The First Kiss And The First Touch

First of all I am kumar from andhra… About me I am 6″1 tall avg athletic ..Reasonably good looking ….And I am studying medicine… Guys this is my first story and jus an experience… Bare with me if it is bad and please do gimme your feedback… [email protected]

Coming to story I am studying medicine….And most of the time I spend time with books or play basketball…I am kinda shy with girls…Never interacted much…But one fine day a junior of mine asked me about a patient when I was in the hospital… About her…Her name is anjali..21… Very fair complexion, black eyes, long hair…Stats..34 -26-36… A stunning sexy she was…At first I didn’t take interest in her…The next day we again met in the hospital… She said she wanted some pics of the patient so she asked my number so that I can send in whatsapp…..

Slowly we talked for few days in whatsapp…I was attracted to her…But never showed my feelings.She started teasing me about me not having a gf and all. She started sending romantic msgs and pics.And one day she invited me to her home for dinner. I was very scared and I didn’t know what to do.Part of me wanna go and part of me was confused. Finally I gained courage and went to her flat. She stays along with her maid. That day the maid wasn’t there.She opened the door. Omg…What a sight…

I always see her in salwar..But now she is in a skin tight leggings and a loose tee..I could he see her perfectly shaped legs..Btw she is 5’6 and has tall perfect toned legs..And a perfect ass.I could make out clearly the outline of her ass.There was a bit of tension rising in me,but she was cool and smiling she served dinner we ate laughed and then I asked her to show pics she sat by my side and started showing pics in ipad her shoulder was touching mine…I could smell her hair. Omg it was soo intoxicating ,her long neck was near my mouth, I was very eager to kiss it but I was scared and confused so couldn’t do anything.

After that she started checking her phone. I gained courage and texted her” your wet hair is seducing me”.She smiled naughtily and passed her fingers thru hair and looked at me from the corner of her eye.That sight made me crazy I just grabbed her and placed my lips on hers.That was my first kiss we both were just transfixed our lips and bodies hugging tightly.. Slowly I put my tongue in to her mouth she slowly responded. We kisses for a few seconds then I broke the kiss and looked in to her eyes. And then kissed her all over her face neck.And aging kissed on her lips. This time it lasted for minutes.

I was crazy anr started to lift off the tee-shirt, she hesitated but there’s no stopping me I started taking off she slowly raised her hands I took off the tee..She was wearing a black bra.The sight of the perfect cream colored boobs in black bra is a feast to the eyes.I jus grabbed them and squeezed them slowly removed the bra too to reveal pink coin sized erect nipples, she felt shy and dug her face it to my chest, I hugged her tightly feeling her warm body and soft boobs and hard nipples poking in to my chest.. What a feeling it is. Slowly I lifted her face and kissed her on her forehead. And then on her cheek and again on her lips this time sucking them she then slowly kissed my ears and nibbled my earlobes.

It was the best feeling for me till then , I was hugging her tightly she slowly removed my tee and started kissing my chest then I grabbed her waist and laid her on bed and slowly started kissing her neck then licking her cleavage squeezing her boobs and licking her nipples ,squeezing one and sucking the other this continued for 10min she was breathing heavily then slowly I started kissing her navel and then over her thighs. I slowly rolled down her legging revealing a sexxy panty which is very wet by now.

I removed it too and slowly started kissing her toes and gradually goin up her thighs and finally her pussy lips which are dripping juices by now. She is closing her legs avoiding me touching and again age presses my head on to her pussy. I liked the smell of wet pussy I just licked it she couldn’t control and she orgasmed.I was rock hard by now she slowly lifted me and shifted to 69 position took my dick into her mouth, first kissing the head and licking it and slowly taking it deep. That was the first time my dick is getting touched something other than my hand.Omg…The feeling was absolute pleasure she started swallowing slowly and slowly taking the whole.,

And finally she took my whole 6.5 inch dick in to her mouth and started sucking, I just closed my eyes because I was in heaven and enjoying my first ever blowjob, I couldn’t last for long and I cummed in to her mouth, she licked me clean, seeing this I learned this was not her first time. I then hugged her and kissed and grabbed her ass and out my two finger in to her pussy she hugged me tightly

I started fingering her from behind while hugging her tight, she started tubing her pussy on to my limp dick to which I got erect again, but I was very confused whether to do it or not so I slowly shifted to 69 position and started licking her pussy and sucking her clit she started sucking again this time we lasted a bit longer and orgasmed at the same time we were very tired and couldn’t move I kissed her slowly and hugged her ,she may in my arms

I then looked into her eyes and kissed on her forehead, she put one keg across me and slept in my arms, and me I was still in a shock what just happened and was slowly sliding my fingers thru her hair and admiring her beauty,her breath striking my chest, I couldn’t sleep,then to my fucking disappointment before I decide what to do next I got a call from hosp to come immediately and I had to rush to the hospital and that’s how I had my first kiss and the first touch…

Hope u liked it and if u wanna know what happened next do mail me for ur feedback, and any horny ladies looking for fun,mail me at [email protected]

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