The CEO And His Secretary – Part 3

Back at home the CEO’s wife,Roselyn was getting impatient, she was a stickler for timing and hated anyone who did not keep up their appointments.As she saw his BMW Mini enter the porch , her impatience turned into anger.

Rosy – Did you not remember that you have to take me to the Gynac. today ?

CEO – Sorry dear , had too much of work today.

Rosy – You are such an incorrigible fellow , I just don’t know how you are the CEO of your company if you cannot keep up appointments.if I was your Board chairman , I would have sacked you.

CEO – Thank god you are not ( in mock fear), I think, you being a school teacher ,you think all of us are students , that too primary school children.

Rosy – WHAT ! am I school teacher , I am a Head Mistress of the one of the leading schools in the city ,you demean me by calling that.

CEO – Sweetheart , calm down , whether you are a head mistress or principal of a school, you are first a teacher and then only the rest.

Rosy – As if I don’t know that , you stupid muff , you cannot even keep an appointment, you are advising and teaching me what to do and what not to do.Go and wash up and come to eat.

A typical school teacher’s approach of ordering people around, these men and women from school can never change their attitude even when they are out of school. Roselyn was his first fuck in an office environment about 25 years back.She had come for an interview for the post of secretary for the then CEO,just couldn’t understand why quite a few of these anglo indians end up as typist or secretary.

Perhaps it is their english proficiency , or maybe their fair colour or the provocative dress they wear.I think the Indian bosses use them as a decorative piece in their Office atmosphere , pleasant looking, indian weakness for the white skin even if it is half white.They even feel a little elevated if they have a Anglo girl as their secretary. But real reason he knows is their easy going nature and allowing the indian bosses to play with them, from tapping their back side which is done by the pusillanimous guys, to fucking them on the work table done by the more adventurous ones.

He shifts back to Rosy’s interview , she, about 20, young , skinny, fair and even freckled like a teenager.She was one among seven shortlisted for final round of tests.The then CEO was such a self centred person, he would like to interview at least half a dozen persons before deciding on the final choice.There were even three men in the list.Rosy was quite nervous as it was her first interview and she was last in the list , so had a lot of time to survey the office atmosphere.She did notice that that a tall, dark handsome guy go in and out at least a half a dozen times into the CEO’S room.Mentally made a note of that ,if she needs help , she could use him.

Rosy was really clever and had used these techniques very well in her college days and even ended up as a topper in two of her most difficult subjects and her college being an autonomous one , did not get exposed.

She heard them calling out her name and she got up and entered the anteroom adjusted her skirt not downward but upward so that half her thighs were visible and entered the room.There at the end of the huge room saw a short squat man half balding look at her through his glasses.

CEO – Are you coming for an interview or are you going to a ball.

Rosy – No Sir, this is what i usually wear .

CEO – To college ?

Rosy – No sir , that has to be below knee level.

CEO – Ha ! Ha ! just joking , was testing you to see your reaction , do you know that your are the only person to come to this interview without any former experience.

The same evening , Rosy was still waiting outside the office and cornered the tall dark person and took him out for a coffee ,a month later she got the job.The (old) CEO had gone abroad and she had met the tall dark person almost every day to achieve her objective.In a year’s time she had decided to quit as she had done a distance Mphil education programme as she was already an MA.She got through Mphil and decided to change career to teaching ,the change was atually forced upon her by her uncle who was a correspondent in a leading school in the city. During these two years she had developed a good sexual friendship with the tall dark person.

This started when she was meeting him in the coffee shop , even on the first day she sat on the same side of the table and in the first five minutes even before ordering coffee she let loose, she was literally pawing him under the table and grabbed his soft cock and started squeezing it , kneading it and squashing it.He was unmoved , no one would have even found that something was happening underneath the table, such was his reaction.

The waiter came and placed the coffee and left . He calmly started sipping it as she was still busy awakening the snake underneath.He finished it and calmly rose and she literally clinging on to him.this activity went on for a week and she couldn’t wait any longer.

Rose – sir what is wrong sir , you are not responding to me at all, you are the first male who has not fallen for my guiles.One week has gone by and you are still not even recognising that I am doing so much of hard work.I dont even see your penis stiffening.Sir are you gay?

