The Day With My Professor

Hello everyone, I’m John from Mumbai. I’ve been an avid reader of the stories on this site and I’ve always loved them, and this time I want to submit my personal experience with my college professor. To share your experiences with me, or if you want to talk to me personally, email me on [email protected].


To tell about myself, I’ve been in Mumbai for two years now, and I’m completing my degree in a college here. I’m 20 yo, 6’3 tall, athletically built with a muscular body, and I’m also into my college sports teams. I won’t be exaggerating about my tool size, as it is big enough to satisfy any woman. Now to introduce the heroine of this story, is my professor from my college, who has been teaching me for 2 years now. To describe her, she is a pure MIlF! I had an eye on her since the first day that I’d seen her. She is a mother of a 5 year old kid. The best part of her body is her 36′ boobs, that are uncontrollable below that kurtas she wears. Her ass is a massive 40, and it was so tempting to look at, that I’d masturbated so many times thinking of fucking her. Oh, her name is Kavya.


Since the first day of college, I would always stare at Kavya mam’s assets during the lectures, and she also caught me a couple of times doing that. And I bet she loved every bit of it, as she would always give me a smile after that. I continued my fantasizing of her, and on the annual day this year, I got my green signal. Our department had only 5 permanent faculty members, including Kavya. She was dressed in a red saree, which revealed her back and navel, and I got an instant hard on. I was there as I was getting an award for sports and i had to go to the back stage to receive it. When i went there, I saw Kavya, who was adjusting her saree, and to spice up the moment, it was just the two of us there. Our backstage is a really small place, and one can barely stand there. I took advantage of this situation. And I went ahead to strike up a converstaion with her:


Me: “Good evening ma’am! (still staring at her assets)”

Kavya: “Oh hi John! What are you doing here?”

M: “I’m getting an award for sports”

K: “Oh thats great, congratulations! (we shook hands)

M: “Mam can i say something?”

K: “Yes, tell me?”


M: “You look gorgeous today, very gorgeous”

K: *blushes* “Thank you John! But I thought you felt i looked gorgeous everyday?” (she said that with a devilish smile)

M: “Maam I didnt mean that, its just that…you look hot today”

K: “So I dont look hot everyday?”

M: “Yes ma’am you do. But today its too much”

K: “Hahaha, I can see that” (she looks towards my boner)

I was both happy and embarrassed.


My name was called and i went to receive it and while going, our bodies brushed and i smiled at her. After this moment, I knew she wanted me.


So after a month, my college was on just for the extra classes and project submissions. Kavya ma’am had given us assignments for the semester which were to be submitted on 12th March. And as I’ve already been a bad student with low attendance, I didn’t submit the project on that day. I went to college the next day, and one of my friend was also there who wanted to submit her project. I got to know that she and I were the only one left to give the project. She told me that she was sick and had told Kavya mam about it, meaning I was the only one was going to be punished.


To our bad luck, we got to know that Kavya mam wasnt coming to college today. We both felt worried, and my friend called up Kavya mam. She told her that how we both were there to submit the project, and Kavya mam told that she was not going to come to college for the next four days, and that we’ll have to submit the project anyhow. My friend asked her if we can go to her place to submit it, and Kavya mam was fine with that. As soon as she hung up, my friend told me that she had to go to the doctor, so if I can submit both the projects. I said yes, and I also thought of this as an opportunity to meet Kavya maam alone.


I left from college and went towards mam’s house and I called her asking for her address. I mentioned that my friend isnt well so I’m coming alone, to which she said “Is she really not well or did you ask her not to come?” I was really turned on by this, and I said that no she was really sick. Kavya gave me her address, and I reached her place in another half an hour.


I rung the bell, and I was shocked to see the sight. The door opened, and there she was. The MILF I’d been fantasizing about for 2 years, whom I’d always seen in traditional wears, standing in front of me with a white sleevless tight top, and a hot yoga pants, revealing all her assets. I had my mouth open after this view, and she invited me in.

I was still in awe of her sexiness, and I apologized to her for being late. She said, this is not acceptable as I’ve been doing it for a long time now. I really begged in front of her, and she said fine I’ll take your projects.


The very next moment, I asked for some water, and asked why she wasnt coming to college for the next few days. She said that her husband has gone out and she has to take care of the kid. I gave her a smile, and she smiled back with the naughtiest of expressions. She came back with a glass of water, and while giving it to me, she bent a lot, maybe deliberately and I got an almost full view of her boobs, and she wasnt wearing a bra. I was really restless by now.


