True Incident That Happening In Chennai – II

Hi all, I am conveying my heart full Thanks to each and everyone who had given their valuable comments, interest, and encouragement over e-mails and Hangout chats for my previous sex story. People who have missed my first part can read it (True Incident That Happened In Chennai: and can start reading this nowhere. Coming to the continuation, I am here giving the full story instead of making it in Part II and III:

Once we get down at Shozhinganallur, Keerthi was met with one of her teammates and asked me to leave from there. So, I reached office thinking of what was happened is real or just a dream and felt very happy as I am getting a chance to ride a married lady. I reached my desk and started working as normal, she too was busy in her routine work with some naughty smiles and lusty looks in between. She pinged me in the Lync and informed that “I am coming to your desk”, for which I immediately replied with “Thumbs Up” symbol. She came to my desk, sat beside right side to me and started discussing the documentation work.

It all went fine for some time; meanwhile, she dragged her chair closer to me. While discussing, she used to lean front for which her silky and milky left boob was crushing in between her body and my right shoulder. I am feeling the warmness in her boob as she was wontedly pressing her boob to my shoulder.

I was totally out of mind and started getting wild in thoughts and cock size. She noticed the tent on my pant and shouted as “are you clear on this document..?” All of a sudden I gained my senses and just nodded my head as I don’t know what to answer for her. She smiled and started to rub her boob again on my shoulder, and again ended up with asking some questions as she is very serious at work. She is literally taking me to the cloud9 with her actions and throwing from there with her questions and professionalism. I didn’t know how to react to the situation, whether to be on earth and concentrate on work or roam on clouds and get wild for her. As she is keeping on teasing me, I decided to take some bold step and kept my right hand on her left thigh. She got embarrassed with my action and spread her dupatta to cover my hand.

Now I started massaging her left thigh with my right hand from her thigh junction to leg kneel and from inner to the outer side. I started doing magical movements with my fingers in such a way to tickle and arouse her at the same time. She kept silent and was looking at the desktop screen without any reaction. I too don’t want to disturb/deviate her from the present mood. So, I went towards her pussy junction where I found the panty line just before the corner side of her pussy. I started to play with that panty line as a guitar and rubbing my fingers and palm over her pussy. After some time, she started breathing heavily and separated her two legs a little apart.

Her facial expressions are getting slowly changed and her eyes are going to another world with half closed. She whispered in my ears as she is getting leaked. I felt the boiling temperature near her pussy area and started fondling her pussy with my palm. Slowly I removed her panty aside over the leggings and started to put my finger inside her pussy over the dress.

All of a sudden she got up from the chair and went to outside the ODC. I was left puzzled with her action. Within 5 minutes, I got some pics and a message “This is what your hands did” to my WhatsApp from Keerthi. I felt bad with that message and thought that maybe my nails hurt her thighs or her pussy walls like that, and downloaded the images. What I saw in those images was unexpected for me and made me spell bound.

Image 1: Keerthi pussy with fluid coming out.Image 2,3: She opened her pussy lips and showed the fluid coming inside from her pussyImage 4: Her panty pic, which is stuck with her love fluid.Image 5: Her white and jumbo thighs with running fluid.

After seeing those pics, I felt like I had conquered this world without doing any war and battles. Maybe I had made this for teenage girls, but for the first time, I made to cum a married lady with my hands. So I felt very proud of myself. Meanwhile, she came to her desk and started smiling wildly towards me. I then replied to her message/pics in WhatsApp:

Me: Hey Keerthi, Are those pics yours..?Keerthi: Yeah, of course, doesn’t you recognize me.Me: I am not able to believe this still.Keerthi: Why, what happened..?Me: Nothing, I didn’t expect you as this much fast.Keerthi: We are now opened for what we are expecting from each other, and then there’s no matter in hiding our feelings and privacy now.Me: yeah you are correct. Your pussy looks awesome.Keerthi: really, thank you very much.Me: Not only pussy, your thighs are very attractive.Keerthi: I love you praising…Me: But you wasted most precious fluid on this earth L.Keerthi: Hahahaha, is it..? Don’t worry; you will get a chance to taste that.Me: I know I will get a chance, but when..?Keerthi: ASAP (As Soon As Possible).Me: Please Keerthi, please please, please. I want today. I want today.Keerthi: Are you crazy, no way man.. My husband will be there.Me: I don’t know all those things. Please, I want to taste that juice today and should live a long life.Keerthi: Ok ok cool. Will see how and where to do. Will ping you soon.Me: thank you a lot darling, will be waiting to taste yours today.

After some time, I got a meeting invitation from Keerthi scheduled at 6:30 PM, SDB7, Floor 5. Ours is the second floor, but the meeting was scheduled at 5th floor. I got a doubt on the 5th floor won’t be that much rush and the only couple of projects is running over the entire floor. My heart started pumping high and I immediately pinged her asking

Me: Is that your plan..?Keerthi: No no, don’t think too much, it’s official meeting.

Then I stopped roaming on clouds and came to my seat :P. As scheduled, I reached the meeting room by 6:30 PM and was waiting for other members. After 5 minutes, Keerthi came inside placed her laptop on the table and went outside stating that “rest of the people are joining soon”. I said, “No probs, will wait”. Within 2 minutes Keerthi came fast inside, closed the room door, locked the door from inside, and putting down the sunscreen sheets down. With this, I came to understand what was going to happen. I immediately got up from the chair and hugged her from the back. She pushed me back by saying “Let me down all the screens in the room”.