Tall guy – Roselyn , I wanted to teach you a lesson that you cannot always have your way , and the way you jumped on me the first day , I decided to use my yogic skills and control my erection.Now you know that all guys need not fall for girls like you

Rose – Oh ! Thank god you are not gay, and I am really impressed sir, in one week I usually have boys eating out of my palm.

Tall guy – That is the difference between boys and men .in the next few days I will get some news regarding your position.

Rose – Sir, Sir tell me now sir please ,please.

Tall guy – There is an important meeting with HR in the next two weeks time,when the shortlisted candidates would be discussed.

Rose – Sir sir please put forth my case sir, I will be grateful to you always.

Tall guy – Roselyn , if you have done well and if it is close to the rest then I will swing the deal.Pray to Jesus to help you.

Rose – Jesus always helps us

Two weeks later, Rose came running to the coffee shop as she was late that day

Rose – Sir Sir what happened . she panted

Tall guy – you have been put in the final list of two, all others are rejected.this would be sent to the CEO and he would select.

Rose – Can’t you help me please , I told you that i will be grateful , i will fuck you , I will suck you i will do anything you say.

Tall guy – Roselyn ! don’t stoop to such low levels , Have confidence in your strengths and not in others weakness, you know something your marks are really good , and they have actually rated you No. 2 in the list . You have only Mrs Uma ahead of you.

Rose – That old hindu bitch , I saw in the interview who was wearing glasses , please sir you can never fuck her , her cunt would be so loose and the friction would be terrible without lubrication.

Tall guy – why are you so critical of hindus , by the way don’t forget that I am a born hindu even though I don’t practise.

Rose – No sir , I did’nt mean to demean Hindus or muslims or anybody for that matter, it was just a reference as she was wearing a big bindi.But about the fucking , I am sure I can do better than her.

Tall guy – Don’t be too sure , I know of women in fifties who are actually tigress in bed , you know what some of these old hindu women , especially if they are brahmins , they are starved for sex as their husbands are more into religious stuff and and busy going to temples , even some of their Gurus profess that they should abstain from sex,when they reach about 40 years or so.

These women generally are 5 to 10 years younger and hence are not getting enough sex from their husbands, so some of them crave for sex outside , but 90 % of them don’t have guts, so that leaves a small percentage who get it from extramarital areas and the easiest place is office environment.

Rose – Sir you are Scaring me , so my chances are gone ??

Tall guy – I did not say that , don’t think that you trying to seduce me is going to give you an advantage and also I wanted to explain to you that a coy looking traditional woman can also be a real whore in bed, infact these women have so much pent up desires , they are actually very aggressive in bed and if they are taught what is real sex , then none of you anglo bitches can come near them.

Rose – Shit, that is bad , you cannot tell like that about anglo girls , do you know that we are the best fuckers in the whole of India.We start fucking at an early age and are so experienced by the time of wedding, so we are experts.

Tall guy – I accept that , but since you girls keep fucking so often as you say, you do not have the pressure built up inside, for you for example fucking me is normal , I might be your 5th or 6th or even tenth guy, so might know techniques but that fever may not be there as you get a lot of opportunities.I also told you that , IF you teach them to fuck , I also agree that quite a few of these traditional girls do not even know what pleasure they can get out of fucking . I have interacted with a few married mamis( brahmin ladies) and they were telling what is a big deal and at 40 years and above , one should start abstaining from sex.

Then I have challenged these mamis that they do not know what it is to have sex.I even chose one of them the most vehement critic , who used to do puja everyday ,and friday as soon as she reached home would wear only madisar( traditional nine yards) at home.

This lady under oath agreed to try and I told her that I will introduce her to sex like a doctor treating a patient, no emotions , no other feelings.Rose you won’t believe it , in one week she was following me around like a puppy. As I was under oath , I did not even tell the other mamis whom I challenged about this .She was so taken in and was enjoying sex so much , in a month I was teaching all of them pleasures of fucking after she bragged to them about me .Today all of them are so happy sexually with their husbands, as they all told me that they were prepared to run away from their husbands and live with me either as my wife or concubine ( I was half their age?? at that time).Rose – Sir , you are too much,I am already turned on , can I fuck you .

