Widow Relives Her Love Life, Loved

Hi guys. My name (let it be), I am back with another story which happened in the very recent past. I got very positive responses from readers for my last story “fucked widow aunt after 10 years” and “Bhabhi the sex goddess”. Ladies in East Delhi and around can mail me at [email protected]. privacy is respected. Read the story , am sure you will get wet.

So coming back to the story. After I fucked my widow aunt and my Bhabhi, I was on look out for something fresh and hot. I generally prefer married ladies, as they are more experienced and understand the rules of privacy as well.

There is an aunt in our neighborhood who is a common friend of my mom and the aunty whom I fucked. Her husband was into air force, however he had a bad habit of drinking. They used to have regular flights over drinking as whenever he used to come home (once in 3-4 months), he used to drink. It continued for an year and he became real sick and passed away. We all consoled her and helped in overcoming this situation.

Since I m into job so I hardly get to c her as on weekends I used to with my friends. It was a weekend and I was in the market buying regular stuff for home. Someone patted at my back and I saw her. By the way her name is Shweta (that’s not her real name). I was stunned and shocked to see the transformation she went through after uncle passed away. And believe me the way her cleavage and boobs were showing off, it was difficult for me to hide my boner in shorts. Somehow I was successful in hiding it with the stuff I bought. I enquired about her well being and also asked about her daughter. She was happy seeing me enquiring about her and daughter. Impression to solid pad gaya.

We carried our conversation and she asked me if I know anyone who can repair a laptop. She said due to some virus and all it is not working. I told her that tomorrow I am free and I can check it out, if it works its good otherwise she can get it checked at the service center.

I was excited and happy that I can get to be alone with her and spend some time. I told my mom with a sad face that aunty met and she asked me to come n repair the laptop and I had some work (internally I was also geared up and excited). Mom was like go and help if you can.

I couldn’t sleep properly that night and masterbated thrice thinking of all the possible scenarios that can happen. I woke up the next day, call her up and told her m coming in half n hour. Though she stays nearby, I went to buy condom and a sensual spray. I put condoms in my purse and before entering I sprayed that spray on myself.

She opened the door and greeted me with a big hug and her melons were like poking on my chest. I also hugged her tight (it was awesome feeling). She said you smell nice and it has a very nice sensual fragrance and I was like shouting inside yes yes it is working.

I asked her to get the laptop. Since we were the only two at home (her daughter was off to school) I decided to strike a conversation while working on the laptop. I asked her how different her life is after uncle and she was like she I trying to adjust, cope up and she very smartly conveyed her physical needs saying that physical presence of a man is required.

While checking her laptop,i checked browsing history to which I was shocked seeing that she has visited some of most famous porn sites and the links were of male dominance. I was quite happy , shocked and excited. All 3 at the same time. I asked her if her daughter uses her laptop, she said she has her own. So now it was confirmed that she is the one doing it.

While I put d laptop for scanning after installation of antivirus. I decided to tease her and take her to the level where she wouldn’t be able to control. I asked her about the washroom, I intentionally did not close the door. I had a plan. I was gently shaking my tool and as I took some time, she came to check upon me. She was standing at the door and I knew it, my back was there towards the door.

As per my plan, I started taking her name and just shaking my tool (wasn’t actually unloading). She stood there for 5 minutes, I wanted to tease her and I was successful. I was zipping up and she left, I could hear footsteps. It was the right time to take it to the final level.

I went inside the room and she was smiling. I told her that I have stomach ache. I asked for water. In the mean time I checked the scan status, it almost picked up all the virus. I called her and told her to see the number of viruses her computer had. She came at my back and leaned to see. I could feel my head in between her boobs, she was also pressing her boobs and I was like numb.

She guessed the situation and licked me near my ear 2-3 times and said in a moaning tone” ah Shweta lick me”. \

These were the words I used in bathroom. I stood my and licked her ear , neck and smooched her, it was a feeling of being in heaven. My hands were inside her t shirt and she was feeling my tool. I unhooked her bra and took her t shirt n bra off. Those melons were free, fair in colour,round firm, black nipples, untouched from an year,i just took her nipples in my mouth and licked it. then the other one and kept doing it for 10 minutes. I was just enjoying the foreplay n love.

Then after that she went down, pulled my shorts down and freed the monster. She pulled the skin back and starting licking it and it sent ripples to my body. She then took it complete in her mouth and was sucking it to the fullest.

I picked her up and took her into the room. I kept sucking her boobs while she was in my arms. I pulled her lower down and she was all naked. Started licking her thighs and moved to her pussy, clean shaved pink pussy. Pre cum and my saliva mixed and she was moaning like a bitch.

Then I parted her legs and started teasing her pussy with my dick. She begged me to push it in. I with one push sent it complete in and you could hear her moaning and feel her body trembling. I slowly picked up the pace and we continued for 15 minutes. Since it was already hot my dick was ready to enter her again and we made it 2 time more after that.

A love making session of a life time. Love the woman and her pussy. Love her and she will love you back.

Do leave your comments and mail me if anyone is interested in getting hot services. keep loving, keep fucking.

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