Vandana – Gorgeous At 40

A warm hug and love to all ISS readers. I am back with another of amazing experience of mine. Let me introduce myself first of all. I am Harman from Dehradun. I am aged 31 years. I have already posted many stories of mine and as always I would like to thank all of you for your feedback and comments. Especially would like to thank ladies who mailed me and trusted me. Believe me guys I have been able to have sex with 3 ladies only because of ISS. Thanks ISS for that. It’s such a wonderful platform.

But here I would like to tell people that it’s not like that you ask me please give me some id I also want to have sex with that lady. It takes lots of effort to convince a lady to meet and have sex. Also they are not call girls that they will sleep with anyone. Most of them are educated, working and housewives who have a life to survive. I have been really lucky that all three ladies Jyoti, Sweety and now Vandanji. And no one of them agrees to share their ID’s or have sex with anyone. I hope you all understand…

Anyhow now let’s come to the story… So after my sex experience with one of the ISS readers Sweetie in Hyderabad I got a mail from this lady. Life is amazing….. Isn’t it is?? Vandana is as sexy hot and matured lady. Just the type I always wished in my life. She is 40, fair in color, with mouth watering figure of 36-32-40. Yess!! You heard it right… Her butts are of 40 sizes. Although she has a bit fat belly but I can bet you once you see her and you would love to fuck her. I am posting the mail which she had sent to me here as it is….

Hi harman, I read your story “Sweet ISS Reader Sweetie” today. I am not a regular reader of ISS but i am in contact with this site about 2 years. In boring time i search stories on this site and if i have time enough than i read some of that. Its very rare i get such interesting story which i read full otherwise i only read introduction and fuck session only. Its a very erotic time pass for me in this age.

Oh sorry, i forget to tell about me. I am vandana sen from Jaipur. I am a project manager(field) in a mnc. (sorry i cant tell u the name of company and my exact address). You guys know a lady not tell truth about her age, so i only can say that i look like 32-35 yrs. U surely like my figure but in this job due to maximum time seating position my ass as well as my belly increase much, so i m not telling u my figurebut any men’s eye can stick on it. Ok i think its enough for you.

Now i wanna to say that your story is marbles from 1st line to last line. You have a very good capacity to writing. Why not you write any novel. I read mostly them in free time. You surely earn much royalty in that.

I want only say that i cummed 3 times during reading your story and getting very difficult in my chamber, if i was in my house this time i surely masturbate. But here any may come ans see so impossible.

I have also fantasy to write such story on me, but not capability so not wrote a single line till now.its your luck.How many stories u written till now, whats your new story can i know?. I m eager to read your new story.

Reply, i am waiting.your lovely readervandana sen.

So I got this mail from vandana and I started talking to her. Most of you must have known by now what she is and how she looks. People please don’t think that she is fat as most Indian women become by the age of 40. She is not. Vandana is one hell of a bomb. Her hubby Dinesh works as a regional manager in govt sector. He is aged 52. She has a daughter Charu, aged 19, 34-30-36. Same as her mother. One 10 year old son named Pawan. Charu is doing her B. tech and Pawan is in a boarding college in Delhi.

Now this couple is in swapping but only with friends. Vandana is a very high profile lady having very good status in society. Sexually very active. Her hubby is not able to satisfy her and her desire to be fucked is increasing day by day. So they are a group of 5-6 couples who swaps each other. They go out station to have fun once in a year and enjoys full there. She only told me that by now she has fucked more than 20 men. Even her daughter knows about this. But off late they were not able to take out time to have fun and Vandana was missing sex in life. Hubby also was not able to satisfy her.

She was reading stories for a long time and then mailed me. Initially Vandana was just talking normal to me and was sharing her experiences. As like most of the married people she is also missing great sex in her life. Our talks were mostly normal and she was very worried about her social status. After lot of mails and long chats I was able to convince her about my genuineness. Her talks were mostly normal about family, her life and at times we use to talk sex. Vandana always told me that since I am talking to you do not think that you will be able to ride me. I also knew if it will be in destiny we will surely fuck one day. I got to know a lot about her and her sexuality.