She said “i accept your apology for today, but what about the annual day?”


I was really puzzled and asked her to what she was referring to. To this she stood up, and said “I’ve been noticing you all this while, how you always stare at my assets during the lectures, and how you deliberately brushed your body at the backstage. So tell me, when are you apologizing for that?”


I was really taken aback, and i was almost speechless. I uttered “Mam… I’m sorry for that as well, but…you’re really hot.” I really wanted to fuck her badly by now.


She came and sat beside me and said “My son isnt coming home for another 2 hours, so maybe we can do something about this”, she said as she moved her hand over my crotch, where my dick was already hard.


I was in no mood for wasting time, and I immediately pulled her close and smooched her. Damn, that was the best lips I’ve ever kissed. We continued the kissing and explored our mouths for 10 minutes, and we both were excited now. I inserted my hand inside her top, and started playing with her boobs. She started moaning “mmm…”. I’ve never held a bigger pair of boobs, what a feeling was it take those dream tits in my hands. I removed her top completely, and she did the same to me. She told me that she always wondered how good my physique was, and now she started feeling my abs and chest. I said we should move to the bedroom. We proceeded, and I threw her onto the bed. I started licking her, from her neck to her navel. I sucked her boobs for 5 minutes. She was moaning all this while with pleasure. She said that she has been really missing this adventure since her husband doesnt take care of her.


I went down and removed her pants, she wasnt wearing a panty. I loved it, and i went ahead and started licking her clean shaven pussy, which was already wet. She started yelling “Oh, John, its been so long…suck me.. aaahhhhhh!!! Come on, make me your slut!”

Those words really turned me on, and I licked her pussy until she was about to cum. It seemed as if I fucked her with my tongue, as she was spreading juices all around.


Now it was her turn to return the favour. We changed sides, and she removed my jeans and underwear, and my cock literally slapped her face the moment she opened my underwear. She said “Wow, thats the best cock I’ve seen!” I said the go ahead you slut, feel it!


She started sucking my dick, and I was in seventh heaven. She kept sucking my dick, and I was totally in love this lady by now. After sometime, I told her i was about to cum, but she didn’t stop. I came and she drank all of my sperm, and that was my best shot of load till date!


I really wanted to feel her pussy now, and wanted my dick inside it. She lied down and I jumped on top of her, and inserted my dick into her pussy. She yelled with pain “AAaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Fuck me John, fuck me like I’m your slave!! Oh yeahhhh fuck meee!!” she yelled and I held her and thrusted my dick into her pussy. Oh God, what a feeling that was. I kept fucking her for 15 minutes, and when I was about to cum, I told her, but she said “Keep fucking….ahhhhhh!!!” I came inside her pussy. And we lied in that position for while.


We kissed each other, and i was playing with her boobs. We were ready for the second round, and this time I told her I wanted to bang that 40 ass! And she smiled like a true whore!


I spanked her ass and took my dick inside her ass, and fucked her for another 15 minutes. We were drenched in sweat despite the AC being on. She looked into my eyes and said “Do you want get more wild?” and I was never going to say no.


We moved into the shower, and I fucked her pussy again. She yelled and I enjoyed. We fucked till we both were exhausted. We stood in the shower for a while and came out all wet. She said I’ll prepare you some food, and you can leave before my son comes. We had food together, and she prepared the food just in a pair of bra and panty. 😉


We smooched again, and before I could fuck her again, she “There are 3 more days without husband John, I want that dick again!” I kissed her with lust and happiness.


The next three days were the best days of my life, as i fucked Kavya for hours, in various positions, and we were naked all the day. She sent her son to her mother’s place and so we had the house to us. We fucked and slept naked all day and night. After this, we continue to have video chats and sexts whenever her husband was there. I also made out with her in a theater and in her car. We continued till this last week, till the college closed for vacations. She’s gone out of town for a while, but once she’s back, I’m sure I’ll have more naughty experiences to share here!


If any reader felt this story was worth it, and wants to talk to me, you can mail me at [email protected] . Also I love MILFs and women who are older than me. I’m always ready for sessions and I never give up on a hot oppurtunity!

Expecting some adventures, thanks for reading!

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