from my window. Her blouse used to get wet a lot of days after washing clothes and the nipples were very clearly visible. I used to masturbate whenever I saw her. I used to see her only during school holidays and during weekends. I desperately wanted to touch her but never had the guts to do so. She was close to my mom and I was so scared that she will inform my mom if I did anything stupid.

When I was studying my tenth standard, I was busy studying all the time and cut down on personal visits to family ceremonies, weddings and get together. My parents would leave me at home and attend the ceremonies without disturbing me as I was busy studying all the time. My mom would leave food inside the freezer for almost 3- 4 days and I would eat at my neighbor’s house a couple of days till my parents were back. This gave me a lot of time to spend with Padma. I used to eagerly wait for her arrival in the morning. She used to come at around 9 am and leave by around 1 10 am. My mom had the habit of giving her tea whenever she came in the morning.

I made tea for her in the absence of my mom and this made her very happy. She used to talk to me whenever she came to my room for sweeping or mopping. I was overjoyed and wished this would continue forever. Padma always had jasmine flowers on her hair and she always smelled good. She was very loyal to her husband and this turned me on even more.

She used to sit on the kitchen floor and have tea and I slowly gathered the guts to sit near her and have tea. My family was very orthodox and strict and we were never allowed to talk or interact with servants let alone sitting with them. Slowly as days progressed we talked longer and the distance between us while sitting together to have tea reduced considerably. I used to admire her beautiful lips and face while sitting next to her. She had long hair which was tied very well with flowers. If she was fair in color and changed her dressing style a little bit, she would actually look like a high society woman.

She had white teeth and a very beautiful smile. I used to admire everything about her including the smell of her body. I wanted to view her nipples from close up and devised a plan. I decided to pour a bucket of water on her while she was sitting to have tea and make it look like an accident. There was also a possibility of her removing her sari to dry it. I had a bucket of water ready to pour on her while she was having tea. Just then the calling bell rang and a friend of my father had come to see my dad. I told him that my dad was at his native place. Before I could close the door and visit the kitchen, she had completed her tea and got up. I was cursing my bad luck. The next day my parents arrived and I could not carry out my plan. She then became pregnant and had to stop work to take care of her baby. I could simply not forget her beautiful smile or smell. It was as though I was in love with her. There was another maid servant who replaced her who was ugly and old and I did not bother to look at her.

Time passed by and I left for Karnataka to do my engineering. Padma never came back to work for us. After I completed my engineering, I worked for about three years and got married. My wife became pregnant and left for her mom’s place for delivery. She told me from her native place that she would like to have a live in maid servant who can assist her with cooking and other household chores. I gave this a deep thought and decided to look for Padma. We were living about 20 kms away from Padma’s place. I went in search of Padma almost after 10years. I did not know where she lived and did not know her husband’s name either.

I knew that her husband worked as a watchman. I went to her area and started inquiring in nearby shops. I was then guided to a place where many maid servants lived. There were more than four or five Padmas. I asked for the one who had a watchman husband and I was finally guided to a small house with a buffalo in the front. I knocked at the door and my Padma opened the door. I was overjoyed to see her. She was about 43 years old and she did not look older than 30 due to her excellent physical appearance. I just could not hold my excitement and held her hand. She did not seem to mind as she was overjoyed as well.

She told me that her kids had gone to school and her husband was working as a security in a small factory. There was no one home. She went to the kitchen and was making lemon juice. I followed her and was talking to her when she was making lemon juice. I told her that my wife would like to have some help at home. She said that she may not be able to live with us as she had school going kids. She also said that travelling over 20kms daily would be impossible.

She said she will find someone for me. My heart sank but I was happy to see her. She now had a cell phone and gave me her number. I was happy to have it. She had put on some weight but still had a flat abdomen. Her breasts had become bigger and her ass was well rounded. She was looking even more beautiful than before. I invited her to my place and left for my home. I called her a couple of times to inquire about her well being.

Meanwhile, our landlord sold the house that we were living in and asked us to move. I found another place close by. My wife was still at her native place. I had to clean the new place completely before moving in. I got some housekeeping staff from my office to clean the new house for me. After I moved in, I needed some help to unpack the clothes from boxes and put them in the cupboard. I was bad at folding clothes and I needed some help in unpacking all the boxes and arranging the house. I called Padma. She said that she will be glad to come. My heart skipped a beat. I knew that if there was a chance to express my love for Padma, this has to be it. She said that she did not know bus routes and she had to be picked up. I gladly agreed. I picked Padma up in my car and took her to the new home.