Tall guy – here!! in the coffee shop.

Rose , winking at me – Yes! here only , but in the backside as I have an arrangement with the owner of the shop.

Tall guy – Rose, you are the limit , you can go to any length to get your job done.But, sorry , I am not for it.

Rose – Sir at least let me suck your cock , you have made me hot with all your hindu mami stories and you don’t want to test the prowess of an anglo girl.

Tall guy getting up ,politely walked towards the counter paid the bill and left.

Two days later , Rose’s home number was ringing and she was at home and she picks up , it was from the office and the HR person asks her to come to the office the next day, which was a friday.

“Congratulations! , Miss Roselyn White ,you have been selected for this prestigious job of being the secretary to our CEO.In the history of this company we have never ever selected such an young Secretary that too coming for their first job.”- The HR General Manager announced.Rose literally jumped and ran to him , for a minute everyone there thought she was going to hug him, but she stopped all of a sudden and stuck her hand out to shake his.He told her that she has to join on monday and had to go for her medical check up in their medical centre closeby and get it done today itself as the CEO is an impatient person and he wants her to join on monday.

That is how she joined the company and that is when the Tall dark guy got involved and eventually got married to her.Many years later he himself became the CEO, but she left the company as mentioned to pursue her teaching profession but not before proving that she was not only good in bed but aggressive too like the demure hindu women he had mentioned.Both fell in love and got married with two daughters.

Back to the present , Roselyn served lousy food to the CEO, she is such a bad cook , she has no interest in cooking, the CEO ends up getting lousy food. He tried to argue initially , but these days knows it is a waste of time . He sometimes used to think that if Rose has been half as good in the kitchen as she was in bed then he would have got real good food.

The other side of Rose was that she was so aggressive and dominating person outside but in bed she was a kitten. She even loved to get spanked and loved to endure a lot of pain.She was a masochist a complete jekyll and hyde persona.

Rose – Sir I am so sorry for my bad behaviour outside , I ought to be punished , sir tie me up and whip me till my white arse becomes red.

She always mentions to him as Sir in the room when she feels that she has to be abused , she even calls him master.

The CEO playacts very well , ties both her hands, goes out of the bedroom and brings the whip secretly hidden in the bath room.As he comes out she yells.

Rose – Sir! Sir ! your cock is already rising.

CEO – Bitch you thought I am like your anglo boys who need a lot of kissing and petting for it to rise..

Rose – Sir they are also good.with all the beef eating ,they do have big peckers

CEO – I do agree, but can they fuck like me, make you squirt , can those half white bastards do it , now, tell me bitch

Rose – Sorry master , I made you angry , you are the best and every day you are becoming better.Master I think you are like wine.

The CEO suddenly grabbed the whip and gave her three lashes she squealed in pain.

Rose – Master that was a surprise, you know I love the sudden attack when I least expect it.Punish me master , I am a bad girl ,I did not treat you proper outside .

CEO – Take more you bitch lash lash lash lash , now you know who is who

Rose – Sir please feel me sir see how I am leaking down there , I cannot bear it , I want you , I want your big fat cock.please please fuck me.

CEO – Rose, this is how you begged me when you wanted the job 25 years back.

Rose – Sir , you never fucked me till job was decided, that was one thing that impressed me so much , I thought you were the right guy for me better than the half white anglos in my locality.

Sir the first fuck you gave me sealed the deal and the very next day I asked you to marry me.I even told you that even if you did not marry ,please let me be your concubine.Sir,that was the power of your cock.

CEO -Don’t remind me of those days , then all my other memories would come flooding

Rose – Sir I know that one woman cannot satisfy you and I am really appreciative of you telling me openly that you will need a lot of women to fuck and quench your thirst.

CEO – Then what else did I say.

Rose – That all other bitches were for lust and only me for love.Baby, I love you only for that and will allow you to fuck anyone you desire only for that.

Their secret pact of not discussing his conquests or her fucks was in place and seemed to work very well. Both had such a good sexual appetite , initially Rose used to have flings once in awhile , but after one such fling with her physical trainer Timothy,the CEO decided that he should pull away from competition,and the CEO rammed her really hard especially after the advent of the internet , where he really improved his skills and endurance , every wild session of theirs would leave her wobbly for the next three days , which was noticed once by her trainer Tim.