After lot of persuasions I was able to get her pics and her mobile number. Though I never called her up as I did not wanted to spoil ours married life. So we were speaking for about 30-35 days and I had to go to Jaipur for some official work. I didn’t tell her about this. Upon reaching Jaipur I told her that I am there. Initially she didn’t believe me but when I insisted she decided to meet me at CCD. I was waiting for her at 4 pm. She messaged me at 4 where are you? And I replied waiting for u. She didn’t believe it and I sent a pic of mine in CCD to her. She replied I am not coming and don’t think you will be able to ride me. I said I have not come here to ride you but to meet. I got no response from her side.

Then I sent her another message that I will wait for u till 7. She came at 5 pm. Here came she. She was really beautiful. Vandana was wearing a red colored kurti and black leggings. She was looking very cute in that. By looking at her face to face no one can say she is mother to a 19 year old daughter and aged 40. She was not looking more than 35. Her big boobs and ass was adding to her sex appeal. I shook hands with her and we sat. It started off with normal chat.

She was sitting across the table so I took her hands in mine and started fiddling with her fingers. She stopped me from doing that saying she is getting aroused. I spoke about her and praised her for such a sexy figure. She was blushing. At 630 she said to me that she has to go. Her hubby would be waiting for her. Then she asked me till when I am in Jaipur. I told her as long as u wishes me to be here. She said Naughty and started smiling. I always use to say give me a chance to tell you how much naughtier I am.

We again shook hands as she got up from table. I didn’t released her hands and was fondling with that. She jerked it and started going. I stood at my table. She went ahead 5-6 steps and then turned back, looked at me, smiled and said aren’t you coming to see me off. I came with her to parking, opened the door of her car and made her sit inside. I went back to my hotel without saying anything to her.

In the night she messaged me at 11pm asking what are you doing? I replied thinking about you. She said what and I replied that you are so beautiful. We started chatting and then I asked her isn’t Dinesh fucking you? She said no. I said I wish I was with you. She asked what would you have done and I said what’s the point of telling you when I can’t do it. We chatted like this whole night and I jerked off and she knew about it. We slept at 2 am that night. She asked me what are you doing tomorrow and I replied to her that I am always free for her. I didn’t got any reply from her.

In the morning she woke me up at 9 am saying hey mister would you like to have breakfast with me? I immediately replied in yes. She asked me to get ready in ten minutes then as she was coming to pick me up. I freshen up and was waiting for her in hotel lobby. She came and asked me to get in her car. She was really looking damn sexy and hot in her outfit. I was gazing at her and she said what will you have? I said you. She replied I am talking about breakfast. I said whatever you wish to offer me. We went to her house. It was a nicely done house which reflected her taste and status in society. We went in and she asked her maid to arrange for breakfast.

We had it and then maid got busy in her household work. She told me that she has taken leave for today and her hubby is out of town. I immediately said to her that shall I cancel my hotel room for today then and she again said ‘naughty’. I again replied yaa I am and hope I will show you how naughty I am. She again blushed on that and didn’t say anything.

She introduced me to her maid by saying that I am her old friend. She then asked me that let me show you my house. We went to all parts of her house and finally came to her bedroom. It was nicely done bedroom with a king sized bed, soft mattress, pink bed sheets and same colored curtains. All in all a perfect place to have sex. I saw the room and looked at the bed. She asked me what you are looking at. I asked her what side you generally sleep and she replied left.

I went to left side and lied down there. She asked me if you want to take rest then sleep in guest room. I said I am imagining something and she said what. I said you. Naughty – came her reply. She sat be sides me. I was still lying on bed. I said I am not able to see your face and she said why. I then pointed towards her boobs and said ‘sab kuch chup raha hai insey’. She shifted a bit towards me and said is it fine now. I said they are perfect. ‘Naughty’. I said yes. She was biting her lower lips and was not making an eye contact with me. I knew she is in a dilemma of what to do. I again asked her how they became so big. She said what? I said your boobs.