She was dressed in a simple cotton sari and wore a white colored blouse without a bra. She looked very sexy as I could see her navel and the side of her breasts. Padma started cleaning the cupboards and stacked up all the clothes and arranged everything in the kitchen and hall as well. I was helping her along the way and was thinking how to proceed further. I asked her to climb a stool and stack some boxes in the overhead loft. I caught hold of the stool while she was on top of it. Just like earlier days, her pallu came between her breasts and I went mad with an uncontrollable urge to touch her. The size of her transparent blouse was very small and on that particular day she was wearing a blouse which exposed a little bit of cleavage. There was no one at home and her areola was visible.

I slowly caught her hips to prevent her from falling down and she seemed to be very uncomfortable with this. She got down from the stool as quickly as possible. She sensed that something was wrong. I was scared that she might inform my mom. I was afraid of the reactions if my mom came to know about this. But I had waited for so many years to be alone with her. I did not seem to care anymore. I told Padma that I had to tell her something very important. She got scared as soon as I said this.

Finally with great courage, I told her that I have been in love with her since I was 13. She became very angry on hearing this. She told me that she does not go to anyone’s homes for any kind of help, but she came to my house because she trusted me like a family member. I was heartbroken with these words and tears rolled out of my eyes. She sat quiet in one corner and I sat in another corner and tears were rolling out of my eyes, because my love for her was rejected and I was afraid of what might happen if my mother and wife came to know about this.

After sometime she came and sat near me. We did not speak to each other for about 10 minutes. I apologized to her for my bad intentions. She said she did not know that I was in love with her for so many years. She kept her hand on my head and I did not know how to react. I rested my head on her shoulders and she did not seem to mind. I was surprised a little bit. We sat like that for a few minutes. I put my left arm around her and there was no reaction from her.

After about 2/3 minutes I put my right hand on her shoulder and she did not mind. I was pleasantly surprised and waited quietly for a reaction from her. There was no reaction for almost 3/4 minutes. I took a chance and kissed her neck. I got up from her shoulder and looked at her face. Our lips were just a couple of inches apart. I could smell her fresh breath. Our noses were almost touching each other. I did not know what to do next. I did not wish to go too fast either. She did not say anything for what I had done so far. I did not know what got into me, but I kissed her cheek and looked at her eyes. She did not say anything again. I was shocked. I brought my lips close to her and she did not move her face away from mine. I gave her a peck on the lips. There was no reaction.

I slowly hugged her tightly with her shapely breasts piercing my chest. I sucked her lips. She opened her mouth after about four full minutes and we French kissed. It seemed like a moment frozen in time. I gently sucked her tongue and explored her entire mouth including her pearly white teeth. She tasted so good. She always maintained herself very clean unlike other maid servants.

I slowly squeezed her breasts which were solid and shapely without a bra and explored her mouth even further with my tongue. She was sucking my tongue and we were exchanging saliva like maniacs non- stop for about five minutes. I never knew that she knew how to French kiss. She was an excellent kisser and did not want to let go. It was as though she was deprived of sex. Slowly I started rubbing her lower back and then her tummy.

I knew that this was the opportunity of a lifetime and if I let her go home without fulfilling my desires, she may change her mind later on. I kissed her face, neck and I was simultaneously squeezing her breasts and she started moaning gently. I took a chance and I unbuttoned her blouse. She cooperated and was watching me do it lovingly. Finally her breasts fell out and they stood up. Very rarely do Indian women have such shapely breasts. They were big and beautiful. Her huge nipples stood erect and I saw the areola that I used to admire for so many years. If Padma was fair in complexion and was educated, she would have married into a rich family I thought. I sucked her erect nipples and nibbled them one after the other for about ten minutes. I kissed her belly button and stomach. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips and swaying her head from side to side. She was getting increasingly restless. She was shaking and moaning in pleasure.

