The Kin – Step Black

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Step black is not written erroneously. It is correct to the fact for the black Negro step brother of madam who has left with Mistry for her country and this Negro called as John is over all boss for looking after the business in India though Madam is the overall Boss. Mr. John in fear of Madam could not tell anything to anyone. As soon as Madam left Mr. John occupied her luxurious room and called all members in his room and closed the door behind them and throw the question “what is my relation with you all”?

All: what?

Mr. John: you are believed in the theory of mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, sister, Uncle and niece and that is your name and I appreciate this and I nwant to be a part of your family and myself is step means I am step-son for mom and dad, Step brother for brother and sister again step-dad for son and daughter and last step-Uncle for niece. As the word step means right to fuck i.e step dad can fuck step daughter and no harm in this, similarly step son can easily make his step-mom as his sex partner, also true for step brother and step sister and in maximum cased step brother and step sister becomes fucking couple.

Mr. John: Do you all want promotion or demotion or removal from service?

All four males: In chorus “promotion”

Mr. John: Do you all think that you are suitable for promotion.

All males: No.

Mr. John: why should I give you all pro-motion? I can give ream motion to your wives for your promotion if you all agree. I already have known that you all fuck all the females then what is the harm if I fuck all the ladies.

All male gave their consent and left the room with four females remain inside.

All the male members went outside and discussed among themselves that they are very lucky to get their partners as they are giving sex service to Mr. John for their promotion and all females became more than happy in their mind to get a new adventurous cock journey.

Now Mr. John told that all the female members in his bed room will stay with him until he leaves India and food will be supplied to them by the four males and all the females jumped on the mammoth bed of the bed room of John with a big smile in their mouth. So they have got the chance to dominate their male partner and not only that the promotion of their partner is written on their pussy and will be signed by the cock of John.

When all the female members entered In the bed room of John then he closed the door. In that moments a small knock at the door of four kins and they astonished to find a girl of 18 Yrs. asking for Mistry. She told that she is sister of Mistry and her name is Luni. Now she told that she has no body and she is step sister of Mistry and she was advised by Mistry to stay in this house until death.

All the four members were more than happy to get the girl as their wives have been locked inside for John’s BBC pumping to stretch the cunt hole. All the Kin member asked are you ready for every type of job?

Luni; yes

Dad: sex job?

Luni: no objection.

Uncle: all four.

Luni: no problem

Brother: Can you take one foot dick?

Luni: Please try on my pussy.

Son: what is your potential to retain jism in your sex honey pot?

Luni: until you all cum in my sex honey pot normally that is without consuming any drugs.

All the members discussing that the girl is a big mouth one and speaking something extra and they four will tear the cunt of this girl with their pecker sword.

Now in the bed room John called and told my mom, my daughter, my sister and my niece please show me yours gift of god and all four females in their Bra and Panties.

Now John started with taken out of bra from mom and she is perfect with her breast adding with grape nipple by the touch of John’s magic hand and now John put his mouth on mom’s nipples and started to suck furiously and mom’s breast milk started to oozes out from her breast and John drank the same and told that this breast milk is needed to him as cock massage cream and all the ladies started laughing and now took out a vibrator and put inside mom’s pussy and next came to sister and kissed her nipples and put a clit stimulator and left her and now took the charge of daughter and niece and both of them are voluptuous but John cupped both of their breast in one hand and started fondling with sucking and followed by biting on the nipples.

Now both daughter and sister put their both hand on the hand of John fondling their boobs and mom and sister stared to unbuckle the belt of John, then jeans and next OMG: the size of cock sporting over his jockey is like a :-

Sister: It is a Horse cock.

Mom: No,No,No, it must be elephant cock

Niece:It is python

Daughter: No, it is Anaconda and all started laughing and John told it is BBC-Big Black Cock. My Kins torturing with mom and sister and now I will start some sex torturing with my niece and daughter.

John:My daughter and my sister come forward, leg apart and show your pussy and they did the same and now John placed her tongue on both the vaginas, followed by clitoris and then placed his finger on both of their pussy and and stared advancing and reached the place of both the woman called G-spot and started fingering and both the ladies sexcited to release their pre cum juices from their sex cervix and also the buzzing of vibrator in Mom’s cunt resulted to release of pre cum and the clit stimulator on sister’s clit resulting the same and thus all the ladies are on the same sex stage for sexploitation.

Let us she what is happening with the four male fuckers wanting to fuck a cute girl. Now all of them took Luni to their master bed-room and told Luni you will call Dad, Uncle, Brother and son. Luni got quite excited to hear this and told so far my grand-dad and my she-male sister Mistry has fucked me and now I have got my dad, uncle, brother even son to fuck me and believe I will enjoy all these.

Now all four started to make Luni naked by taking out her dress and made nude and OMG: the Bra size is 40D and her figure is 40D-26-36,she is only 5 ft 2 inch in height and cunt perfectly shaped and trimmed as a heart around the cunt.

Now all dad, uncle, brother and son started fondling of breasts with sucking of nipples, sucking of vagina and the clitoris and Luni got excited to open her legs and took son in ler sex crevice, brother in her mouth and uncle in her butt hole and dad preferred to perform his cock between the breast mound of Luni and after every 15 minutes they changed the position and after around 1 hour all five of them started to release their sex jism in unison and at last all the mingle juices was lapped and swapped by all the members of the orgy team. In this way all the males got astonished and found Luni was not boasting and she has taken all the cocks in all three holes with ease and has satisfied all four experienced fuckers.

In the bed room all the females started calling John as Pussy-man and John was very happy to hear this and told he will try his level best to retain his jism unless all the ladies have discharged their sex honey on his dong.

Now John started with the senior most member mom and started fondling and pressing her boobs vigorously and ordered other three sex partners to suck her nipples and collect her breast milk and spread on his dong and all three ladies did so and now all the ladies got astonished to see the 13 inch cock of John and they feared to take the cock in their tight pussy but John told Don’t worry ,holes are ceated to engulf cock and I will reach to your maxima and never cross the limit to burst your cunt and placed mom in missionary position and mom released her juices within 10 minutes and next Sister also took around 12 inch cock in doggie position as she has a magic cunt with limit of 1 foot and released her jism within 10 minutes and next niece came

John lifted niece on his lap and started to fuck her in standing with sucking of her both the nipples and at last niece release her load within 15 minutes and in the end daughter came forward to ride the cock of John in cow girl position and after 20 minutes both discharged their sex juice in unison and now John took out his cock and it is glistening with all the females cunt honey juice and all the ladies sucked to clean his cock and in return John lapped all the four cunt juices.

Now after one week when all the ladies came out with elaborate sex discussion with John and found Luni and understood that this girl, sister of Mistry also have been thoroughly washed by the jism of their husband.

Now what happened when John meet Luni?

It was quite preplanned and Mistry knew the super sex nature of her sister and when she saw John see took the decision to make John fuck buddy of her sister Luni and also told to Madam and Madam also wanted to keep John with her and now John took Luni with him for his country to stay with her Madm sister and Luni also got her sister Mistry and all will be lives as kin and play the much more sex games if Madam approves and Madam will definitely approve to the sex venture of Mistry.

Again here all Dad, Uncle, Brother and son got the promotion of Assistant Manager in their company by the virtue of their wife’s sex service and at last Mom gave birth to a son and Sister gave birth to a girl. Their sex experience never ends and we have to think kinkier and more perversenesses, more incest and more taboo but now let us give them time to breed their spouse.

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