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Hello, everyone. Let’s call me anonymous here and this is my first story here about a fling that happened a few days back. I am from Kolkata and I am a regular college going guy. I just hope you like this story. Please forgive me for my mistakes as I am writing here for the first time and do send your valuable feedback at [email protected]

It was Saturday evening. I was bored as hell as I had nothing to do and also my roommate was visiting his girlfriend so there was no chance of going out. I was just sitting there wishing that I had something to do. So, then my phone rang and my roommate told that he was coming with his girlfriend and one of her friends at our place. So, I thought, finally I would have something to do. So, they arrived half an hour later. There were my roommate, his girlfriend and this friend of hers, let’s call her Ritika. I was just awestruck by seeing her. She had that one of the most beautiful eyes you could ever possibly imagine and she had this great figure and overall, she looked great. So, we got introduced and after midnight my roommate and his girlfriend went into the room and locked the door. So, I and Ritika started chatting.

Now, although I was mesmerized by her beauty yet I didn’t think I had any chance with her but fate had other plans for me. We started talking about each other’s life and after some time when she started getting comfortable with me she told me about her recent breakup and how that was so painful for her. She was actually crying and I started consoling her and as it happened our face become quite close to each other and in the spur of the moment we kissed and as soon as we realized what we had done we retaliated and for a moment there was an awkward silence and we were trying to look away from each other. But then I gathered some courage and kissed her again. This time none of us backed out and it started growing intense. We started putting our tongue in each other mouth’s and I was biting her lower lips, you must be knowing how that feels.

So, we had started this all-in balcony, so we decided to move to my room. As soon as we entered there I closed the doors and we went back to business. The kissing was fucking intense. I had never kissed someone like that in my whole life. My cock started becoming erect and as I was in my night clothes she could kind of feel that. She put her hands over there and was gently rubbing it over my pants and smiling. Now, I moved a little forward, pressed her against the wall, moved my hands over her back, turn her around and then slowly I start pulling the zipper of her black one-piece. I started pulling it slowly and with every centimeter of the movement of the chain, there was her flawless skin showing. I was getting more and more aroused. So, now instead of dropping her dress, I started kissing on her neck and she now started breathing heavily.

Her breathing sounds were becoming intense with my every touch. Now, I turn her around and start kissing her on lips and slowly I pull that dress off and I can’t put into words what I saw. She was wearing a black bikini underneath and she was looking like an angel just ready to go to heaven. We were kissing again but now she took a step forward and then removed my t-shirt and then she removed my pants. Now she got down and started sucking my cock of my underwear and oh my god! It was awesome and the slowly she removed my underwear with her mouth and slowly started sucking my cock. I just felt like I was being lifted from this earth and all my body weight was gone. She was not a pro in sucking but she was good enough for me. She started off slowly with the tip and then she went deeper to great lengths. It was just all making the environment more heated. And then I started feeling like I couldn’t control more so I stopped her. And now it was my turn to serve her.

So, I remove her bra and there comes out one of the most beautiful pairs of boobs I have ever seen. It was white and her nipples were sort of brownish which made it even sexier. She had a brown dot on the upper part and it was just adding to her charm. So, now I start sucking her boobs slowly and one at a time and now she started moaning. She was making feeble sounds and the more she made that sound the harder I started sucking her boobs. Then after some time, I lay her on the bed and slowly start coming down and then I take off her panties. She was already wet down there with the boob sucking and oh my god the smell was so good. So, slowly moved my heads forward and lick her clit and she screams like as a current ran through her body and in the act, she held my head but then I started licking her pussy lips and in between, I was giving a little stroke on her clits. She was moaning as hell and finally after some time she pressed my head on her pussy and came. She was breathing heavily like she had done some heavier work or stuff like that. So, now I get up and then I bend to kiss her and then we start kissing passionately again. So, now I ask her shall I go in?

To which she just smiles and nods in agreement and then I adjust my body over her and tell her to direct my tool toward her opening and then she guides me. After I position myself properly I started applying pressure and slowly due to wetness my cock started going in. It was really hot and tight in there but I kept pressing until I can see my little buddy no more. And then I start stroking and she starts moaning and with time I increased my pace gradually and her moans increased and she became a little loud. As I was stroking she started moaning heavily and then she kissed me and just clutched me in her arms like hugging and started stroking herself and within a moment or two she came. This time she came a little harder and after she was done, she was smiling and looking at me and I was just stroking slowly as I didn’t want this moment to end.

We again started kissing as I was stroking and then I realized I was going to come soon and I increased my pace and after about two minutes I came inside her. It was the best feeling ever. I actually had never come inside someone before so it felt pretty great and her pussy was dripping wet with our juices. We just lay there in the bed kissing each other and looking at each other after this most beautiful night. We did once more and we dozed off into each other’s arms only to be awakened by the knocking of our roommates the next morning.

Hope you loved reading it. Please send your feedback to [email protected].

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