She smiled and said DNA. My mom also had that much big. I replied so when you were married what was the size of your boobs? She said 32 and now? 36. I said lucky guy! She again smiled to that. She was looking outside and her hands were just near to me touching my waist. I started playing with her hands and I could see her getting excited. She did not take back her hands. For the first time she looked at my eyes and said I do not want to do this. I asked her what? She said sex. I said ok and left her hands. I started getting up from the bed and she made me lay down again by placing her hands on my chest.

I was just looking in her eyes and she was looking in mine. Slowly slowly she bent down and closed her eyes. I knew she wanted to be kissed. Her eyes were closed and lips were moving up and down to be kissed. I did not do anything. She opened her eyes after one minute and said what happened? I said to her keep your eyes open and kissed her. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. I still have that feel of first kiss deep in my memories. Her lips were very sweet. Fresh like rose petals. For initial one minute our lips were just touching each other. Then I started kissing her upper lip and she started responding. She opened her mouth and I entered in.

My tongue was exploring her and we were eating each other. Soon it turned out into a deep desperate kiss each other trying to eat. Our tongues were rolling into each other and our saliva was missing up. Her heavy breasts were crushing against my chest and those soft melons were adding spice to our deep passionate kiss. We were deeply engrossed into each other for good ten minutes and broke it up to take some breath. Lust was clearly visible in our eyes and body movements. I took her big boobs in my hands and started kneading them. She had closed her eyes and was saying Harman I love you my jaan…. Plssss love me dear…. I was playing with her boobs, massaging them, kneading them hard. Then I took my hands inside her kurti and felt her bare boobs for the first time.

They were nicely cupped in a yellow bra. Her bra was barely able to hold her big melons. I took out her left boob from bra and kissed it. She moaned loudly aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. I took her big nipple in my mouth. Her areola was about an inch. At an age of 40 also her boos are so soft and round. They were quite firm. I bite her nipples and started kissing her on boobs. She was moaning big time and pressing my head on her boobs. With other hand I was massaging her tits and boob. I played with her boobs for about 15 minutes alternating between both of them. Made them red and bite well. She started pleading me to leave them. My dick was already making a tent in my trouser. Vandana then said let me also enjoy. I said am all yours. She opened my trouser and took my dick out.

It was already oozing with pre cum and was stiff. She saw it and said hmmm pocket dynamite. I said yes and it will blast you today. She said I am eager to be blasted. She started stroking with her hands and was gauging length of my 6 inch long tool. Nerves in my tool were easily visible and then I pushed her head down. Vandana opened her pink lips and kissed my pink dick head. I exclaimed aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. She looked at me and started kissing my dick.

Vandana is an excellent cock sucker and she had told me that I blow my partner by sucking. I knew it’s my turn today. She was taking entire length of my dick in her mouth and was swirling her tongue over that. Then she uses to release it slowly keeping her lips over entire length. She was sucking me very well. Her saliva made my dick shining red and she was gulping whole. I also started pushing it deep in her mouth. She was sucking my dick like a kid and enjoying it. After sucking me for good 15-20 minutes pressure was building in my balls and I was moaning big time… here was one of the most educated, sophisticated and beautiful lady aged 40 sucking my dick and was blowing my mind.

As she had said Vandana is an excellent cock sucker. I was in seventh heaven that time. I was pumping my dick in her mouth and fucking her ….. Her hand was holding my dick from bottom and her mouth was swallowing it in whole and taking it out. She was sucking me at an amazing speed and I was moaning and yelling out her name.. She knew I am about to cum and she gripped her mouth over my dick and with a loud moan I jerked and shoot my cum in her mouth. She gulped my whole juice and drank all. My white fluid was dripping from her lips and I kissed her. Our tongues were licking each other. She made my dick dry by licking it well. We again were engaged in deep passionate kiss. Now I moved down licking her and kissing her.

I dug my lips in her big navel button. Her navel was too sexy and I was inserting my tongue in that. She was moaning in pleasure and was raising her head up. My hands were on her big boobs and I was pressing them hard. I was twitching her nipples and kneading her boobs. My tongue was licking her navel. Excitement level in the room was very high and she was moaning aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. then I went down and kissed her vertical lips… pink pussy lips wide open inviting me to explore them. I pecked a kiss on them and vandana arched her body and I dig myself deep in her. Her pussy was so wet and hot from inside.