I removed her sari and petticoat. She was now lying naked in front of my eyes. Wow!! What a sight. She had some hair on her pussy which was overflowing with juices. I got naked, lay on top of her and started rubbing my body against hers. Her big breasts were rubbing against my chest and we kissed for a couple of minutes. My penis was erect and hard like a piece of word and I was rubbing it against her pussy. She did not say it, but her eyes were begging me to penetrate her fuck and her. I knew that Padma was a virgin until she got married and her husband was very happy in a relationship with her and did not mess around. Even though I did not have a condom, I did not hesitate to penetrate her without protection. She was a loyal and well respected wife, but today she was my lover. Padma’s pussy was still tight after so many years and after having two kids.

Her pussy walls welcomed my penis with a wet and tight embrace. I rode her for about 10-12 minutes and finally we came together. She hugged me and kissed my lips again. I knew that I had fucked her well. I closed my eyes and we were still lying on the bed hugging each other. I had fulfilled my 15 year old desire and I simply could not believe it.

We got up after sometime and took bath. I had some Tamil movies in my laptop which we started watching together. I ordered some food and we had food together. After food I played some porn. Padma did not seem to mind and I slowly kissed her after some time. She responded well and this time she got bold enough to unzip my pants and pull my penis out. She changed into a completely different person now. She was stroking my penis up and down. I slowly lifted her petticoat and started fingering her pussy.

She started moaning and after sometime I tried to lick her pussy. She objected. She regarded the pussy as a dirty object that is not meant to be licked. She said that her husband would never do that to her. I convinced her that she will feel fine. I asked her to close her eyes and enjoy the moment. I slowly licked her ears, neck, shoulders, sides of her breasts, nipples, belly button, stomach, inner thighs and finally the clit. She was moaning and was clenching her fists in pleasure. She was swaying her head from side to side. After about 5 minutes of licking the clit, she had an orgasm. She was in uncontrollable pleasure and had tears rolling down her eyes. She pulled my head and sort of forced her tongue through my mouth. She jammed my mouth with hers.

She pulled my hair and kissed me aggressively like a tigress. She was kissing me all over my body. She kissed the head of my penis but did not suck it. She kissed my balls and licked it with her tongue. I did not wish to lose the tempo and grabbed her by the hips and threw her on the bed. I held her legs up in the air and forced my penis through her pussy. She was so unbelievably wet. She was overflowing with orgasm. I timed my strokes, started off with slow and shallow humping. This went on for a long time.

Slowly the frequency of her moans increased and I increased the depth of my strokes and increased the speed as well. After a couple of minutes, the sound of moans increased. I was slowly beginning to worry because the sound of her moans could be heard from outside the apartment. After another couple of minutes, I felt that she was about to cum and penetrated her very deep and increased the speed to top gear. I am 6ft 2 inches tall and I have a muscular build. She was about 5ft 6 inches tall and I started ramming her with my dick at full pace. She started screaming in pleasure. It was some hard core love making. I was glad that I could time my strokes to give her maximum pleasure.

After about 3-4 minutes I knew that the time had arrived and came inside her. She was completely exhausted, but managed to put up a smile indicating that she was genuinely happy. I wanted to lie down beside her, but she did not allow me to take my penis out of her pussy and asked me to lie down on top of her. After I lay on top of her, she pulled my face and put her tongue inside my mouth. She asked me to bring my tongue out and tongue wrestle with her. She loved tongue wrestling. I loved sucking more. She fell asleep after about 5 minutes.

I lay down beside her and fell asleep myself. When I woke up at 5pm, she was already making coffee. Her Jasmine flowers were scattered all over the bed. She had taken another bath and her hair was tied in a towel. I took a shower again and we had coffee together. It was as though I was spending time with my wife. She said that she had experienced good sex from her husband during the initial days of her marriage, but this was something completely different. She used to treat me like a younger brother earlier, but now, she started showing me respect and stopped calling me with my name. She started feeling shy for the first time in so many years. I was shocked. Padma started treating me like a husband.

She said that she wanted to reach home before dark and I dropped her at her home. I bought some snacks and flowers for her. She asked me to put the flowers on her hair. I asked her if she would come again, she said most definitely. I was elated and there were simply no words to describe my emotion. My wife came back from her hometown and she has been with me ever since. It has been almost a year since I met Padma. She asked me not to come to her home to avoid suspicion. She said that she looked at me differently now and people would grow suspicious by looking at her. We talk on the phone once a month and that is it. Both of us long for each other every single day, but I am afraid to book a lodge as anyone can tell that we are not married or related.

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