Sneha And Her Son Sachin Part – 1

Hey Everyone,This is my first story hope you like it.

Its based on various real experiences although names are changed and normal Litreray things are added for your pleasure.

Cast for the StorySneha a 44 year old Curvy Typical Indian woman with good share of fat in much needed places.

Sachin a normal 18 year old guy.

Background:Sneha is a carefree woman living in Bengaluru and feels nudity isn’t taboo.She has always been okay with her son Sachin seeing her half naked and after he crossed 18,all the inhibitions she had were left away.

“Good Morning Sachuu.” Sneha said as she passed her son in the front of her room.She looked like a 44 year old Vidya Balan, but only with a curvy figure and kinda big breasts and ass.Sneha had just come from the bathroom and a tiny pink towel draped around her body.Sachin’s eyes followed the sway of her thick ass,barely covereing as she went into her bedroom.Drawn like a magnet he moved to her room door,just in time to see the towel fall to the floor.Spotting her son from the mirror,Sneha put her hands on her hips…her big breasts falling outward. She fed him a look that was serious but not angry.”Sachin!” She whispered in a cute little mommy-tone, glancing towards the adjoined bath where her husband can hear them.Giving her son a silent scold, yet with a hint of a smile Sneha closed the bedroom door…

She thought to herself,Oh my poor baby…he must be very horny…seeing me like that. Damn though, if his father had come out of the bathroom and caught him staring at my bare body we would have both had some explaining to do. It’s not that I have a problem with Sachin seeing me naked…it’s just that…well, I don’t think my husband would quite understand and she sighed…Sachin retreated to his room. Like most 18 year olds, he was attracted with the bodies of mature woman. It didn’t help that his mom was being so free with him . Since he could remember it seemed like everytime he turned around she was half-naked and as he crossed 18 she was more carefree with her bareness. He rubbed the newly formed bulge under his short.Oh my God, Mom has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.Just like the women in those desi websites. This is the second time after turing 18 I’ve seen her in full glory and once again she didn’t really seem all that angry at me….A little while later he heard his parents coming out of the their room. His dad continued downstairs but Sneha stepped into Sachin’s bedroom.”This room is a mess, Sachin. I certainly hope you clean it today.” She said.

Sachin took a second to answer as his eyes traveled up and down his mom’s body. Her long shapely legs were inside a not so mini skirt and her big breasts were packed inside a thin top.”Yeah, uh…I’ll clean it tonight Amma.” Sachin muttered.”Oh and I’m washing my dresses and sarees today. I’m gonna need all my panties back in my Laundry basket before you leave okay, baby.” She said.”Panties?” Sachin asked.Sneha stepped over to his bed and pulled a pair of her white cotton panties out from under his pillow.”Yes, panties.” She said with a little smile.A stream of fresh cum began to run from the panties down her forearm.”Sachin.” She said, again not angrily and with a hint of amusement.”Sorry Amma.” Sachin said.”No you’re not.” She said teasingly.Sachin watched as she tried her best to wipe her arm.Oh my God this semen is still warm…and there’s so much of it. Surely this can’t be from one orgasm, can it? She thought…“Some girls would just lick it up and swallow it.” He said out of control and his face was all flushed.”Yeah, well I’m not “some girl,” I’m your mother and I certainly don’t need the taste of your sperm on my tongue when I kiss your Dad goodbye now.” She said.

“Amma,You look really nice today by the way.”Sachin said.Sneha gazed down at the enormous erection forming a tent in her son’s shorts.”Yeah, I can see… Thank you.” She smiled, her gleaming white teeth peeking through her full pink lips.”You’re welcome.” He said.

OMG, mom’s really staring at it. How cool is this?and where did the guts come to me to speak up like that, He thought.

“Does that thing ever go down?” She teased, like horny college girls.”Not when you’re around. Wanna see something cool?” He asked with all the guts as Sneha isnt objecting.”Sure.” She said, giving him an odd look.Sachin moved his boner, making it rise even higher in his shorts. His brick hard erection strained against the fabric, pushing it way out.Sneha’s eyes widened. She her large areola begin swelling.She tore her eyes from the bulge and found her son watching her reaction.”Show me more.” She teased.

So this is why all the woman I know are trying to get an eighteen year old between their legs. I can’t believe how my pussy just reacted to that. It’s like a jolt of electricity just shot through it. Sneha thought.

