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Hi readers. I’m charan from Visakhapatnam back again to share a horny wild sex experience with my two aunts Lalitha of 38 years old and ravali of 42 years old. They both had big boobs and large butts and compared to both ravali’s ass was large.so aunties and girls try to make your pussies wet and boys be ready to stroke your dicks for erupting your fluids.so any aunties and girls interested in having fun with me can contact me through my mail .you can also post your suitable comments to my mail id:- [email protected]

Let us step into the story, those were my college days and I stayed in my aunt’s (Lalitha’s)house in Rajahmundry. She had a husband working in some private company. He rarely comes to his home as he was very busy with his monthly project.She also had a son got married and lived in Pune. My uncle suggested me to stay with my aunt so that it would be nice in helping her out in the house hold works. I don’t like staying free at others home so i managed to stay as a paying guest. My college days were so bored and got tired in the evenings. I have watched several porn movies mainly the BBW and the matured ones. Daily I used to imagine and picture in my mind about my teachers attaching their faces to the matured porn stars seen in the porn film. I even masturbate and cummed several times. If the big load erupts, i considered her as horny one. I stayed in the upper room close to my aunts room. Every day she knocks my door and calls me for dinner. I always waited for the chance to walk at the back of her. Her ass was very damn big. Her ass cheeks wiggled when she climbed down the steps. My concentration was only on her ass and enjoyed every movement of her ass that made my face moved up and down. I even observed some part of cloth that engulfed between her ass cheeks. She quickly pulls out the cloth that got stuck inside her big ass. Every time she had a problem pulling out the cloth from her ass made me smile a bit. She even did not wear a panty inside as there were no panty outlined marks visible from her back.

She leaned to the front and served me the food on the table.I saw her big boobs that were clearly visible from the top and were hanging down moving right to left.They looked like jelly cup cakes awaited to serve me. I felt like biting her boobs, squeezing them hard and drink all the milk from them. I controlled myself. Every day I watched porn at night but that day I forgot to close my windows.I never expected that I would get caught by my aunt.She saw me stroking my dick by staring at porn in my lappy.I did not notice she watched me from the window.

Next day, I had a problem with the tap in my bathroom.I searched for her to seek permission so that I could use her bathroom.I saw her in colorful saree that covered all her parts. After being explained she accepted.I rushed to her bathroom and checked for the left over clothes.I took nighty and sniffed the spot of the cloth that got engulfed in her ass. I did not find any difference as all smelt same.We had a visitor named ravali of 42 years old (sister of Lalitha) .Mostly I liked her huge ass got compressed and extended to both sides when she sat on the sofa.They both whispered in their ears having a glance look at me in intervals. So I even tried to find out but left the matter in middle.

During dinner, we had a silent conversation …

Ravali :- charan, can i ask you few questions. ?

Me : – why not aunty ..ask me

Ravali :- do u watch porn movies??

All became silent including me keeping my face down

Ravali :- what about the threesome with us ..are u interested or not ??

Me : – I never expected these words from you, ma’am.It is really shocking to me.I have waited long for this day to come.

Lalitha : – I watched you masturbating many times charan .so I called up my sister for the company.

Me : – thank you very much, ma’am. It will be a best sexual experience for me.

Lalitha : – Be ready in your room. Show us what you got today .

After my dinner, I got ready and waited for them.They both came in nighties and lalitha quickly closed the door and locked it from inside.They told me to take off my clothes and get naked.I started removing my clothes one by one and they both had a horny look at my dick after being removed. then ravali rushed to me and squeezed my ass cheeks.She kissed my lips and sucked all my saliva inside her mouth.She bit my lower lip and pulled it hard with her teeth.She hugged me tight and buried my face between her huge boobs.She inserted her fingers deep inside my ass hole and pulled her finger in and out from my ass.

She scratched my ass cheeks hard with her nails that created intense pain for me.She kissed my nipples and bit them hard and lalitha removed her nighty and sucked my dick.they did not wear inners inside as they felt lazy to remove in the room.I quickly removed ravali’s nighty from the top and threw it away. I licked and sniffed ravali’s armpits.Her armpits smelled dirty and got mixed with sweat.lalitha took a load from me and shifted to my back.She licked my ass hole and wiped my whole ass.I felt like ice jelly thing that shooked me when she touched my hole with her tongue. lalitha licked deep inside my hole. I took both of them closer and hugged them tightly.I squeezed their butts with my both hands and inserted my fingers deep into their ass holes.I began pulling my finger in and out from their asses.we entangled our tongues and drank the mixed saliva inside.I sucked lalitha’s nipples and squeezed them hard. a small amount of milk blasted inside my mouth and I drank every drop without leaving a single drop of it.

I inserted my finger in ravali’s pussy and fingered her deep inside her pussy .she squirted and made my fingers wet. later lalitha pushed me onto the bed.She planted deep kisses on my feet and came up kissing every part of mine. She bit my nipples very hard.She reached my dick and stroked it hard and squeezed my both tiny balls sack with her hands.She also forced her thumb inside my penis head hole that made me scream.Ravali aunty sat on my face that covered my entire face.My head was stucked in between her vaginal lips .She had a loose vagina and most part of my face was buried inside her vagina.It was dark and stinky inside .Her pussy smelled like urine mixed with her sweat.I never felt shy and never wanted to miss that chance .I sucked it like an ice cream licked from the cup .The taste of it was salty and she shooked and released big load in my mouth .It looked like light clear liquid and little sweet in taste .I drank all of it as there is no way to spit it out.

They exchanged their places and Lalitha aunty sat on my face.She did not shave her pussy and so much of hair visible on her pussy.I dug my mouth deep inside for finding out pink colored pussy hole .i finally found and licked it hard.She had yellowish color ass hole which stinks a lot.I licked it even its dirty.I entered my nose deep inside her ass hole .it smelt bad but nice and on another side ravali rode me fast like a horse .I worried a lot and thought I would break my cock.

Me :- please aunty ..slowly ..i’m gonna break my cock .

Ravali :- ha ha ..make me cum ..i will stop my ride ..yaa ride me charan ..baby ..umma ..cum inside me …come baby …haa ohhhh haaaa …yeah …mmm haa ahhh ahhh ahhh

Lalitha:- come on charan ..lick me faster .I am going to blow ..ahh haa yaa ohhh oohhhh yaa ..come. .cummm on ….yaa ..

Me : – I am licking haa..mmm mmmm mm mm

Ravali :- Im cumming charan ….ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh …mmm

Lalitha : – fuck u, idiot …..suck me hard ..you wanted to smell my ass right ..?? Smell me ……

Me : – yes ma’am….yaa I wanted.

They both rode me very fast.It pained very much as both the weights are heavy.They even sat opposite and kissed their lips each other and after having fast ride three of us ejaculated and fainted. Later, they laid me in doggy position .ravali inserted her large fingers deep into my hole and Lalitha kissed me deeply and helped her lowering my screams.

I avenged on them by fucking Lalitha in 69 positions .I took her ass closer holding tight with my both hands and stuffed my cock inside her pussy.She screamed a lot but I began continued until she came in my mouth. Ravali feared as it was her turn.I laid her in doggy position and pulled her hair .i inserted my dick and stroked her hard slapping her ass. She moaned and shouted …yea fuck me ..ya ..ya ……..Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh …ejaculated inside her pussy.We then tried many styles and exchanged our places.They both slept on my chest laid their legs on my body.We together had a bath in the morning.We had many sexual encounters till completion of my study.

So any aunties and girls from Visakhapatnam want to have fun can mail me and post your valuable comments to my mail id:- [email protected]

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