Meanwhile, I started opening my shirt buttons and removed my shirt within no time standing with the bare top. By the time she was closing the last screen, I again hugged her from the back and started pressing her two big sized b( . ) ( . )bs very hard with my two hands. Once she is done with closing the last screen, I turned her towards me, tighten my hug and started kissing all over her face, neck, and ears. She held my face with her two hands and started a deep lip kiss. I slowly made her push towards the wall and reacted well with my tongue and both played well with our lips and tongue for a quite long time.

While our lips are busy in smooching each other’s, our hands are busy in exploring the hills and valleys of each other’s body parts. I removed her top and threw it away, later I raised her bra over her b( . ) ( . )bs and continued to keep on pressing that juicy b( . ) ( . )bs. After seeing that juicy b( . ) ( . )bs in bare, I was not able to hold my cock inside my pants. She observed my situation, unzipped my pant and let my pants and underwear to go down by one push. With this, I was in full nude and she was half nude in our office meeting room. She kept her smooth hands on my cock and started rubbing my cock to and fro. I broke our lip kiss, lifted her up by holding her round ass, made her sit on my hips with her two legs wrapping around my hip and made her lie on the meeting room table.

I bent down and smelled started biting with my teeth on her pussy over the dress. Within no time, I removed her leggings and panty and threw on the floor. For the first time, I was seeing a married lady in full nude inviting me with her pussy doors to open. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and started to put fingers in that love valley. She is going crazy with my fingering and started to make moans loudly. She is not at all bothering about my location, but I got frightened with her volume of moans and kept her removed bra in her mouth and screamed “Don’t shout you bitch, we will be caught by security. Just relax and control your moans”. I went to her love valley again and found that her lava was popping out. I immediately licked that lava with my tongue.

Frankly speaking, I love the taste of Women’s pussy juice. I pushed my tongue deep and deep inside her pussy and was keeping on tongue fucking. Meanwhile, I was pressing her b( . ) ( . )bs, pinching her nipples and twisting her nips. She leaked her juice after enjoying my tongue fucking for a nice amount of time; she now gets down from the table, spits out the bra from her mouth, and started caressing my cock.

She made me sit on the chair; she then came to kneel down position near my cock and smelled for some time. She loved the smell of my pre-cum. She held my balls with the left hand and used her right hand to make my front skin go back. It seems like she had given some warm-up to my cock before going to war. Hahaha hahaha, 😀 :D. once she found sufficient amount of cock flesh visible outside without skin, she took the cock into her mouth and tasted directly my cock flesh. It had given sweet pain for me. I immediately closed my eyes and started to moan in pain.

She didn’t utter even a word and started pressing my balls whenever I used to sound out my moans loud. I came to know her punishment and tried to control my moans. Trust me guys, she is ultimate in giving a blow job. She used to start with a kiss on the tip of cock, slowly moves to cock head, apply some force to her lips to feel the pain, moves to the inner edge of the cock, take her tongue outside the mouth and lick the balls 2-3 times, again moves to inner edge of cock, gives one jerk there, slowly moves her mouth towards the tip of cock, biting the cock in between, circling her tongue and applying her saliva all over my cock.

I really had this type of blowjob for the first time in my life. I leaked my cum inside her mouth within 10 minutes and she drank fully and cleaned every drop of my cum on cock with her mouth. We took rest for some 15 minutes of time by sleeping on that table nude hugging each other. We found that time is running out and started our main course. I made her under to lay under me and immediately came to 69 position on that table itself for a quick and fast erection. Once we are fully equipped and charged with respective love juices, I get down from the table, positioned her according to my dick height and comfort and started to penetrate in the missionary position.

As she is married, I didn’t found much trouble in inserting my cock. But I used to spit on her pussy and rub it over the walls for better lubrication. I think she is not getting her sex from quite long time, as her pussy hole is not that much loose as women of 34 years should have generally. Her pussy is not that much loose nor tight but was a good and nice fit for my thick cock. I felt the elasticity of her pussy while riding, so enjoyed a lot. After a wild and nice ride for quite good time, I shoot my cum in her pussy. She was well satisfied with my ride, as she started to roll tears from her eyes after the riding. I asked for the reason of tears.

She told “From past 1.5 years, my pussy was not getting sufficient care by my husband, due to his personal work tensions. Whenever we used to start a session, he leaks out early and sleeps aside without considering my sex fulfillments. Today, I was really blessed by God and got a nice bang from you. I am saying these words from my heart and requesting you to please give me your cock whenever I am a hunger for it. I will not disturb your personal and married life for my hunger. But please satisfy me whenever I am need of cock. I love you, Krishna, I love the way u took care of me, treats me, satisfied me”. I felt pity for her situation and promised that I will be there for you whenever you are in need of a cock and nice bang. She kissed me on my hand and held to her cheeks for some time.

We found that time was clicking around 8 PM; so we dressed, had a nice hug for some time, some chubby kisses and left to our respective houses by taking Uber cab. From that incident onwards, I satisfied Keerthi so many times, at so many places and we are now happy with our personal relationship which is not disturbing/interfering with our personal and family life.

Hope I expressed my real life story without making you bored. Feel free to contact for suggestions and your comments at [email protected]. Girls/Aunties in Chennai can reach me for a safe and private relationship. Thank you, one and all for supporting and reading this sex story.

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