Tim – Mam, why are you really weak certain days and you are not able to complete your squats or lunges or aerobics which I give you.

Rose grinned sheepishly and winked at him.

Tim – yes , now I know , sir has been at work at night I think .

Rose – Timmy ! you are so bad , but you are right , sir has been so aggressive these days i feel the effect of his pounding even after two days , my legs are weak and my cunt literally distended due to the assault.Timmy this guy is a demon.

Tim – What ?? even better than me , after all he is only a hindu and doesn’t even eat beef.

Rose – Baby , don’t get upset , all your beef eating is going to your muscles and in other parts of the body , but down there , he is still the king.

Tim – Mam ! , I am going to show you right now what I can do to we anglo’s are far better in fucking as compared to the tiny cock hindus.

Rose – Baby , you are confused , only certain hindus , especially upper caste hindus have small pricks while the lower castes , they call them shudras have big penises.Some of them so huge about 9 to 10 inches long. They work in the fields and do menial jobs or were soldiers in the army. They were originally doing a lot of manual labour and hence all parts of their body is hardened , especially their cocks.

Tim – what are you telling , where did you have so much of information?

Rose – Where else? my dear hubby only , he does so much of research in everything.

An angry Tim jumped on her and stripped of her leotards which Rose was wearing and underneath that she was in her tight athletes bra and a tong.

Tim – So you are ready for this anglo’s battering.

Rose – Timmy don’t just talk prove it.

Tim started to part the tong to one side and rammed his fair cock which was already becoming pink due to blood rushing into it . He was well endowed with a 7 inch cock which was about the same size as the CEO’s but a lot fairer and pointy.He was ashamed that Rose has taunted him with comparison to the CEO . He started to batter her with his penis and Rose was still recovering from the assault of the CEO two days back

but she being a hot bitch wanting always for more sex willingly spread her legs and he started pumping her with a ferocity that she was literally getting pushed forward with every bang.

Tim – mam ! mam! is it enough or you want more , is it better than your hubby.

Roe – Timmy boy don’t call me mam when you are fucking me , I am your bitch now, call me bitch , okay

Tim – No No I cannot use such words , okay for your sake I will call you Rose , can I call you Dee as these tamil guys call their girlfriends.?

Rose – Yes Yes that looks sexy , do it.

The banging continued for the next 15 minutes when he discharged into her.

Tim – Rose , how was it dee? you were purring like a kitten.

Rose – You silly boy , you should have never cum , did you know that I should cum first and then you ,you silly bastard. You have brains like the buffalo you eat.

Tim – Sorry dee , did not realise it , for that you are cursing me ! uh!

Rose – That’s the difference between you and him, he would make me cum at least three times before he stops, mark my words stops and not cums.He then would switch to using fingers , he is such a master with his fingers , he would make me squirt.

Tim – Makes you cum three times , you must be fibbing.

Rose – You know what , his record is making me come 7 times before he came , 5 times fucking me doggie style and 2 times digging his fingers into me so wonderfully ,I was squirting continuously with every jab of thinking of it makes me hot already. fuck me proper you Anglo bastard.

Tim – mam so soon , sorry dee , habits die hard. I can’t get it up for the next ten minutes.just wait and then see me rip you apart.

Rose – Timmy boy , that is why you should not hurry , when he fucks me , he is in total control as he feel his sperm rising in his balls , he pulls out and starts kissing me or squeezing my nipples and in a minute gets back to business and makes me scream. His control of not crossing the the line is his secret.

Tim – Dee , you should hide me in the closet and make me see all this and learn from him.He seems to have special talent with women.

Slowly his pecker started to rise and Rose got another banging and this time also he did not wait for her to cum,the problem with young studs is impatience.

In the next six months Rose was hunting for a new trainer as Tim had migrated to Australia . but she did not need anybody else as she could not cope with the hard and deep fucks of the CEO and he had introduced Rose to anal fucking too. She literally needed three to four days to recover , but after which she was literally waiting for the mauling.

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