Used Maid To Fuck Neigbhor

Dear readers, I’m a regular reader of sex stories and always thought whether it’s so easy to fuck someone. Frankly speaking I thought how can anybody get so lucky and find nice fucks in the school office public places and also family incest so easily, until now.

Dear friends people say you only believe when you experience it. I experienced the first sexual intercourse of my life just an hour ago and I’m writing this story right now because I want to tell the story in detail. It’s a relatively long story so please bear with me.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Sam 23 yrs of age 5’10” tall average built fair guy with a dick of 7″ and currently working in a reputed organisation in Hyderabad. There are a lot of hot girls and aunties around my apartment. I’m generally attracted more to the women instead of girls.

The stars of the story are my maid Kalyani and a sexy woman Sudha aged 37, 5’5″ tall with a figure of 36 34 38 who is the lady residing diagonally in opposite of my flat and she is a well educated and smart lady.

She is a friendly fun loving and a sexy beautiful woman with voluptuous breasts and nice round ass. She wears salwaar kameez generally which looks good on her but when she wears a sari she looks awesome just to help readers.

She looks slightly like bhuvaneshwari and now, coming to the story, I wanted to fuck Sudha from the day I first saw her. She lives with her husband who works in a software company and a child Arjun.

My first interaction with her was on the 1st birthday of his son somewhat in April. It was a Sunday morning and the couple came to my house to invite. Her husband Siddharth was an ugly bastard compared to her.

She wore a light pink salwar kameez with floral designs and was there with a pleasant smile in the evening I went to their house perfectly dressed and rang the bell.

Sudha opened the door with the same pleasant smile wearing a light purple sari and purple blouse. I noticed she had changed her hairstyle. I told her Wow you look beautiful and different have you straightened your hair?

She smiled and said my hairs are always straight. I have cut them today and left untied then she welcomed me to her house and we celebrated the birthday.

The other guests asked her to play some music and dance for their entertainment as she was a very good dancer. She obliged the guests by dancing on Chamak Challo and ‘Chikni chameli’. Wow friends what a site it was!

I also joined in as I too dance pretty well and danced on Subah hone na de. After that we had the dinner and I left after a couple of days after I returned from the office, Sudha came to my house with some CDs.

She told me that on the birthday night they had taken some pics and made a video of the performances. She handed me the CDs saying you dance really good.

I was happy to hear that and complimented her saying thanks but you are an awesome dancer. She blushed said thanks and left from that day on I became very friendly with her and her husband too and we enjoyed a lot.

We all would go to movies, shopping etc. on weekends. They also occasionally asked me to come to their place for lunch and dinner. I developed a very tight bond with their child and my visits became regular everyday.

I used to watch the video and the pictures of her and jerked off thinking of her and I also morphed some of her pictures with naked pictures of ‘Sunny Leone’ and masturbated watching those pictures last week while.

I was watching the video on my laptop and massaging my cock over my shorts, my maid Kalyani was sweeping the floor. Kalyani was a middle aged woman in her early 40s, was average looking and had big ass and boobs while sweeping her big cleavage was clearly visible.

I was distracted by that and was looking at her boobs and massaged my cock. Soon I had a very big tent in my shorts. She noticed that and covered her boobs. I felt embarrassed and kept the laptop on my lap to hide my tent. She came near me and asked what I was watching.

I understood the question but answered that I was watching the video of Arjun’s birthday. She came closer to me and saw Sudha dancing in the video. She asked me do you like her?

I replied yes, she is a smart and beautiful lady and a good dancer too. Kalyani laughed and asked do you like her body, her boobs, her ass? Do you also watch her as you were watching me and masturbated?

I was surprised by this question. She continued would you like to fuck her?I was too excited by now and pulled her towards me and made her sit besides me.

I would like to fuck you I said in her ears. She smiled. I put my right hand inside her loose black blouse and as she was not wearing bra, I could feel her nipples. I pressed her boobs, she let out a moan and instantly removed her blouse.

Oh my god! She was having huge breasts and black nipples. I started sucking her boobs. She moaned aaahhh! Now I played with her nipple with my tongue and I did bite her nipple a couple of times. She raised her sari along with petticoat and pulled down her panties.

She started rubbing her cunt for a while and then inserted her fingers in her pussy. This was the first time I was looking at a bare pussy. It was bushy and wet. She started fingering fanatically while I was playing with her boobs sucking pinching and biting them.

I stopped her and removed her hands from her pussy and inserted my fingers. She was too excited then I put 2 fingers inside her pussy and started fingering fanatically. Her moans grew louder and louder and she climaxed after around 10 minutes.

She said that this is the best orgasm she had without fucking. She told me that she has been fucked by her husband, his friends, and also a lot of employers. She said she also fucked with students living in mess but everybody fucked her wildly, no fingering.

She told me to satisfy her fully now by fucking her, but I denied as I didn’t have any condoms and don’t want to impregnate her. She was not able to wait and she told that she will bring the condom. I said before that you need to release me.

I lowered my shorts and Mr. Dick sprang out. She grabbed my dick and started moving my skin back and forth. I said I was going to cum, she stopped, I didn’t cum after 2 minutes.

She again took my cock and placed it in her cleavage and asked to fuck her tits. I was now fucking her tits. The softness and warmth of her big tits felt so nice sandwiching my rock hard cock after 5 minutes of tit fucking.

I shot my entire load of cum on her big boobs face and all over the body and also on my laptop and house floor. She then licked the cum from my penis and started sucking it.

I was having immense pleasure after about 15-20 minutes and I ejaculated in her mouth and she drank all cum. After that she cleaned herself in the bathroom and came back and cleaned the floor and my laptop.

She wore her blouse and said that she will bring condoms now. I stopped her and told her that not now. She pleaded me to fuck her and I told I am a virgin and don’t want her to take my virginity as first sex is very special for me and I want it with my dream lady.

She understood the meaning however, I promised her she will be the second one then I changed the topic and asked her why did you ask if I want to fuck Sudha? Can you help me to fuck her? She smiled and told it’s a long story saab to be continued.

Dear readers, this is my first story, so please forgive the mistakes if any and kindly give suggestions. You can mail me at [email protected] any hot aunty or bhabhi can also send me mails I will surely reply to everyone.

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