“Will you sit on my lap…like you did the other day?” Sachin asked.”Oh sachuu, not this morning. I have to start on tiffin.” She said.”Please…just a few minutes amma.” Sachin begged.She glanced down at the throbbing protrusion, then down the hallway to make sure her husband was downstairs.”One minute and that’s it for this today…okay?” She said.”Fine.” Sachin said as he sat down on a chair.

Sneha came over and sat down sideways on his lap. She felt his raging hard-on slip to the side and the thick shaft sunk down in between her ass crack.Sachin let out a little sigh for his Amma’s weight and Sneha giggled as she brushed his hair back with her long nails.”You are so cute,Sachuu.” She smiled, liking the way the lengthy cock felt down in her ass crack.

I sit on my husbands lap all the time and yet it never feels anything like this. Why? Is my son really blessed with such a great cock? Godd, it feels like I have a thick Banana inside the entire length of my asscrack. Sneha thought.

“Can you do that thing that you did the other day?”Sachin asked innocently.”That thing? Oh, you mean this?” She said, squeezing her cheeks of her buttocks together and massaging his cock.”Haa yes.” He said.As Sneha turned slightly towards him with her arm on his shoulder Sachin could stare straight into the her big breasts. He could tell through the thin top where the edges of her bra were and could see the bulging breast struggling to come out the bra.

She quickly jiggled her chest muscles, making her boobs ripple beneath her top.”You’re not the only show-off in this house.” She said proudly.She pulled him forward and lay his head on her soft breasts. With her arms now around him she gently moved and once again squeezed her soft ass hard around his brick hard cock. She felt it push back…flexing up against her ass…I can’t believe my husband is downstairs waiting for his breakfast and here I am giving our son’s big cock teasing butthug. To make matters worse I keep feeling these little rushes ofwicked excitement surge though me….from the pit of my stomach all the way down to my cute little bare feet. What does it mean? Sneha thoughy.

“Oh and that reminds me…I don’t mind you coming in for a visit when I’m getting dressed. Just make sure your father’s downstairs first…okay.” Sneha said.”Okay.” Sachin smiled happily.The big busted mom smiled lovingly as she felt Sachin’s cock felt higher below her ass.”There.” She said, getting off him.”Feel better?” She smiled.”Yeah, I could do that all day Amma.” He said.”Somehow I know that.” Sneha said, glancing down at the teenaged hardcock.”You might wanna change your shorts before you come downstairs.” She said, with a little smile.

Sachin looked down and noticed a big wet pre-cum stain which had soaked through his shorts.”Guess I got a little excited Amma.” He said.”little?” Sneha giggled.She turned the door…finding another pair of her black panties hanging from the inside door handle.”Sachin.” She said, almost playfully, as she grabbed them.”Sorry, Amma…I’ll put the rest of them in your laundry Basket.” He said.”Thank you…and after you change make sure you get that tool under control before you come downstairs.” She said, giving his cock another half-smiling glance.

My son popped a boner for me. That’s so cute! My little sachuu the panty thief…hehe. I could be upset, but why? He’s a teenage boy doing normal teenaged things. Don’t all boys use their mother’s panties? He must have some sort of ritual after he digs them out of my laundry basket. He probably smells them…inhalling the strong pungent aroma of my clean shaven mommys private place . He may even turn the panty inside out and lick on my pussy place. I can picture his cute little eyes rolling back as he tastes the bitter sweetness…a result of my daily trickle of pussy butter. How good that material must feel against the glands of his penis. No wonder he fills them with such heavy loads. She thought.

Before dropping them in her laundry Basket Sneha held the pair of soaked panties with two fingers. Long strings of semen dropped towards the basket andshe caught one with her fingers. Curiously, she brought the gob of cock-juice up to her nose and smelt. Then, without hesitation, she licked onto her tongue.Thick and sweet…just what I’d expect from a boy his age.

Wow Sneha, you do realize you just tasted the milk from your own son’s balls…that squirted out the tip of his cock probably no more than an hour ago. There’s those butterflies in my tummy again. Well, he tasted me…fair’s fair. OMG, where’s the mouthwash? Sneha thought.

That’s it for Part 1. Hope you liked it.Send your feedback to [email protected] and second part will be back soon and it depends on your rating too


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