She was already releasing lots of juices and I was drinking them.. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh harmaannnnnnnnnn aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh go deeeepppppp roll ur tongue in me aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Harmannnnnnnnnn u r killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her body was totally arched and she was pushing my head deep in her pussy…. With a jet of stream of white thick liquid she ejaculated on my mouth and I drank all of her cum…

I wiped her dry and lay beside her on bed. Her hands were on her tummy and boobs were moving up and down. She was trying to regain her lost breath and those movements were moving her super hot sexy figure up and down… her tummy was moving up and down along with her boobs… I came on top of her and started kissing her… her tits were erect and pointing upwards… with a deep passionate kiss she was holding my dick and it was already hard. I came in between her legs and placed it on her pussy.

She had closed her eyes and was expecting it to be in her. Again I waited and she opened her eyes… then I smiled and with a jerk went inside one of the most hottest and wettest pussy. Considering the age of vandana and amount of sex she had I was expecting a loose pussy but vandana was super hot and tight. With a moan she also welcomed me in her love hole and arched herself. I started off with small strokes and gradually increased my speed. Her big boobs were swaying left and right with strokes and she was holding and pressing g them. She was moaning and saying aaahhhhhhhhhhh haraman I am enjoying u a lot… u r so hard…. Pump me fast … plsssss drill my pussy hard baby … make me yours…… after a long time I am getting such a hard dick… it’s so stiff….

These words of her were making me crazy and I started stroking her pussy faster. Room was filled with our erotic moans …. Then I saw a shadow besides the curtains and it was her maid. I told vandana about that and she asked me to leave it… there is no threat from her. I gained confidence and started pumping her hard. The best part about me is that once I have cummed I take long time to ejaculate again and vandana was experiencing that only.

After fucking her for 15 minutes I asked her to come in all fours and came inside her from back. Her big fair and round 40 inch buttocks were so inviting. She felt my dick on her walls and even I felt my dick ramming her hole deep. My thighs were ramming against her thighs and I was holding her waist. Vandana was moaning in full volume aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Harman plssss fuck me hard…. Fuck me to the core… yaaa baabyyy….. Make me yoursss…..aaaahhhhyaaaaaaaa yaaaaaa aaahhhhh its too good to have u in me…. Aaahhhhhh I was fucking vandana for about half an hour…. She had already cummed twice during fuck and her juices were flowing down our legs… her cunt was so wet from inside and my dick was slipping in very well, her pussy was well lubricated pressure was building in my balls and I increased my speed..

I was fucking her like a war horse and our fucking was making a sound of fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch fuch in room.. With a loud moan and heavy jerk I came inside vandana and shot all my cum in her pussy… I laid on her back and was kissing her back.. she was also breathing heavily and I was massaging her boobs. I dropped all my cum in her pussy….. it is one of the most memorable fuck of my life… and vandana also loved it most.

It was already two hours since we were fucking. Maid came after some time and knocked on the door, we were lying nude on bed. We covered ourselves with a blanket. She looked at my dick, smiled and asked for lunch. Vandana asked her to lay it. We got freshen up and had lunch in bed only…. I stayed there whole night as her hubby went out of town…. Needless to say we had a gala time… fucked vandana in all her holes and to the core till next day evening…. We danced nude…. Had drinks… played sex games… and fucked hard and wild….

Friends so this was my experience with one of the hottest, sexiest and beautiful lady who was 40. Age is not a factor to have sex and we should enjoy it to fullest. My wife doesn’t likes to have sex and so I look for other options… ladies…females of any age group, widow, divorcee, married or unmarried who wish to have s secret sexual pleasure in their life with me are free to mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]… I will be expecting some very good response. Please mail me you feedback and comments. I will be eagerly awaiting them. Again saying Vandana, jyoti or Sweety are not call girls and will not fuck everyone. If you wish to contact her please mail her at [email protected] Till then keep fucking and enjoy a lot……

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